VIDEO: Iron Man 3 International and Kids’ Choice Awards TV Spots

[Minor spoilers ahead]


Speculation has run rampant about who gets what suits in the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. We’ve seen Rhodes in the Iron Patriot armor but the just released international TV spot confirms that Pepper Potts will wield the armor! I’m pretty happy with this development. Pepper was a great character in the first Iron Man movie but feel kind of flat in the second. Let’s hope this signals her return to glory.


Additionally, since the movie has not yet been rated, Marvel might as well market Iron Man 3 to kids as well, right? Everything we’ve seen so far of Shane Black’s installment of the Tony Stark saga has had a much darker tone than what we’d seen in the first two films. This spot seems to have really lightened things up and brought some of the fun back to being a multi-billionaire with an army of cybernetic suits. The question remains if this spot represents the true feeling of the movie or if the just cut out the more kid friendly parts to target the younger demographic. Either way, I remain hopeful and excited.

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  1. Well that 1st video got taken down fast.