TRAILER: The First Full-Length Look at ‘Man of Steel’

The teaser trailer for Man of Steel was all about atmospherics. A mournful voice-over from a father figure, Smallville, and the sense of Clark’s isolation. This first full-length trailer continues to be heavy on tone building while also showing glimpses of action, Lois Lane, Zod, Jor-El, and Christopher Meloni.

June 14, 2013 cannot come fast enough!


  1. And Richard Schiff.

  2. The world is ready, Clark.

    The world is very ready.

    • Just a week ago i said to myself, I am going to avoid the full trailers and just be blown away when I see it in theaters… that resolution lasted about half a second when I saw this was up today…. I’m ready.

  3. I really liked this trailer, made me even more excited.


  5. I sense a bit of the emotion we got from Loeb and Sale in “For All Seasons,” and that makes me happy. I’m going to watch this 3 more times now.

    • I thought of “For All Seasons” and “Kryptonite”, the Cooke/Sale Superman book. Both had that small town, home cookin’, Clark is a “good man” who struggles how to define his humanity much more than his goodness, feeling about them.

  6. Hot damn I can’t wait!

  7. This is giving me all of the goosebumps the first trailer didn’t. I can’t wait.

  8. Yeah baby. That cape is gorgeous

  9. There seems to be a hint of Terrence Malik influence in the cinematography and voice over scenes.
    Good stuff. I’m in. Looking forward to this movie.

    • Yeah I got the same feel. I don’t how it will be shot in sequences, but if it continues to look anything like the trailer does, it will have strong consideration for Best Cinematography. This could be really exciting for Superman fans now. Finally.

    • ^ Very much agree. ^

    • I can see that and while I love the look I’m just not sure if desaturated and hand-held is right for Superman.
      I’ll admit I’m not an expert on the character and fully intend to judge the film on it’s own merits (I’ve never cared for accuracy to the source material in adaptations) but it looks somber and depressing which strikes me as an odd tone for such a hero.
      Maybe it’s necessary to stop it going too campy, they’ve definitely got a sense of epic scale which is great.
      I guess we’ll see.
      I like that DC seem to taking more risks and going big with this, it’s a very different tact to Mavel (who IMO played everything small and safe up until The Avengers) and will definitely lead to some variety which is great.

  10. Man of Steel, here is a check with my signature on it. Write down any number and I will pay it…

  11. I am exceedingly pleased.


  12. This looks really good, I’m pleasantly surprised! Love it!

  13. Looks good

  14. Anyone know what, if any, soecific source material they are using for this. After reading Superman: Birthright I can’t shake the feeling I am going to see pieces of it in this.

  15. “What was I supposed to do? Just let me them die?”

    Wow… chills. Count me as very excited. Looks like the supporting cast is going to be very strong and Cavill (Tudors!) I think will be perfect. I also loved the moment of young Clark on the bus. It reminded me of the animation series.

  16. Holy shit, you guys. This… this might be awesome.

    And I don’t even despise the outfit… completely!

  17. I’m ready.

  18. Cant wait to see this

  19. That’s how you do a goddam trailer!!!!!!

  20. Avatar photo DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    Feels very ‘Birthright’-esque…which is great! Can’t wait!

  21. I giggled… and i NEVER giggle.

  22. Great!! That moment before he hits the sky… wow… goosebumps 😀

  23. This looks awesome! I gotta say I wasn’t expecting much from Mr Snyder especially after Suckerpunch, but this looks like a totally different director. Though I’m guessing he was mucho influenced by Nolan.

  24. Definitely my most anticipated of 2013. This looks fantastic. Great trailer.

  25. wow, This looks great. Can’t wait!

  26. Whoooooooooooa. Amazing trailer. Peed myself a bit in excitement, this looks fucking incredible.

  27. I will see this movie twice on opening week… guaranteed! The first time by myself so my boys cannot bother my enjoyment, then I’ll bring them to see the excitement on their faces.

  28. Maybe this will finally get people to stop hating on Superman.

    Maybe this will be the film that the fans deserve, the film that the Last Son of Krypton needs.
    Maybe this will be the first truly GREAT Superman film

    • My hopes exactly

    • Your sentiment is so much more inspiring when read next to your avatar.

    • I SO HOPE you’re right. Superman DESERVES a great picture at last.

    • Superman has had a pretty great movie. The first hour and a half of Superman the movie is a masterpiece then around the part where Lois starts thinking of a poem in her head it loses its way but still overall that is a pretty great movie.

    • @ScottE: Agreed. Not knocking on a Superman movie I haven’t seen yet, but last night I just happened to help my 9-year old son learn about Christopher Reeve’s activism for people with spinal injuries. (Can you believe it – a 3rd grade assignment about Reeve and it’s about his accident and life after! Times change people).

      I went into this whole story about Reeve being Superman and how everyone at the time acknowledged that his performance was THE perfect depiction of a superhero in film. Then I realized, with Andy there looking at an image of Reeve as Superman on the computer screen, yeah, it’s still true. One can portray Clark’s youth however they want – each time there’s a new version about that part of his life, it’s done better and better. Action? Superman Returns plane rescue beats anything in the first four.

      But Christopher Reeve IS SUPERMAN. Every moment he’s on the screen… the humanity and strength that Reeve puts into the character… there’s just something about it that makes me think, “yeah, I’ve never seen anyone portray any superhero better, and may never will.”

  29. Toby Ziegler!

  30. I hope Michael Shannon is as terrifying as Zod as he is in Boardwalk Empire.

  31. Wow, looks great. Seems like a few people at Warner Bros. finally read some Superman comics.

  32. Fantastic – cannot wait for this.

  33. It seems pretty clear from the route that Batman went and how Superman seems to be shaping up that DC is going in a very different direction with regard to movies than Marvel. I like the difference while liking both approaches.

  34. Oh my God that looks great! The soundtrack is awesome too!

  35. Looks slow and boring like the last Superman movie.

    Why can’t they make this fun like Superman 2?

    • I agree. I’m not all warm and fuzzy after this.

    • I also concur- maybe it’s because I was spoiled by All-Star Superman, but I definitely enjoy exuberant, colorful adventures, and i’m not sure this looks very mirthful at all. But that’s also the style of the Amazing Spider-Man, which I enjoyed. I’m on the fence.

    • I watched the trailer and thought, “What is this, directed by Chris Nolan?”. Then I saw he was a producer and it all clicked. I haven’t been following anything about this movie because I was REALLY disappointed with the last one, and my hopes weren’t high. After watching this, my hopes are now buried-under-the-earth low. If I wanted a Superman movie full of mood, angst and seriousness (and what appears to be a complete lack of fun) I’d put Batman in it instead and call it The Dark Knight Rises. And then not watch it.

    • Yeah, what’s with the music and freakin’ angst?! Some brief images looked like they would be followed by cool action and intrigue- why didn’t they show just the next few seconds of them instead? Meh. Maybe having a low expectation of the movie will make it better. That’s what I’m hoping.

    • I’m not directing this at anyone in particular, but I just gotta say that I am so tired of these complaints about every movie since Dark Knight being “dark”, “angsty”, or “boring”. It’s like the hip thing to complain about right now, and it’s an extremely weak argument.

      It’s true that the success of the Nolan films has had a powerful influence on subsequent blockbusters, but I don’t think it’s solely responsible. In reality, it has more to do with the world we’re living in today. Despite the plethora of evidence to the contrary, audiences are getting smarter. People want to be challenged. Even the most common moviegoer wants to be made to think when they go to the theater. Movies that peel away the surface of a hero (or heroes), and analyze the importance of a character’s actions, motivations, background, and facets of personality help to re-establish the character’s relevance in today’s world. It also helps to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality, and bring an audience closer to understanding these fictional supergods.

      Of course, you also have to entertain. Which is where Superman Returns failed. Singer attempted to lift the veil and get inside the head on Superman, he just did it poorly. The entire film felt like foreplay, and we all know that two hours of foreplay without payoff can be extremely painful. He also seemed to forget that part of what makes these movies enjoyable is watching our hero do things that no one else can, and being awed by the spectacle of it all (if you ask me, the plane rescue was worth the price of admission, but the movie unfortunately goes downhill from there). One of the many aspects that doomed the movie from pre-production was selecting Luthor (again) as the villain. I love Lex as much as the next fanboy, but recycling him in this day and age of special effects was at best a missed opportunity, and at worst downright stupid. Here, we have General Zod (again, but different), and those people using the word “boring” must be new to the character. With a villain (or villains) sporting a powerset equal to Superman’s, we’re bound to have some eye-popping action sequences. I’m not sure everyone watched the same trailer, as I caught plenty of fire and brimstone to offer a healthy break between character study.

      “Fun” is a very subjective term. Making a fun Superman movie is a lot easier said than done. What is a fun Superman movie? Is it the wacky, borderline sycophantic love-letter of Morrison’s Superman work? Is it the innocent and outlandish adventures of the Silver Age? Would any of that work in a modern film? What worked for Avengers wouldn’t neccessarily work here. The more big, established personalities you throw together, the more opportunities there are for quippy banter. Superman may be the ultimate man, but he’s never been a particularly funny one. I admit, much of the fun in a classic Superman story comes from him struggling to maintain the guise of the mild-mannered reporter, and that doesn’t seem to be a strong focus here, but that doesn’t mean the movie will be devoid of humor. For me, the fun will be watching Superman throw Zod through a building, or performing ridiculous feats of strength in a way I’ve never seen before. That’s what I consider a fun Superman movie. The more powerful a hero is, the higher the stakes have to be. The fun is watching him rise to some kind of challenge and bring down the bad guy. Otherwise, you end up with something like Singer’s film, where he hovers outside of Lois’ kitchen like a creeper and never throws a single punch.

      If the movie doesn’t look like your cup of tea, that’s fine. To each their own and all that. But it’s important to remember that with over 70 years of Superman stories, fans of one particular incarnation or the other are bound to be disappointed. It’s also important to remember that appealing to the serious comic reader is pretty low on any film studio’s list of priorities. The primary objective here is to make money so that they can make more movies that make more money. The question any fanboy has to ask themselves in a situation like this is: Do you want the Superman movie you carry around in your head to come out and fail at the box office, or do you want a different Superman movie to succeed and carry on the franchise? Do you want this thing you love to be specifically tailored to your vision, or do you want it to appeal to the masses? Do you want it to live, or do you want it to die?

    • @WheelHands Not to argue – I agree with you on many points – and yes, I understand his struggle to fit in as a kid and teenager. Thank goodness they’re bringing that aspect of the character to film again; however, despite some of the intriguing action visuals in this trailer, all of it was crushed under the moaning singers and sea of character frowns (just occured to me: did ANYcharacter in the trailer actually smile?)

      Of course no one in today’s world wants to see a 1940s “gee whiz Superman saves the day” kind of flick. But, no matter how old you are and no matter what version of Superman is most special to you, and no matter what drama he goes through today or decades ago, Superman, above all else, is about HOPE. For him, it’s about the fulfillment he gets from helping people, and for us, It’s about looking up and feeling triumph. I personally didn’t see that at all here.

      The first Iron Man movie. That to me is one example of a perfectly done superhero movie (and it’s trailer) that reflects today’s social attitudes, believability, contemporary thrills and dangerous challenges, along with humor and relatable pathos.

    • That’s fair. I agree that the trailer is omninous, but I think that’s their intention. They want people to buy a ticket and see how he triumphs. And he will. You and both know he will. If he doesn’t, I’ll be right here complaining along with you. A trailer that’s all smiles and triumphant poses carries less intrigue. Things gotta look bad, so you can go see how they turn out better. If there’s no hope in this movie, then they’ve really missed the mark, and deserve all the negative criticism the internet can muster. I think this movie was made by people with a great love for Superman, and what I get out of the trailer was a serious (perhaps too serious for some) attempt at discovering who he is, and what motivates him to become the hero that everyone (no matter how cynical) looks up to. At the end of the day, it’s just a trailer. We’ll all have to see the finished product before we make our final judgements.

      You make a good point with Iron Man reflecting the climate of the times while managing to stay fun. Still, like Avengers, I don’t know if that could work quite the same way here. While there’s certainly great potential for fun in a Superman movie, Clark Kent is not Tony Stark, and Henry Cavill is not RDJ. Like I said above, the more powerful the hero, the higher the stakes have to be to challenge him. And when the stakes are this high, it’s bound to get darker before it gets light again. It’s funny that you mention Iron Man, because the trailer for his third installment struck even ME as a little darker than I like my Iron Man, so IM3 may turn out to be proof that Nolan’s Batman films really DID change everything, but I hope that’s not the case.

  36. THE WORLD IS READY FOR YOU KAL-EL! Ready for a movie worthy of your name – Superman. Here’s hoping this kicks Batman’s butt at the box office!

  37. I was more fulfilled, emotionally, here than I was for all of Thor, Captain America, and Marvel’s The Avengers combined. That’s not hyperbole. It looks beautiful and not just aesthetically. I was apprehensive at first but now I can’t wait.

  38. Goosebumps…..

  39. The more I see of this movie, the more excited I’m getting. Hope I don’t hype myself up too much!

  40. breathtaking. Now let’s see if they can pull it off.

  41. I’m not a big Superman fan, but this looks dramatic and passionate. What will Lois think when she finds out that Clark wants some Wonderbooty? I don’t think the filmmakers will be able to resist some sort of flirtation between Superman and Wonder Woman in the Justice League movie.

  42. This sooo doesn’t look like a Zack Snyder film, and for this, that’s a good thing. His style can be cool at times and does work, but for a Superman film it would have felt too much like style over substance. It looks like they’re going for the substance. I get the feeling that this movie has made Snyder grow as a director. I hope I’m right. Can’t wait!

  43. This trailer is totally awesome…….now Batman’s finished Supes has my permission to fly…..

    Kneel before Snyder…….

    I have high hopes for this……….DC needs Superman to be good if Justice League ever stands a chance of seeing the light of day!

  44. Wow…just…wow. In the best possible sense.

    It seems Snyder has changed his style up and it shows in this trailer. He looks to have tapped into the emotional core of Superman but it looks like there will be some big set action as well. It’s a tough balance but the hints of things in this trailer (along with the music) looks like they have a handle on it.

    Very, very excited to see this one!

  45. I’m a life long Marvel Guy, and of the DC I do get into Superman is not that list. But wow, this was awesome. I’m pumped to see this movie now.

  46. I like the what’s in this trailer ALOT !!!! Really liked the quick look at General Zod played by Micheal Shannon ! Christopher Nolan and David Goyer are all over this i feel. Bring it on now !!!

  47. Color me impressed. I’ve been skeptical about this, particularly in light of Synder’s usual style, but if the film matches the feeling of this trailer it could be fantastic. Very thoughtful and subtle.

    For the longest time I didn’t ‘get’ Superman. Only in the last few years (mostly due to Grant Morrison’s work) have I realized how wonderful a concept he is. A great Superman film could be something very special.

  48. With Zimmer at the wand, I wonder how long into the film we’ll hear the all too familiar Backdraft/The Rock/Gladiator/Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Those with an ear for that kinda thing know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m guessing it’ll debut around the 45 minute mark.

    I’m poking fun of course. Zimmer has scored some of my favorite films, and I think he’s wonderful. I just don’t know how he’s gotten away with recycling those few bars for 30+ years without stronger criticism.

    Does anyone with a better knowledge of soundtrack rights have any idea if we’ll see the Williams theme pop up here? How does that work? Does Williams have full ownership? Does Warner? Do they split it somehow? When a film doesn’t use a classic theme, is it always a creative choice, or a legal one? If it is a legal matter, that should be the one theme that any Superman film should be permitted to use until the end of time.

  49. Verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

  50. Henry Cavill is actually pretty good. He was on the show The Tudors and became the only compelling person to watch on the show after a while.

  51. Ok as awesome as this looks… WHO IS THE VILLIAN? Have I missed this or do we still not know. My whole problem with Superman is he’s… well… he’s Superman. If he just flies around beating up on normal people again I’ll be just as bored and pissed as I was with the last movie.

  52. So I’ve watched the trailer a few more times. I don’t want to get my hopes up but this looks damn good. Also, looking over the IMDB page, they did a great job on casting.

  53. I barely dare about Superman and I to chills watching that. Can not wait for this, looks great!

  54. Awesome. Can’t wait.

  55. Definitely looking forward to this, although to be honest the teaser got me more excited. Interesting how Pa Kent seems to not come across as an influence to Clark but Ma is. (But that’s just from a few seconds of a trailer)

    Also, my Dad make a funny comment the other day when he saw the poster for this. He isn’t a comic book fan at all but when he saw the poster he asked me:

    “Where the hell are the red underpants?”

    • I think you’re implying that the Superman we know doesn’t subscribe to this Pa Kent’s theory that the world is more likely to fear him than embrace him. But from what I’ve read about the plot, that’s one of the film’s major themes. It seems apparent to me that Clark is struggling with his own destiny in this story. So I would argue that Pa is just as important an influence as Ma (if not moreso), and just as relevant as he’s always been.

  56. Gee, a movie about Superman’s origins. … *YAWN*…Wake me up when there is an original idea in Hollywood. If Superman is not in an Epic (or near Epic) fight in the first 15 minutes of the movie, then it has failed.

    • That is a very good and interesting point because this movie is worth 40% of Superman’s total grade in the class so if he fails this movie he could end up with a 1.2 in the class.

  57. I thought his dad came across as having a big influence although he seemed not very supportive of him using his powers. But I loved seeing Kevin Costner here something about it reminded me of his performance in the movie The War. But I do agree that the mom seems to be a bigger influence than they usually allow her to be and I really love that aspect. I get the feeling his parents are going to die which makes sense.

  58. Remember when Superman Returns trailers started popping up and they showed Kevin Spacey (no vocals) and all the action shots of the movie….and then we all found out that the 3 minutes of trailer we saw were the best parts of the whole film….I’m just saying…..I’m cautiously optimistic that this could be an EPIC movie but worried that it could be a big disappointment..

  59. Take my money!

  60. Finally saw it. Looks good to me.

  61. Goose bumps galore. I haven’t felt that was about a Superman movie since I first heard John William’s score in the first one.

  62. Cannot wait. When he put his fist on the ground and then shot into the sky…. Awesome!

  63. I don’ know why but the shot from behind and below with the cape blowing behind him just gave me chills. I’ve only watched it once so far but that is the image that really struck me.

  64. Anyone else… scared at how good this looks?

  65. Goosebumps.

  66. To borrow from an ancient phrase: ‘You’ll believe a man can fly’ … when you believe he’s THE MAN.

    Trailer didn’t show me that. Need a trailer #3.

    • Based off your comment, I still have no clue what you would be looking for. The portion of Superman flying off into the sky was Boss enough for me.

  67. Wow…can’t wait !!!

  68. Spider-man and Superman have the same tailor?