NYCC 2012: Scott Snyder & Jim Lee to Launch a New SUPERMAN Series For 2013

If the announcement of a new Action Comics creative team weren’t already enough, DC Comics has teased a third Superman title for 2013. And it’s a doozy. As fate would have it, director Zack Snyder isn’t the only Snyder with the opportunity to leave his mark on the character in the new year. Batman and Swamp Thing writer Scott Snyder (no relation) is teaming up with Justice League artist Jim Lee for a larger than life Superman series. No word on the exact title yet, but we do know that it will appear alongside Superman and Action Comics as its own property.

Snyder calls it “epic in scope, with huge action and drama – the biggest and most earth shaking action I’ve ever done.”

As for Lee, we’ll let this promo image do the talking.

That’s about as much as we can share right now, but we’ll have more details soon.

Ready for Lee to return to a solo series after the bombast of Justice League? Eager for Snyder to helm both a Superman and Batman title at the same time? Talk to me, iFanbase!


  1. Seems like Snyder’s trying to pull a Man of Steel-esque move. Which would make sense, given the movie coming out.

    Snyder’s great, so count me in.

    • Yo! This makes my day. I’m buying the digital, floppies,TPB, hardcover and the eventual absolute version. I can die a happy man now…………

  2. This is fantastic news! Couldn’t be more excited to see what Scott comes up with.

  3. YES!!!!!!
    … That’s all

  4. YES!!!!!

  5. They should try getting one title right before expanding the line.

  6. Awesome news! Hopefully this will make Superman Super again. Although I wish they would come up with another image besides Superman breaking out of the chains….Neal Adams totally owns that and no one has improved on it since imo!

  7. Is it just me or do the chain pieces on the right near his arm spell “Love Crud”?

  8. That’s three creative teams that I’m excited about all working on Superman titles.

    At least one of ’em’s gotta be awesome, right?

  9. Well, that’s pretty much as good as it gets.

  10. Awesome! I’m wondering about the “maxi-series” part, like those that happened in the ’80’s, or like “All Star Superman” where it’s about 12 issues? I just noticed the skull that is in the upper right corner, wonder what that’s all about. I’m a huge admirer of Snyder, I just picked up “Severed” today, and finally, just a few months ago, got around to his run on Detective, he’s so good at creepy, I’m excited to see where he goes with “epic” and “earth shattering”, sounds cosmic. Like the cosmos, and the slightly hippy-ish exclamation too.

  11. Great news!

    But what’s with the skull in the upper right corner of the image?

  12. This is almost too good to be true… ALMOST. If Snyder pulls this off along with killing it on Batman we might have a legend in the making. Then “HE WHO WILL NOT BE NAMED” can suck it.

  13. I’m not a Superman fan but if I was I would buy this because I love Scott Snyder.

  14. That’s one way to get me to read Superman. Never been a fan but one of my favorite artist and favorite current writer I have to check this out.

  15. I’d read Snyder’s grocery list, really. As for Lee, I’m OK with him, but I wish it was someone a little more unexpected. But I get it. Man, and I was cutting back drastically.

  16. Scott Snyder + Superman? Let’s put it that way:

    EPIC. WIN.

    ’nuff said.

  17. I saw Scott Snyder, superman, and Jim lee. F*** yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Awesome I may have to check this out the only superman I was reading was the OGN with Snyder onboard I might have to make room in the budget.

  19. The rumor that I’ve heard (read) is that it’ll be called Man of Steel.

  20. Don’t even care what it’s about or if Jim Lee uses shit to color his pencils. This is a must buy for me.

  21. I’m worried about what this means for Swamp Thing.

    Should be super epic though.

  22. Avatar photo Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    Scott will have me reading a Superman book. And I loathe Superman.

  23. Ok ok DC has just made me eat my words because yesterday i was absolutely comvinced that they must hate superman acter they announced the new creative team for action comics, but this may just redeem them. Hopefully this wont just be the creative team fo six months and then move though.

  24. Snyder writing Superman… Just shut up and take my money, already.

  25. Probably won’t buy in issue but it looks and sounds exciting (I like the image and I love Synder’s writing even if I don’t know the premise yet).

    Hope it is great to exceptional and I will be sure to buy the hardcover(s).

  26. I’m in.

  27. Hey, I’m not gonna say I called it, but……oh who am I kidding. Of COURSE I am.

  28. I’ve never bought a single issue of any Superman book. I will now.

  29. I just want a book that makes me love Superman as much as I loved him in All-Star. I really hope that is this book.

  30. DC really can’t rely on Snyder to do everything

  31. Fuck.



    I’m kind of excited for this I guess. Never during my time in comics has there been a really good quality Superman comic. I’ve heard from my friend about the glory days, and I hope this shows the Supes we all know and love.

  33. AWESOME NEWS!! A great creative team at the helm and I can’t wait for this come out!!

  34. Please be good…please be good….please be good…..

  35. I’m in!

    Here’s hoping across each of his titles, that 2013 is a good year for Superman.

    With the forthcoming Man of Steel film release, the DC folks running things no doubt understand that they have to get their act together.

  36. Love that its a maxi and not ongoing, I think that will give two creators like Snyder and Lee the aim and focus for something more substantial and memorable for Superman.

  37. This could be good. Lee wasted his beautiful art on For Tommorrow. Finally, a Superman book worthy of Lee’s Art. If only they could get rid of the awful costume.

  38. This will definitely be interesting. Snyder is a great writer for drker stuff. It’ll be nice to see his take on a presumably ‘lighter’ toned book.

  39. I’m really happy they’re putting someone of Snyder’s talent and imagination on Superman.

    I’m also stoked about Andy Diggle on Action. I’m not the biggest fan of the artists, though. They’re both talented, but I feel like Lee is both ubiquitous and sort of a “usual suspect”. I’d love to see someone more unexpected draw a Superman book.

  40. That’s what I’m talking about this is going to be epic.

    would love to see mark waid take over superman from lobdell but that’s just a dream.

  41. So he’s confirmed Batman is safe, but I hope this doesn’t mean he’ll be leaving American Vampire or Swamp Thing anytime soon. I love his work on those titles!

    • They just announced Snyder will be taking a year long hiatus on American Vampire. Sorry Skruff! But look on the bright side, have you seen the announcement for Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy doing a sci-fi horror series for Vertigo called “The Wake”? Looks pretty dope!

    • I’m fine with a well-deserved hiatus. On a series like that, I’d rather the creative team take the time off to recharge their batteries and/or work on other projects rather than churn out garbage just to keep up with the schedule. I’ll definitely be checking out The Wake.

  42. With Snyder working on Batman and Superman, will we more interplay between the characters? I miss the superman/batman series!

  43. I was just thinking yesterday that Snyder would write a great Superman story! Clearly, a god am I.

  44. I generally get anything written by Jason Aaron, Rick Remender and Grant Morrison but will often drop a few titles after a while. But I stick with everything written by Scott Synder. Really excited for this as it’s been a long time since I’ve read a really good Superman story.

  45. well this might just be the Superman book i’m looking for. =)

    I’m sure this will be great…while i have some concerns over Snyder’s dark and twisted sensibilities brought to Superman i hope he can step a bit outside of that comfort zone for this character. This could be a very epic series.

    But, yeah i’m totally excited. TOTALLY.

  46. Is this a movie tie-in?

    • No.

    • Well color me stoked then. Snyder on Supes might be just the thing that character needs.

      I also really hope “he that shall not be named” tries to explain away the excitement over this announcement as “People would be excited about any Superman book. It’s not Snyder they’re excited about at all.” Like he did over Snyder’s Batman success. C’mon, “he that shall not be named,” I know you can’t resist! Give us more reasons to laugh at you, please!

  47. I thought I had seen Jim Lee drawing Superman breaking out of chains before. This is from Justice League #2

  48. wow, it’s heartwarming to have Jim Lee working steadily to give us gold with great writers like Johns and now Snyder. it’s a great time to be a comics reader. especially if you’re a DC fan. hopefully Marvel Now will have at least some of the success that the New 52 has had and we’ll just have great comics across the board from the big 2. and let’s not leave out the medium 2, Dark Horse and Image are pumping out quality work as well. really great time for comics and the future looks bright. where are my shades?

  49. Scott Snyder will have written Batman and Superman, truly the man is the World’s Finest… 0_o

  50. As someone who recently dropped Superman (when the money outweighs the enjoyment, things gotta get done), I’m crazy psyched by this creative team! Guess I have another title to add. Which means I continue to go to work.

  51. Snyder is very good, but can he make Superman relevant again? I don’t know, I hope so.


  53. I was actually on a roll there when it came down to waiting for trades on minis and maxis but I’ll definitely be breaking the cycle here

  54. this might make me a superman fan again i hope it works out for everyone

  55. I can’t really justify getting on a Superman monthly series. Something with a definitive end however, they’ve definitely got my attention.

  56. Wow amazing Announcement! I’m a huge Jim Lee mark and Scott Snyder since the New 52 has literally taken the mantle of one of my favorite writers of all time. I just hope Snyder doesn’t turn this into the “god damn Superman”… jk. Can’t wait to see where Snyder takes Superman and Jim Lee’s art is always welcomed into my home. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Jim Lee doing art for at least one story arc in the Batman book… maybe Greg Capullo and Jim Lee can swap sometime in the future?

  57. This is a ongoing-Confirmed by Jim Lee

  58. How he break dim chains lik dat? Don’t seem possible. Superman or not it would on;y break in one place! COME ON!