Adam Hughes’ Variant Cover for ACTION COMICS #900

DC Comics has released the Adam Hughes (tribute to Neal Adams and Superman #233) variant cover to Action Comics #900:


I like it a lot. I especially like the way the broken chain links spell out 900. It's a really iconic look and appropriate for the celebratory nature of a comic book like Action Comics, the book that brought us Superman in 1938, making it to 900 issues. It makes me wonder why the dark and brooding David Finch cover (seen below), which I like as an image, but not as the cover to Action Comics #900, is not the variant.



  1. I think it really looks like AH! drew Neal Adams AS Supes!  Very cool.

  2. i much prefer the regular cover. I don’t care for the logo “explosion” and the “900” type treatments. I just LOVE that Action Comics logo…there is no need to eff with it. Plus i love the painterly quality of the darker cover. The variant looks like a regular comic book cover you’d see on any given week.  

  3. @wallythegreenmonster  .. which exist because of Action Comics.

  4. I love Adam Hughes.  I just had to write my LCS to find out what it’ll take for me to own this.

  5. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I really dig the chain concept. Looks amazing. 

  6. This Hughes cover is great, especially when you compare it to Superman #233. It’s neat that Hughes took a slightly different “camera angle” to make his cover pop.

  7. The chain thing is AWESOME.

  8. I’m all for tasteful tributes but I like the Finch one much better.

  9. my jaw seriously jsut fell open.

  10. @ResurrectionFlan–huh?

  11. One of his better covers I believe.

  12. Looks like he’s taking a nap while breaking the chains to me.

  13. amazing! I totally agree, that the finch cover is not appropriate at all

  14. Is this a ratio type variant or a cover a/b thing

  15. If I were a fresh face walking into a comic shop, I wouldn’t gravitate toward the muddy dark Finch cover at all, the Hughes cover is awesome.

  16. Love the Hughes cover. The Finch cover is great but I’d walk right by it and not think about it. The Hughes cover I’d pick up and admire and then put back. I love Superman not a big fan of his comics in the last few years.

  17. Crap, I like the variant better.  So hard to get!

  18. Love the chain symbolism.

  19. Very nice!

  20. Supes has been breaking chains with his pecs since the Siegel and Shuster days.