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The Best of the Week in Panels – 05.29.2013

This week’s best panels hail from Adventures of Superman #1, The Wake #1, Captain America #7, X-Men #1, Archie #644, Dark Avengers #190, and Smallville: Season 11 Special!

C2E2 2013: Bendis, Aaron and Wood Wage X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM [UPDATE]

Days of FuturePresentPast

Ryan Kelly Joins Brian Wood For Next Arc of STAR WARS

The Force is strong in this one.

ISSUE ANALYSIS: Mara #1 with Brian Wood & Ming Doyle

Process junkies take note! We go from the script to the page!

Series Left Hanging

Nobody puts volume 8 in a corner.

Marvel NOW! Brian Wood Brings an All-Female Cast to X-MEN

X-(Wo)Men in action!

TEASER: Wood and Coipel on XX

One more X, and we’d have been in for a big change at Marvel.

iFanboy’s Best of 2012: The Best Comic Writers

The Write Stuff.

Comic Book Casting: THE COURIERS Movie

Remember Johnny Funwrecker.

SDCC 2012: Brian Wood is Writing STAR WARS

Vader Bomb!