TRAILER: Two (Slightly) Different Teasers For ‘Man of Steel’

It would appear that Warner Bros. has cut two slightly different teaser trailers for Man of Steel. (Neither of which are the full trailer that was shown at San Diego Comic-Con.)

This one, the one I saw before The Dark Knight Rises, features a voiceover by Russell Crowe’s Jor-El:

And this one features a voiceover by Kevin Costner’s Jonathan Kent:

This teaser trailer did its job for me. I am officially slightly more excited than terrified for this film. Next summer can’t come fast enough!


  1. Man, Deadliest Catch has really gone off the rails

  2. This looks interesting. I think I prefer the voice-over in the second. I didn’t recognize Costner’s voice.

    I hope these are amazing. We need an amazing modern Superman film.

  3. I love it. I really hoped Terrence Malick would direct the next Wolverine movie but this looks like it’s going to beat it to the punch.

    • This looks exactly like a Malick movie. You’re totally right. And not at all a Zack Snyder movie…
      The only bad part was the flying part.

    • ya, just what we need. blockbusters trying to look like malick movies. that’s fresh.

      on a related note, when does the hunger games 2 come out?

    • I agree, first thing I thought was this looked like a Malik film.

  4. It’s amazing how going from Costner to Crowe changes it from Thin Red Line Malick to New World Malick though. I am sold.

  5. Want. Waaaaaaaaaaaant!

  6. I need to see that longer, more action oriented Comic Con trailer.

  7. Pretty good trailers. I like the Costner one a bit more cause it kinda fits better with the images we’re seeing.

    Am I the only one though that thought it was going to be Aquaman because of the opening?

  8. Truly a tease.

  9. I think it looks great. The tone does feel to have a tinge of Malick. Looks like a step in the right direction though. I love the old Superman movies but this looks a like a fresh take that still feels like superman.

  10. surprised that this trailer is so similar to the superman returns teaser

    think i liked that one better though

    still, i’m a little excited. but mostly terrifyed.

  11. I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

  12. Is the music the elf theme/Arwyn’s song from the Lord of the Rings films?

  13. I get chills every time I see him flying. I cannot wait for this movie.

    • Agreed. No matter how many times I watch these trailers, I get chills. Never really considered myself a fan of the character (though I enjoyed All-Star Superman and a few other minis) but this has me pretty excited for its release.

    • The flying reminds me of the flying in Heroes. Not a fan on Superman at all. But This movie looks alright.

  14. Not sure why, but I’m really optimistic about this movie. Maybe “hopeful” is a better word. I want a Superman movie for modern times, and I think the team involved is capable of delivering just that.

    The fishing boat stuff is weird. Curious to learn more about the plot. Can anyone who actually saw the SDCC footage tell us a little bit about it?

  15. I don’t think we can tell much from these teasers, but it’s nice to have them around. (My favorite element is the kid pretending to be Superman, kinda gave me chills.) I’m still nervous and anxious, though; I really need this new Superman film/franchise to kick huge ass! So much is riding on it. When I saw TDKR last night no one in the packed theater cheered or said anything after the MAN OF STEEL trailer, it worried me.

  16. I hope this is a lot less boring than the last Superman movie – but unfortunately, these trailers did nothing to make me think that will be the case.

  17. Superfisherman?

    I’ll say this: It does not look like your typical Zack Snyder film.

  18. This makes me extremely optimistic! I was worried we’d get the Zack Snyder gloss but this really seems to have a different, almost documentary feel to the footage. If the whole movie is like that, I think this will be a very different Superman experience…and a very good one at that.

    • I’ve been waiting for Snyder to take that next step and try something new, and this looks like it. I really really enjoyed 300 and Watchmen (HATED Sucker Punch) but I think he’s taken that style about as far as it can go. I’m really not sure why everyone seems so anxious about this. It’s Zack Snyder, Chris Nolan, and David Goyer; it’s like the comic film dream team. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russel Crowe, Lawrence Fishburn; I mean seriously, where does all the trepidation come from?

  19. GRAY! So much gray. Man, that is one muted color pallet.

    Still, could be good. Snyder and Nolan will at least make for an interesting team.

  20. Snyder is such a hack, not looking forward to this

    • What makes him a hack?

    • In my opinion, Watchmen is one of the more brutal adaptations ever made. I remember when he first got the film, he talked about it looking like more Taxi Driver than 300. I thought it looked more like it took place on Mars than 1985. Not to mention the point of Watchmen being “what if real world human beings dressed up and fought crime?” and he turned his into leather/latex, kung fu, and what looks to be super strength. Not to mention all the slow motion, doggystyle, and unnecessary violence. I don’t think any of the actors were any good, they all felt like actors reading from a script instead of characters. To me that reflects on the director, albeit maybe less than the cast.

      I LOVED 300 when I first saw it in the theater, but we were all rolling our eyes at the dialogue. Although there was something very entertaining about seeing McNulty play the world’s biggest scumbag. Now if it’s on tv, I’ll jump in for 2 or 3 of the fight scenes but that’s it. The movie has no substance because Snyder would rather make music videos than movies

      With Snyder every scene is stylized, everything is slow motion and matrixy, the violence is over the top, and the sex is even more over the top. If a 13 year old boy understood how to frame a scene and make a movie, this is what it would look like.

      …and you’re going to be able to see Superman’s cock through his suit

    • Just to clarify, I give him a pass for 300 because it is what it is, its an eye candy, adrenaline movie, and it passes that test. It’s okay if it’s a music video, it’s kind of supposed to be that.

      But Watchmen…. I’ve seen many bad movies, but I think that was the one that made me the angriest. When you first saw that big blue dong flopping on the screen, I wanted to scream “WE GET IT!!!”

    • I think a lot of what you said is personal taste and Snyder is clearly someone you either love or hate. I tend to really enjoy his movies (aside from Sucker Punch, that is pure trash) but a lot of the criticisms you put forth are accurate, but again personal taste. I mean I love Chris Nolan as a director, I think he makes fantastic films. However they aren’t perfect. I think for most of his films you could say they have overly convoluted plots, which makes them overly long, and in many cases lack a true climax. No film maker is perfect, it’s just about finding one whose style you enjoy. To each their own. I like Snyder and I’m excited for this film, which is the first time I’ve ever been excited about ANYTHING Superman related.

      Also the 13 year old boy comment was ridiculous.

  21. Clark Kent, green horn on the Northwestern….coming to the Discovery Channel this fall.

    • I just spent way too much time thinking about your comment and what boat Clark would be on. Definitely the Northwestern. Sig’s a strait arrow, very paternal, and loves a hard worker. Plus, Clark doesn’t have the sense of humor for another boat like the Time Bandit. And no one wants to be on the young guys’ boats!

    • Let the fan fic begin!

  22. I think they’re finally going to get this one right boys…I’m sharked

  23. The comicon footage was a lot more comprehensive. You can find descriptions of the footage pretty easily. There are some really cool shots in it, and a lot more color. This looks like it’s going to be a “film” in the way of the Nolan Batman movies.

  24. Yawnnnn. The Dirty Laundry Punisher clip with Thomas Jane was more exciting than this. This is going to be a 2:30 movie where the first 90 minutes will be Superman finding himself. Snore. Kevin Costner and Russel Crowe might make it okay. I don’t see much action here. Everyone knows who Superman is. They don’t need to retell his origin.

    • Yeah they did that with the Batman movies and look how that mess turned out for them :P.

    • None of the older Batman movies ever told his origin. He was always just Batman from the beginning. So this was a new take. With Superman almost every time he was on tv or cartoons they would synapse his origin.

  25. Cool trailers and loved the flight scenes. I don’t understand what’s with the fishing stuff? That’s the last thing I think of with superman and the kents.

    • Alaska = Metaphoric Fortress of Solitude

    • I actually really liked the idea of them breaking the mold a little bit. The Richard Donner film pretty much laid claim to wheat fields and farm scenes, no need to go back and do the same exact thing. I like the idea of Clark trying to figure out how he fits, it’s a pretty heady deal when you think about.

    • I figure the fishing stuff goes more in line with the kent family farm, I mean when you think about it farmers do everything on their own…grow their own food, probably catch their own also. Maybe fishing was apart of doing everything first hand?

    • even thought he geography is different, i always imagined smallville being in the middle of Kansas somewhere and i always associate that that type of all American farm imagery with the Kents and Superman so the initial imagery really threw me.

      The Alaska connection is a good one.

  26. They weren’t kidding when they called it a teaser. Need something more substantial to make an informed decision.

  27. Mega like!

  28. Not too long ago we had a TV show that was 10 seasons of Clark finding himself, while having two sometimes conflicting father figures advising him along the way. These trailers worry me that we’re jumping right back into that again. On top of that, he’s Superman. We all know his story, we’re all going to complain about the changes you make to it to make it your own “vision”, so just skip the origin and give us Superman.

  29. This looked really cool. I wasn’t looking forward to this before, but now seeing Christopher Nolan’s name at the beginning (as well as Zach Snyder–for 300 more than Watchmen) as well as sound-barrier-breaking Superman… Now I’m hooked. I’ll see it and then make my decision. I have a lot of living to do in between, though.

  30. Visually I meant to say…iPad fingers…sorry.

  31. This /really/ works for me as a teaser. Bold reimagining of what a modern Superman movie could be. Snyder is an amazing visual storyteller who needs a good script to work with. I think Goyer and Nolan could provide that script.

  32. Skeptical, yet intrigued. I thought that the voice narrations were quite good. Even Costner’s was well done, but the one I like the most would be Crowe’s, b/c having a narration by Jor-El just brings this extra weight, this “gravitas” to the footage that Jonathan Kent just is not able to do, IMO.

  33. Not excited at all. This still doesn’t seem like a Superman story. We’re getting an origin story that looks to just be borrowing from Batman Begins. He’ll spend time “finding himself” and then become Supes for the final fight. I don’t want to see him become Superman. I want to see him be Superman. This is the 6th Superman film and we still haven’t seen him fight anything truly impressive.

  34. Bit weird with the whole fishing boat part. Would’ve preferred a more farmier surrounding.
    But you will believe a man can fly!

  35. I think when it comes to the fishing boat part people fail to realize that these movies don’t exactly have to be in 100% continuity, Batman begins changed things around and its perfectly valid for clark to have worked on a farm when he was younger and then worked on a fishing boat when he was older. The whole farmhand and manual labor I can picture going hand in hand and I mean is it REALLY that big of a deal and sourpoint in the story if there was a few clips of him working on a boat? Come on people

  36. How involved is Nolan? Is this the studio just using his reputation?… I do like that Snyder is changing his style. Channeling those Levi’s “Go Forth” commercials. John Hillcoat by way of Malick…

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Nolan has a story-by credit with screenwriter David Goyer.

    • He’s also credited as the producer.

    • There was a quote in Entertainment Weekly many months ago from Henry Cavill. This was several weeks into production and the EW interviewer asked him what it was like to work with Christopher Nolan. His answer, “I haven’t met him.” So obviously not very involved in the production process. Like Paul said he has a story by credit so I’m guessing he was mainly hired to craft the story and script and help sell tickets on his name.

  37. I swear the one I saw before TDKR had the Costner monologue. I’m going to see it again so I’ll pay closer attention…

  38. Saw the Russell Crow international trailer, but would have preferred the Kevin Costner one. I am adamant that the casting of Pa Kent is more important than Jor-El, and I believe Costner was a nice pick for the role.

  39. The theater I was in erupted in applause by the trailer’s end. Personally, this is not the trailer I was expecting to see. Honestly, I think it’s encouraging that Snyder seems to have thrown out the playbook.

  40. How des this look interesting or exciting?

    Without the flight at the end it looks like *anything BU* a Superman movie.

    Superman needs to hitchhike? Really?

    Superman on a fishing boat?

    Who wants to see that? Seriously, the thing you think lacking from the Superman comics/movies/mythos is manual labor? Really….

    Okay the. You guys go be excited, I’ll be over here waiting for the non deadbeat dad, non fisherman, non hitchhiking Superman.