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‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Teaser [UPDATE]

Looks fun? I guess? It’s only 7 seconds. UPDATE with the full 30 second spot.

TEASER: “Superior Spider-Week” is Coming!

Next week!

VIDEO: Iron Man 3 International and Kids’ Choice Awards TV Spots

Who hops in the suit next? Tony certainly has a few extras lying around…

TEASER: Warren Ellis and Jason Howard on SCATTERLANDS

It’s coming in late February. Now you now all that we do.

TEASER: Wood and Coipel on XX

One more X, and we’d have been in for a big change at Marvel.

TRAILER: Here’s Your First Look at ‘Iron Man 3’!

Gently falling snow? A low key Tony Stark? What black magic is this?

Marvel NOW!: There Be “Killers” and “Wanted”

They team up Sam Humphries and Ron Garney, as well as Dennis Hopeless and Salvador LaRocca.

Marvel NOW!: Can Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker SURVIVE?

“At first I was was afraid. I was petrified.”


UPDATED AGAIN! A thing is going to happen, and if you click on this, you’ll have an idea of what that thing is.

TEASER: Marvel… WOW? Shanower & Young do WONDERFUL

You know as much as we do.