TEASER: Wood and Coipel on XX

I see some DNA. I see some letters, and I know that doesn’t quite spell out a Vin Diesel feature, so place your bets on this one.


Maybe they’re co-branding with Mexican beer?


  1. Avatar photo DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    XX is the female chromosome. Maybe an all female X title? (Hopefully they wont call it X-Women)

    • I’m guessing X23. I’m pretty sure the rest of the X-Ladies are preoccupied in their own titles.

    • In Grant Morrison’s x-Men run, there was a character from Weapon X whose codename was “XX” because he was the 20th experiment or something from the program. Maybe that’s what the teaser could mean?

    • @DDangelico

      I think your guess is the most logical. XX represents sex female in genetics and X is shorthand for X-Men at Marvel. So, an all female X-Team makes sense from the clue and from a sales / marketing perspective. If I was them, I’d even call the title XX.

    • Maybe its like “XXL” – Force – like Blob, Big Bertha, King Pin, Fat Cobra, Volstagg – all pulled together by that other tertiary Hulk to fight off random Far East dictatorships.

  2. I dont’ normally drink comic books, but when I do….

    I went to an all inclusive resort once whose only draft beer was Dos Equis. Mmmmm…. So good.

  3. As much as I like X-23, I hope it isn’t her title, after all she is stuck in Avengers Arena

  4. Easy: Wolverive & X-23 teamup book.

  5. I don’t see two high profile creators like these on an X-23 book. I figure it must be something bigger.

  6. Maybe the ‘XX’ is the roman numeral for 20, as in Brian Wood is writing twenty titles now (not that I am complaining!)

  7. This just means they wont be showing penetration.

  8. If there was one more X, it’d be covered on a site called iFapboy.

  9. X-23 is in Avengers Arena so it won’t be this book (unless that’s already being cancelled).

    My bet is that its going to be a Weapon X team book with Sabertooth, Maverick

    Or Professor X is getting cloned and brought back as a girl.

  10. It’s the twentieth monthly book that Wolverine is appearing in. It is a Wolverine team up book where Wolverine teams up with 19 time traveling versions of himself. You get Yellow and Blue Wolverine, Brown and yellow Wolverine, Xavier Academy generic costume Wolverine, Grant Morrison leather Wolverine, Astonishing Wolverine, Weapon X cybernetic headgear Wolverine, little boy James Howlett Prissy Wolverine, Wolverine in the itchy alien costume from when the X-Men fought the Imperial Guard, Age of Apocolypse Wolverine, leather jacket Wolverie, Patch Wolverine, Samurai Wolverine, Days of Furure Zpast Wolverine, and of coarse, Naked Wolverine.

  11. It could be a book about all the new mutants being born/created since AvX. Maybe they are slightly different than the other mutants and have 2 x-genes? A new species of sorts?

    • I like it. A new new New Mutants book. Anyways its Wood and Coipel so it can’t be bad.

    • That sounds cool! Maybe it would stem from Wood’s work on ‘X-Men’ that was really good an had some interesting twists on the mutant gene.

    • Hmmm… Well, the root of NYX was a Brian Wood idea from when he was writing Gen X in the 90s. With this creative team I’m there, but yeah, not sure what this is…

  12. I’d love a NOW book focused on Kitty Pryde, but I’m doubtful this is it since Wood is already writing an awesome Kitty in Ultimate.

  13. With creators like Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel attached, it’s a definite buy for me.

  14. Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch making their way back into the X fold…its a stretch I know, but for some reason those characters and Coipel’s art go together in my brain.

  15. I think it’ll be women related but not sure if it’ll be an X-Book considering Uncanny X-Force is pretty much an all female X-Squad (with Puck as the exception).

    • I’m starting to think it could be an all women book too. Wood does have a lot of experience and ability when it comes to writing female characters.

  16. Honestly, I just think that it’s great to finally see Marvel place Brian Wood on a well hyped Book with large sales potential.

    Seeing him paired with a heavy hitter like Coipel is a great sign even without knowing what the book will be.

  17. Whether it is X-23 or not who really cares?

    A book by Brian Wood AND Oliver Coipel? That’s a damn good combo right there. Very spoiled creative team for a C-level character.

  18. This is one of the few teasers where I have no idea what this title is going to be. That is exciting.

  19. If this was a title about female X-Men, I get the feeling they would have moved Greg Land onto it, don’t you think? Instead of putting Oliver Coipel?

  20. Back in my day, XX was slang for softcore porn.

  21. It’s definitely a team based on British indie snoremongers The XX. They destroy the baddies with their incessant droning jangly indie bollocks.

  22. A fan of Brian Wood but at what point is a writer taking on too many titles? Isn’t quality bound to slip?

  23. Maybe Nate Grey is about to become the first transgender superhero. Taking a step back, are there any transgender superheroes from the big two?

    • From Grant Morrison’s” Doom Patrol” theres the Negative man/woman/person, maybe the main character from “Dial a Hero”, Loki during Dark Reign, and possibly Mystique from X-Men?