1. ohhhhh baby

  2. I think it looks cool. Certain people are gonna freak out about this though.

  3. Not bad.

  4. I hate it. It’s by far the worst one yet

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s an S. I’m good.

    • I’m disappointed. I was hoping for an F and rebranding to Fabulous Man.

      Really how can people be upset. It’s an S and it looks like the Superman logo to me.

    • Yeah, I have no idea why people are freaking out. Its an \S/ logo inside an \S/ shield. It looks like any other \S/ logo.

  6. Oh, look, an S with a shield. Vaguely modernized with edgy cuts. Crazy!

  7. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. I remember that time i got excited about green lantern and it crashed and burn and maybe killed some people. Then again, the kryptonian symbol for hope is the S shield. Please be good, movie. I really want everybody to see how great superman is again.

  8. Chubby Rain.

  9. Damn! That logo’s got a fat S!

  10. There’s not even one goldfish on this s let alone two!

  11. I’m not super impressed with this logo. I’m not sure I understand the need to “modernize” everything that is sweeping comics in general.Sometimes it’s best to leave well enough alone.

  12. Seems to be going for a “Dark Knight” feel.

  13. The logo is okay, I just hope we get a well written story and not garbage like the last Supes movie…

  14. It’s new in that it’s slightly altered.

    So I have no objections yet no praise either.

  15. Batman who? Avengers what now?

    I am eager for Superman Man of Steel.


  16. Let this be the palette cleanser, that its truly meant to be. So that in 10 years or less, a truly GOOD Supes flick can get made.

  17. I like it 🙂

  18. Looks fine to me, but I wasn’t terribly worried about the logo.

  19. Sweetness!

  20. Looks great, nothing really to bitch about.

  21. I’m so tired of unnecessary Jim Lee lines on DC’s redesigns these days.

  22. “I hate it” someone said, lol….they’re all similar and have to be but what I like about this one is the cuts weaving through it that give it a bit more alien feel.

  23. Coo kind of a yin and yang look on the raised bit. Like Paul said, it’s an S. That’ll do Zack Snyder, that’ll do.

  24. looks good i hope Zack don’t “F” it up

  25. I don’t have a problem with it, but with the extra etching right in the middle I can’t help but see the Nike Swoosh.

  26. its pretty cool…slightly more humanistic with the rounder lines softer angles. i like it.

  27. The logo looks sweet. I do find it interesting that they toned down the yellow though.

  28. Very spherical. I like it

  29. “Oh, my, God, Becky, look at that S. It is so big. It looks like one of those, movie logos. I can’t believe it’s just so round, it’s like, out there, I mean – gross. Look! It’s just so… Red!”

  30. Reminds me more of the Earth 2 Superman S.

  31. Nice mix of new and retro. Cool! Only 440 days to wait! lol

    Next up… a teaser trailer… say on opening day of The Dark Knight Rises?

  32. Nice “S”.

  33. The outlines remind me of the original look of the logo but the textures…? Too ancient or barbaric. Would rather it was sleeker or more metallic (no rivets, though).

  34. Simply Stylish Straightforward Stamped Seriously Standard looking “S”……….. Sweet !

  35. That’s what I was thinking. Is Superman the only superhero movie for 2013? I hope not…

  36. @Tom/Mono: Apart from Superman we have:

    Iron Man 3
    Star Trek 2
    The Lone Ranger
    World War Z
    The Wolverine
    300 2
    Red 2
    Thor 2
    The Hobbit
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I refuse to call it just ‘Ninja Turtles’!)

    A good chunk aren’t comic book movies per say….But all have been comics at one point or another. It’s a weak year for comic book movies and summer movies in general. Heck Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 aren’t even a summer releases.