Marvel NOW! Daniel Way & Steve Dillon Call Down “Lightning” in December

This fall, Marvel Comics is rolling out the red carpet for a number of remodeled ongoings featuring top tier characters like Iron Man, Captain America and the very Avengers themselves. But Marvel NOW! is playing the long game, and those aforementioned projects are simply the opening salvo. This December, the publisher is launching even more new titles with some exciting creative teams.

Today sees the tantalizing promise of one such December title from Daniel Way and Steve Dillon.

Newsarama offers this new teaser for the mystery project, simply branded “Lightning.”

Smart money says this is the long-rumored buddy vehicle featuring fan-favorite villains Electro and Shocker in a series of globe-trotting misadventures in the vein of Hope and Crosby’s “Road” pictures from the 40s through the early 60s.

Our best guess is that this is a new Thunderbolts book to coincide with and potentially succeed Jeff Parker’s current run on Dark Avengers (itself a rebranded Thunderbolts title). That’s just an educated guess though, drawing on the franchise’s long-standing signature simile “Justice Like Lightning.” The crosshairs also tend to jibe with the mercenary vibe.

Thoughts? Guesses? Meteorological forecasts? Fire away.


  1. So another new re-titling so that when issue 200 or 300 or whatever of Thunderbolts comes up – they can revert back to the original title and numbering. Ridiculous.

  2. The target is liek Avengers X-Sanction, so maybe Cable, or Punisher. Could be an X-Thunderbolts mashup, too.

    • punisher has been stated as being in a team book in now, either this one or a rebooted x-force would be most likely….bleeding cool rumored that way would be taking over a rebooted x-force, but hopefully they got misinformation and this is the only book he is doing now and maybe remender can hang on to x-force or we can get another good writer on that title…..other possibilities for this team could definitely be cable, like you said those are the same crosshairs from x-sanction, and it has been stated that he will also have a presence in now….one addition to the team that i can guarantee if this is indeed thunderbolts would be red hulk…judging from jeff parkers afterword in the last issue of his male red hulk run said that that character would be joining a team that he has worked on in the past, so that is fairly obviously going to either be thunderbolts or dark avengers…we will know for sure probably next week, but smart money is on red hulk, punisher, silver sable possibly, maybe deadpool, and any other mercenary, black ops type characters way sees fit to include.

  3. My guess is some sort of Thunderbolts book. Daniel Way writing this makes sense since, like Deadpool, the title requires a certain quirkiness, if you will

  4. STEGMAN!!!! Where are you!

  5. Storm book?

  6. I might be the only comic nerd who can’t stand Dillion, but I do like the thunderbolts if that is what this is.

  7. hey, i’d read that electro/shocker book. i think i just stumbled on the title: “electroshocker”

  8. Quite clearly the return of Thunderstrike.


  9. Are we ready for a Thunderbolts book with Deadpool in it?

    That said, I’m surprised Marvel is going with a Thunderbolts re-something. It never seemed that popular of a book. Not to mention its generic team name (oops just did).

  10. aurgail (@aurelgaillard) says:

    From Jeff Parker to Daniel Way: that would be a steep fall for the mighty Thunderbolts.
    The crosshairs could indicate it’s the team the Punisher will join for Marvel NOW!, which is an okay hook (although they’d have to work hard for Frank not to slaughter the rest of the cast on page 2) but no Way -I know- am I reading this.

  11. I was really hoping for a Gerard Way Steve Dillon book.

  12. Its going to be Thunderbolts but Cable will lead the team.

    Hopefully the lineup will be a mix of classic Thunderbolts and recent ones.

    My guess would be Songbird, Ghost, Radioactive Man, Man-Thing, Skaar, and maybe two mutants: Domino and Boom Boom.

  13. Worst announcement yet. Dan Way is terrible.

  14. I really hope this book isn’t using the Thunderbolts from Jeff Parker’s run, that would be heartbreaking.

  15. Well if Bleeding Cool is to be believed (and I don’t wanna say it is) they think it could be an X-Force revival with Cable and Deadpool. But I don’t know if Remender’s Uncanny X-Force is going to disappear or not once Marvel NOW! starts. So who knows?

    Either way I’ll definitely give it a shot. I like Daniel Way and him teaming with Steve Dillon sounds intriguing…..and most likely violent.

  16. not sure what this is going to be, but with Marvel having Dillon draw it I have to hope it’s going to be something violent.

  17. I hope a lighting falls on Daniel Way, so he never writes another comic book. Ok, maybe that’s too much, but the guy’s terrible!

  18. I actually like Way’s recent issues of Deadpool, and Dillion’s work on Preacher, but NOT when the two of them are paired together. It’s not about the art or the quality of the writing, what it comes down to is that any Way+Dillion issue that I bought felt like a waste of money, there was simply not enough meat in it. I just think these two are not suited for each other’s styles, even if they enjoy working together.

    I won’t even get started on if this is a Thunderbolts reboot or not.

  19. If it’s the long-rumored buddy vehicle featuring fan favorites Electro and Shocker in a series of globe-trotting misadventures in the vein of Hope and Crosby’s “Road” pictures, I’m totally on board.

  20. My money is on Dark Uncanny Avengers lead by Cable

  21. Winter Soldier leading the Thunderbolts. Just a shot in the dark, but the former Bucky is on a quest for redemption himself so it makes a certain sense. And Bucky leading the Thunderbolts would REALLY piss off Zemo, and I could see that sweetening the deal for Mr. Barnes…

    • Ok Now I want this to happen as well. Could we just make all of these ideas into books for Marvel NOW 2: Electro Boogaloo

    • Everyone else is thinking X-Sanction with the crosshairs, but it makes me think of Bucky “The Winter Soldier” Barnes… and Winter Soldier is the sub-title to the next Captain America movie so what ever happens in MARVEL NOW I expect Mr. Barnes to stick around, for the duration.

  22. Although, on the Electro thing, I’d kinda like to see Electro, the Spider-Man villain some how team-up/fight with Electro the remote controlled robot from Timely Comics/The Twelve…

  23. Steve Dillon, drawing a new Thor book where he’s bonded not with Don Blake, but with Bullseye? Wouldn’t that just be awesome?

  24. Axel Alonso alludes that the book would be a team book of some sort. From his interview on CBR

    Alonso: Some of our latest teasers fit that bill to a “T.” Daniel [Way] and Steve [Dillon]’s series features an eye-popping array of characters — all linked by one special trait — that you’d never think could make a team.

    From :

    Makes me think strongly it will be a Thunderbolts book. I wish Dillon wasn’t penciling it. UGH.