PHOTO: Russell Crowe as Jor-El in ‘Man of Steel’

Complex has some spy photos of Russell Crowe taking a smoke break outside of the set of Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel in his full Jor-El costume.

Source. Clickthrough to see one more photo.

This is why smoking is bad, kids. It ruins movie secrets.

The design aesthetic is certainly ornate and in-line with what we’ve seen so far of Superman’s costume.



I am absolutely fascinated. I cannot wait to see how these designs play in motion and with proper lighting and camera lenses. This could go either way!


  1. Well, that’s definitely Russel Crowe. Nothing new there except that maybe he can use a diet. His son on the other hand…whew….that’s a great picture.

  2. Wow is Joel Schumacher directing this?

  3. I was hoping for a big sun on his chest, but this still looks pretty cool!

  4. after glancing at these i had to remind myself how bad the Thor costume pictures looked before release. Those turned out to look fantastic on film so I’m optimistic these will too

  5. He’s looking right at the camera; he knows we know! Hide, before he throws something!

    • Born in New Zealand in ’64
      A hot headed actor named Russell Crowe
      He loves to act but he loves one thing more
      Fightin’ ’round the world!

  6. looks like the kryptonian diet consists mainly of meat pies

  7. I hope it’s good. That’s not too much to ask right?

  8. I wish I could stop looking at Superman’s package.

  9. Smoking makes you look cool even on Krypton?

    Seriously though, Crowe really needs to hit the treadmill, he looks really dumpy there. Maybe Snyder will give him CGI abs like in 300?

  10. man, i’m getting more nervous the more pics coming out. i really want this to do well.

  11. This is going to rock. If Snyder can do one thing it is take direction. Look at how his original work is not very good, but his adaptations are spot on. I am choosing to believe that Christopher Nolan is directing the director and that this is going to rock.

  12. Judging by Jor-El’s outfit, Superman is wearing underwear even by Kryptonian standards. I like everything I’ve seen so far (I just wish they’d give him the damn spitcurl). And I still think some red accents (not trunks) in the waist/pelvic area are necessary as a design aesthetic/package distractor.

  13. In the Crowe pics all I noticed was that huge gut.

    In the Superman pic all I noticed was his junk.

    What does this say about me? lol

    (I’m gonna hold judgement because as others have said, costumes look silly into you see the final project)

  14. “Kal-El, my son, when you are exposed to the Earth’s yellow sun, you will be bestowed with super-strength, invulnerability, flight, heat vision, freezing breath, super speed, and ginormous testicles.”

  15. All you crying fatty…post your pics!!!!

  16. I’m fine with this, I still like Crowe quite a bit as an actor, so if he’s only in it for five minutes, it’ll be five minutes of awesome.

  17. Crowe is one of my favorite actors. He’s got range and rarely offers a bad performance. Great addition to the cast.

  18. Are we sure that’s not Crowe on the set of THE HOBBIT?

    Why does Superman have a belt buckle but no belt?

  19. All junk jokes aside, I think these look fantastic. Especially Jor-El. And as long as the camera steers clear of Supe’s cock-and-balls, I think he’ll look awesome. I remain optimistic.

  20. Does Superman design and make his own costume? …oh and i think the package needs some definition, looks too much like he’s wearing a cup… what would Superman need a cup for…unless I’ve stumbled upon something…

  21. Holy bulging package Batman.

  22. What kind of world are we living in where someone playing a dad can’t be a little pudgy? He’s playing a scientist and a father not a body builder.

    • The Kryptonians have always been portrayed as ScienceGods. The come from a Whiz-Bang-Raygun-Gothic vision of a better world where everyone is at the peak of mental and physical health.

    • Ah thats the beauty of the modern interpretation. Krypton is so advanced, its super science is so super that on krypton you can be fat AND be in the peak of health. That’s why they get healthier by smoking the super cigarettes (created im sure by Marlbor-o) that emphasizes the real tragedy of the destruction of krypton. A world finally became so advanced that donuts, vodka, cigarettes and (power) crystal meth all make you better, and the universe had to go and destroy it.

      oh the super-humanity…

  23. Did they raid the THOR costume closet? Looks like that was Odin’s weekend wear! But seriously, it’s not a bad look, if the animal-skinnish vibe doesn’t visually gel with “super-science” Krypton in my head.

    I also want to find out how it’s legal for Superman to be striking that pose…

  24. Here’s an observation; If ya compare the pics, Jor-El’s undergarment (between the seams in the arms) looks very similar to Kal’s costume. So is Superman wearing Kryptonian longjohns? When Zod sees him for the first time, is he gonna ask him why he’s only wearing underwear? So many questions!

  25. Russell Crowe is definitely paying an homage to Marlon Brando there.

    Supes without the trunks? Do not want. These new costume designs are monotone and boring.

  26. This unique Jor-El look seems more rooted in “Game of Thrones” than anything else. I very much approve, btw 🙂

    As for Henry Cavill’s supersuit – I also very much approve. It used to hurt me a bit when I’d see the look of Superman, my favorite hero, change over the years… from project to project, or artist to artist. But then I received comfort from a Jeph Loeb interview, of all things. He pointed out that every generation needs to have its own Superman; that the character needs to grow – in both look and attitude – or it will surely die. And that you can carry your own Superman in your heart while still being able to appreciate new versions of Big Blue. Loeb said his Superman will always be George Reeves; mine will always be Christopher Reeve. I’m sure Brandon Routh or Tim Daly are the real Supermen for lots of other people out there. The important thing is that there’s still a Superman around for younger generations to embrace.

  27. Seriously do we need another crappy Superman movie, I really don’t understand the need for a new Superman movie and a new Spiderman movie, especially if they are both going to orgin stories again.

  28. who else thinks that the Superman costume makes him look like he has one giant testicle?

  29. If this superman were wearing little red underpants, i doubt I would be glaring at his bulge this hard.