TEASER: Marvel… WOW? Shanower & Young do WONDERFUL

So we came across this teaser for what looked like another Marvel NOW! project, until you look a little closer. Wow?

So, Eric Shanower and Skottie Young, well known for their Oz books, have this going on. Maybe they’re rebooting Oz.

Either way, it’ll be wonderful.


  1. This would be awesome a monthly Oz book by Skottie Young this is im gonna spend all my money (Virtual money seeing that I just started ording my books from Midtown.com.)

  2. Skottie Young can continue doing Oz forever and I would die a very happy man

  3. Anybody think this might be doing a story in the same style that they did Oz but about Alice in Wonderland?

    • I love the sound of that! I assume this will be an adaptation of The Wonderful World of Oz though. Unless that already happened… that is an OZ book, correct?

    • Judging from the bottom “Join the OZolution” box, I’d assume this is still very much tied to The ‘wonderful’ wizard of oz.

  4. Any chance you guys will post a guide to the Marvel NOW Revolution ala what you all did last year with the New 52?

    Sub-question: How about a Marvel NOW vs. New 52 comparison chart? These teasers aside I think its interesting that Marvel’s quietly publishing Captain Marvel, Gambit and Hawkeye amid all this fanfare. Curious to see how these line-ups compare.

  5. I would love it if it was a Wonderman series;)

  6. I wonder if this will tie into the new Oz: The Great and Powerful movie?

  7. You guys got it all wrong… It’s the Wonderful Wolverine! Duh!

  8. I was also thinking it was a reboot of Oz.

  9. There are fifteen Oz book by L. Frank Baum. They’er going to just keep going with the book. Road to Oz starts soon, and that’s only the…fifth book, I think. So that means ten more. Also, there’s only a short delay between series, so it’s more or less a monthly series already.

    This is not to make it sound like I’m not excited. I love these books and look forward to reading them to my kids.

  10. So much for any hope of “Age of Bronze” getting out on a more regular basis…

  11. I’ve never checked out the OZ comics. It sounds like I’m missing out.

  12. “Ozolution”? Really? Is that supposed to be a play on “revolution” or “solution”? A play on “ovulation” may have been better.

  13. i say its wonderland

  14. I can’t see the same creative team that 4 years ago did the Wonderful Wizard of Oz doing the same story over again as some have suggested. My money is on it either being the teaser for the continuation of the series with “Road to Oz” or possibly an original Shanowar Oz story

    I guess, there’s also a third possibility in that they’re going to make a Wonderful Wizard of Oz ongoing comic that contains all the future Oz adaptations.