TEASER: Warren Ellis and Jason Howard on SCATTERLANDS

The thing is Jason Howard is, between Robert Kirkman and now Warren Ellis, he’s worked solely with some of the biggest writers in comics. That has to say something about him, doesn’t it? The quality of the guy’s work and storytelling is undeniable, but I don’t tend to think of him as the guy to do a Warren Ellis book. Yet, when you look back at the artists Ellis has chosen to work with, it’s not so strange. Warren Ellis likes cartoonists who can span genres, and I have a feeling Howard is going to show us something new that we never had a chance to see on Super Dinosaur or Astounding Wolf-Man. You can already see it in the teaser.


There are no more details, but Ellis said to look for it late next month, and I’m ready to find out more.


  1. From Image?

    • My guess is, webcomic…? Late February seems really soon for a print launch, with no PR leading up to it.

      That image is beautiful though.

    • Yeah, but it has Warren Ellis’ name attached, so really do you need very much press? The name sells itself. Plus, why would such big name creators be working on webcomics?

    • Warren Ellis already did. See freak angels.

    • Interesting, though I’m still not sold on the webcomic theory. Maybe I’m just biased, but it still seems to me that webcomics are basically the farm leagues, and thus a bit of a waste of time for pro league creators. Especially considering they payment model for a free webcomic simply cannot be anywhere near a published and paid version.

    • Ask Jim Zub if webcomics are a waste of time.

    • Or Scott Kurtz, or Christopher Hastings, or Brian Clevinger, or KC Green, or Kate Beaton, or… I could go on forever really. In short, Kamilo, you don’t know what you are talking about.

  2. I’ve always though of Howard as somewhat in the same ballpark as Cully Hamner. He worked well with Ellis on Red so I’d be hopeful that Howard would work out.

  3. Also, this project looks really interesting. Definitely an interesting art style from Jason Howard.

    I’m kinda hoping its a project for Thrillbent. Or maybe exclusive to ComiXology.