Marvel NOW!: Can Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker SURVIVE?

Oh whatever could this teaser be alluding to?

Seriously, I don’t know.

Well, I do know that Dennis Hopeless is the up and comer behind scripting duties on X-Men: Season One, and I know that Kev Walker is the wonderful artist on Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers run. And I know that that word is splattered with blood. I suppose it could be srircha sauce, but that doesn’t seem likely, given the context.

A Savage Land series? Help me out here.

I also know that this teaser put this into my head.


  1. Maybe X-Force? Since they’re dealing with threats to the survival of mutantkind using violent and bloody actions?

  2. Punisher

  3. The blood makes me think Punisher also, but Ken’s suggestion of X-Force makes sense too.

  4. For some reason I’m thinking Cable/ Phoenix Hope.

  5. The font is the same on the Punisher book

  6. I’m thinking Marvel Zombies Now.

    Just like my Deadpool Corps idea – feel free to steal this Marvel – Punsher vs. Marvel Zombies. Get it done.

  7. Runaways

  8. Hopeless is a writer on the upcoming Point One so it’s probably one of those characters. I think he’s most likely to be writing the Cable story for that book based on the rest of the creative teams/characters involved in the Point One. So I’m guessing either Cable or a new X-Force book led by Cable.

  9. Don’t have a clue…

    Just glad to see Hopeless on a title. I really loved X-Men Season One and I’ve wanted to see more by him. Can’t wait for… whatever this turns out to be….

  10. Good call on the savage land, I was thinking the same thing….it could also be the wilds of wakanda, or maybe we will see a return to genosha in some form….with the unification of all branches of the marvel universe that they’re touting, plus the obvious inclusion of supernatural elements like morbius in now, at this point truly anything is possible…..I’d love to see a guy like cable or frank castle going all man vs wild on us in the savage land, teamin up with ka zar & zabu…..could make for an interesting story….at the very least we know the art will be beautiful with kev walker at the helm

  11. I know those are names of people, but if I saw the blood-splattered words “Hopeless,” “Walker,” and “Survive” and was asked what comic they’d be, 10/10 responses would be “The Walking Dead.” But I know that can’t be right.

    • My first thoughts as well.
      THE WALKING DEAD SPOILER ALERT. Seriously. Bubble violator at 12:00:
      Image NOW!
      Merle and Darryl are retconned into the book! Rick keeps his hand! The Governor is a clean-cut British man! Tyreese keeps his head! Michonne is white! Andrea is black! Carl shot a zombie Shane instead of a live one! Lori makes it out! And she’s a whiney bitch! Everything is watered down! Everything changes! Except not really! Buy it NOW!! Exclamation points!!!!!!

  12. Walking Dead finally coming home!

  13. I’m thinking Punisher. Possibly Cable.

  14. Not Punisher please. After 8 volumes give it a rest. He’s a background character. Leave him be

  15. Wolverine MMA book obviously. Marvel NOW! is hip to what the kids like.

  16. The Falcon finally gets his own series?

  17. Hope and Cable, recaping the untold tales of Hope growing up in the future, while Cable teaches her how to Survive!

  18. Man I am really hoping for a Savage Land series! That would just be too cool!

  19. Well with his appearance in that flash forward arc of Uncanny X-Force, wouldn’t it be plausible that Punisher is on the X-Force team with Cable?

  20. It’s probably a Cable book….even though the Way/Dillon book is strongly rumored to be a Cable and/or X-Force book.

    So yeah….no idea. But if it’s interesting I’ll give it a shot. Having Kev Walker as artist certainly helps too.

  21. I have thought about this and I think it’s a Deadpool book. Deadpool without his healing powers but doing the same things needs to actually fight and struggle to survive now. The spattered blood….all day I’ve been thinking Deadpool.

  22. Hopeless Walker actually sounds like the perfect name for a character in a book with this teaser tag line…