Scott Snyder & Jim Lee’s New Superman Series Now Has a Title: SUPERMAN UNCHAINED


What was he previously chained to?

Scott Snyder and Jim Lee’s new Superman book is set to finally hit stores on June 12, the day before the release of Man of Steel in theaters everywhere. Previously, it had been said that this book might also be called Man of Steel but it was revealed today in an article on USA Today that the new series is to be called Superman Unchained.

Um, what?

That can’t be a coincidence, right? These titles go through all sorts of different levels of corporate vetting and I can see how someone at Warner Bros. wouldn’t want a comic book with have the same name as the movie. I can totally see how that meeting would go. But to then give the book a name that so closely evokes that of a different film? So bizarre.

Well, weird title aside, I am actually really looking forward to this series, not only because Superman is in some serious need of rehabilitation (again), and not only because I’m really looking forward to what Scott Snyder can do with the Man of Ste–whoops, I mean the Man Formerly of Chains, but this series is also going to have a back-up feature  written by Snyder and drawn by Dustin Nguyen. No word yet as to who or what that back-up feature will feature.

You can get your first look at the Superman Unchained team with DC’s Free Comic Book Day release on May 4th.


  1. What an awful name for the series.

  2. I am an old man. I appreciate Jim Lee. But how good would this be with a more modern, expressionist style?

  3. I am super-duper looking forward to this. Though aside from Batman I haven’t enjoyed anything by Scott Snyder so it could go either way.

  4. Fun Fact: Kal-El can easily take the place of Django in Luis Balacov’s “Django Theme”.

    I’m looking forward to this title quite a bit. I’m not a big Superman fan, maybe this will change it.

  5. That’s weird.

    Still checking it out though. I didn’t know Nguyen was doing the backup. This just went from a curiosity to a must-have.

  6. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:
  7. Fun fact: The S is silent.

  8. That’s a nice bonus.
    Nguyen has done no wrong his styles all seem terrific.
    Strange title though!

  9. That is a terrible title, but I am still looking forward to it. I don’t really like Superman all that much, so I’m hoping Snyder and Lee can change my mind.

  10. Has Superman been chained this whole time? Is that what was wrong?

    • Ya of course that was what was wrong. Now he can really get serious now that he is unchained. He’s going to make Lex poopey in his pants.

  11. Side note: The Batman comic will be “Inglorious Batmens”.

  12. tripleneck (@tripleneck) says:

    The current title was prefered by DC execs over my suggestion:

    Superman Off The Hook

  13. The “S” is silent


  14. Let the Django comments soar.

  15. Don’t care much for the title but I don’t really care because I’m ecstatic about this book.

  16. Unchained….sounds sexy. Is it written by that Shades of Grey lady?

    Seriously though, i wish it was called Man of Steel, if only for symmetry with the Byrne era relaunch (sups, action, man of steel, adventures of). Love that Nguyen is doing the backups though.

  17. Looking forward to this even with Lee doing the artwork. Glad to Dustin Nguyen’s name attached to this as I’ve always enjoyed his work. I kind of wish he was doing the main story. I, however, don’t understand why they wouldn’t call it Man of Steel. You’d think that would drive more people to pick up the book. Wasn’t the formation of DC Entertainment partly to introduce a more symbiotic relationship between their properties across media?

  18. webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    So Snyder and Lee are on an all new book? I thought they were taking over as creative team for Superman. Hm. Interesting.

  19. I don’t give to a shit what they call it- Synder and Lee on supes makes me F’n excited.

  20. Despite the title for the book I’ll definitely be picking this up. With the movie coming out and this book I’m psyched for some Superman stories.

  21. Uperman….the S is silent.

    Either that or SuperFly…oh wait that’s been used…

    Huggy Bear of Krypton!

  22. For some reason I’m not crazy about Jim Lee on this book. Really looking forward to Snyder though. Will definitely be picking this up.

  23. Lex, Lies, and Videotape.

  24. I dont know if im spoiled by the amazing artists of today but Jim Lee just doesn’t do it for me anymore. His style hasn’t evolved in ages. How mutch broken rubble can a man draw ? Nguyen on the other hand…might pick it up.

  25. There must be a better title out there than Superman Unchained. Still plenty of time to change it again though.

    I like Dustin Nguyen but otherwise find it hard to get excited about this series. Scott Snyder is hit and miss with me and Jim Lee’s art is no longer a draw. Plus I’m sick of looking at that costume.

    I think it’s best to stay away from new Superman comics until they reboot it again or something. I’ll re-read All-Star Superman and look forward to the movie instead.

  26. Anyone else notice how much better Superman’s new costume looked when the belt was yellow in JLA #1?

  27. I am so tired of Ji, Lee tagging along on the high profile writer or project. He brought nothing to Justice League and is only doing this book to ride on Snyder’s coattails. Don’t get me wrong, I am getting this book solely for Snyder’s work and Ngyuen in the backup is a nice plus. If anything, having Lee on this book might put me off if it were another writer.

  28. *Jim Lee

  29. –Excitement Chart–

    A new Superman title = 10
    Snyder writing = 8 (potential long arcs?)
    Lee on art = 6 (plenty of double-splash pages)
    Superman Unchained as a title = 2 (at least it has ‘Superman’ in the title)

  30. Hey Clark, that suit is you! Whoo-whee! You’ll get some leg tonight for sure. Tell us how you do!

  31. Will be one of the best creative teams around. I’m going to attempt to skip this though. Just not that big of a Superman fan and am already getting too many comics. But if I was a Superman fan I would be ecstatic!

  32. Would really like to see a different artist on this. Is Jim Lee really even that much of a draw anymore?

  33. Is this going to be an ongoing?

  34. Djor-El. That is all.

  35. Hey this is a comic involving Scott Snyder, Jim Lee, AND Dustin Nguyen. I’m not going to fully judge a book just on a stupid title.

    But let it be known that SUPERMAN UNCHAINED is an awful, stupid title.

  36. Beats “Superman of the Southern Wild” or “Superman Linings Playbook”.

  37. I can’t get enough Jim Lee in my diet of awesomeness and throwing some Snyder on top as garnish just makes this all the sweeter.
    Viva la Uperman Unchained! 😀

  38. Change it to “Superman Uncollared” and I’m there!

    Well, I’m there anyway. Sure, it’s dumb title, but Superman certainly needs to be shaken up. Maybe this title is indicative of some shaking (I doubt it).

  39. I have a feeling the last lines of this story is going to be Lex Luthor saying:

    “Superman, you uppity son of a….!”

  40. What marketing genius decided NOT to called it Superman: Man of Steel to help get some non-comic reading Superman fans to pick up the book?

    • The guy that realizes those people don’t exist.

    • I hear that often and never understand it.

      Would it kill them to have a ten second commercial advertising a handful of awesome Superman trades before the movie? Surely it’s worth a try, but they won’t because it won’t work, because they won’t bother. Not even Superman can defeat Catch-22.

  41. What was wrong with calling it “Superman: Man of Steel”?

  42. Unchained from what? I wonder. Anyhow, looking forward to this. It seems likely Scott Williams will be inking considering he inks most of Lee’s work.

  43. I smell a turd.

  44. Unchained, eh? Sounds like maybe something really, really, really bad happens and Superman is like “I’m not gonna hold back any more!” and gets really, really, really mad and questions his morality and influence and stuff. That sounds like a story I’ve never read before.

    Seriously though, Snyder and Lee on Superman has me excited, and I don’t care about the title.

  45. Yeah, that title could use some work, but that aside, I am looking forward to this book. Superman has been one of my favorite characters as far back as I can remember, but I am not reading any of the Superman books. The only dose of Superman I get right now are in the pages of Justice League as well as the digital first books Smallville: Season 11 and Injustice: Gods Among Us. I really want to have a monthly print book that is good and that I will want to read more than a few issues of and then drop. With Snyder, who is just killing it on Batman and Jim Lee, who has been one of my favorite artists since his days of drawing the X-Men in the 90s, this book is really shaping up to be a most read for me.

  46. I’ve cracked jokes about the title too… but Lee/Snyder/Nguyen on Superman? You better believe I’m buying it. They could have called it, Superman’s Laundry Day and I’d still want to check it out based on that team!

  47. If we’re going to be inspired by movies why don’t we have…

    – Aquaman: An Unexpected Journey
    – Zero Dark Knight
    – Wreck-It-Rayner
    – SkyFlash
    – The Cyborg in the Woods
    – Martian Manhunter: Vampire Hunter
    – Diary of a Dark Knight
    – Tomar-Re-Call

  48. So, should Rick Ross or John Legend do the “Man of Steel” theme?

  49. The talent alone will draw me to it, but how long is Lee going to stay? Three issues? Nguyen is one of my favorites as well though and completely underrated.

  50. I like the way you fly, boy.