TRAILER: The Latest for ‘Man of Steel’ is Ohmygodamazing

I… I… I don’t know what to say other than Man of Steel hits theaters June 14.

I need to sit down.


  1. There is just something about Superman that I get emotional about. Watching Returns in the theater and when John Williams score hit I got teary eyed and watching this, I did the same exact thing. I cannot wait for this movie. Looks like it’s going to be amazing.

  2. Wow, this actually looks really good.

  3. Avatar photo Jacen Chris (@jcbhatestweeter) says:

    Oh my sweet baby Kal. I actually wanna see a Superman movie.

  4. From a guy who doesn’t like Superman at all. “This looks fucking amazing.”

  5. Looks incredible. 🙂

  6. “Will you look at me? Quivering. Like a little girl, shivering.”

    • I loved everything about this trailer. The look, the costume, the action, Jor-El and Pa Kent, the brief moments of General Zod, and goddamn it THAT CAPE! Also, I’m immediately in love with that score. Johns Williams’ Superman March was and remains great but Hans Zimmer hit the nail on the head from what I’ve heard. I’ve gone from cautiously optimistic to fuck it, this is going to be great! SO EXCITED!

  7. Holy crap. Now THAT is a good trailer.

  8. “He’ll be an outcast. They’ll kill him.”

    and then, I peed my pants.

  9. Anyone want to say they think Superman Returns is still a good movie now?
    Whether this is great or not- this is how you do a Superman movie – you swing for the fences.

    • Superman Returns was a fantastic movie. However I think it was just as well to take leave of that particular version at that point. That story was a great end to the Christopher Reeve incarnation of Superman and leaving him with a son and a renewed perspective on his place in the world worked well. I don’t think we needed to see Superman and Son in an adventure together.

      This will be different of course. It looks stunning and I can’t wait.

    • I think it is a good movie, but it feels too slow at certain parts.

    • Kevin Spacey was an excellent Lex and that plane scene got my blood pumping. It had it’s moments on both sides of the fence.

    • “Anyone want to say they think Superman Returns is still a good movie now?”

      Superman Returns is still a good movie.

    • There was no reason that Singer needed to set Superman Returns in the Chris Reeves Superman world. That doomed the movie from the start. Superman Returns was OK but was basically just a remake of the original movie. It was a weird thing. Its set in the Chris Reeves world, ignores 3 and 4 (for the best) and is kind of a sequel, kind of a remake, and kind of its own thing. The whole continuity was just confusing.
      I hated the Lex Luthor Real Estate plot (again?!) and, really, who could have built homes on those rocks, the airplane was a substitute for the helicopter, and on and on.

  10. Still have doubts? This is going to kick major ass.

  11. I’m not a big Superman fan, and I feel sympathy for anyone who tries to write a Superman story. How do you create a suspense with a character who is so powerful? It looks like Zack Snyder and whoever wrote the screenplay for this film found a way to create drama around this character. The visuals looks stunning, and I think a lot of the credit for that goes to Snyder, since all of his movies look great. All of the dialogue I’ve heard in the trailers sounds spot on. It looks like Warner found screenwriter(s) who could do this story justice.

  12. Alright, it took me this long but I’ve come around. Cavill’s got it.

    He’s Superman.

  13. I now know how it feels to be a high school aged girl that gets asked out by the hottest guy in class, I have butterflies in my stomach and I want to write bad poems, sing happy songs, and dance around my room.

  14. Whoa. If I wasn’t excited before, I am now.

  15. I hate to say it, but I might be more interested in seeing this then Iron Man 3

  16. SICK!!!

  17. Michael Shannon looks like a young Malcolm McDowell. Especially when he’s snarling. This is one I’m really excited about.

  18. “In time, they will join you in the sun” got me so bad

  19. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    My heart can’t take it. I don’t know how the Zod stuff is gonna go, but they’ve gotten so much right here. This Superman fan is jubilant.

  20. “Pa Kent: You ARE my son”

    I wasn’t expecting feels in this trailer, why weren’t we warned?

  21. This trailer was too good. My expectations have suddenly gone stratospheric. Can the film actually be as good as this makes it seem? Here’s hoping.

  22. “A symbol for hope.”
    They understand superman, MY BODY IS READY.

    • I think that is Mark Waid story beat from 52. Don’t know if that concept existed before then.

    • Waid said on twitter that it was from Birthright. Even though that wasn’t meant to be canon I think it carried over and he added the “and upside down it means Resurrection” to 52.

  23. Now that’s a trailer! Looks like Snyder and Goyer are really trying to bring the meaning of Superman into this film rather than a straight up, action film. The only thing I didn’t like was Zod and his screaming felt out of place….But it’s hard to complain when you have Costner delivering such a great speech as Pa in this.

    Yeah, now I’m excited for this movie.

  24. My eye caught something that Im glad I took the time to pause and look at closer. Right at the 2:18 mark when I can only assume missiles are being fired down, they pass by a “Lex Corp” building 🙂

    Also, with Zod screaming, from what I could see, it looked like they were in shackles and I felt like they were just about to be sent to the Phantom Zone. Could be Zod’s desperate cry of vengeance against the house of El.

  25. I got a feeling that Costner is gonna deliver some very powerful father/son moments in this film. I can’t imagine anyone better for that role.
    I think Crowe will do well as Jor-El, but it’s gotta be tough following the greatest actor of all-time. Brando is god.
    And I’m not sure who the actor playing Supes is, but he looks spot on.
    I think this will definitely be better than Iron Man 3, although I really enjoyed the 2nd installment of the trilogy unlike so many others.

  26. Holy shit.

  27. WOW.

  28. OK, I’ve been pretty skeptical about this film, but, you know, it’s looking more promising with each trailer. I may end up seeing this in the theaters after all . . .

  29. Avatar photo webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    I watched the trailer, I almost cried, then I ran around my apartment with my arms extended pretending I was flying like Superman. Now my wife thinks I’m weird

  30. I want to hate this, but I just can’t. Please prove me wrong Snyder. I want a good Superman movie.

  31. JML ( says:

    I still don’t like the approach they’ve taken with the suit (why do all movie superhero suits need to be made out of basketball material?) but it looks way better in this trailer than in some of the pictures. And also, they seem to have gotten everything else note perfect, so I’ll just shut the hell up and go see this opening day.

    • I have a thought on the suit. I think it is Kryptonian, meaning I think he left Krypton with him on his ship when he was a baby. I think Jor-El put it on the ship for him when he grew up. But, I think at the end of the movie, you’ll see he will adopt a more “traditional” Superman costume, one with more “Earthly” qualities.

  32. Wow! I wonder if Grant Morrison was a consultant on this movie. They must have at least read his Supergods. Half of the dialogue & ideas in this new trailer are from his works: All Star, Action, Supergods…

    Whether official or not that is a very good thing.

  33. I just got a Crotch of Steel after watching that trailer

  34. I have tried to keep my expectations really low. Warner Bros / DC have consistently disappointed me when comes to non-Batman superhero movies. But I can’t contain myself after this latest trailer.

  35. Yeah. They got me. This looks wonderful.

  36. Superman actually throws a punch! I hope this is as good as it looks, us superman fans deserve a good one!

  37. So I guess that’s what happens when Agent Van Alden gets REALLY angry.

  38. Noticed how “Superman” was garbled on the intercom? I’m guessing this movie isn’t about Superman…

  39. 10/10 trailer

    will be there opening day

  40. I am so excited for this new era of Superman to start. Long overdue and hopefully helps people move on from the disappointment that Superman Returns was.

  41. Misty effect across the board,chills….that trailer captures the heart & epic mythology that I love about superheroes and its that perspective from which I came to appreciate Superman. This trailer embodies all of that. I’ve read comix since I was little and at 34 I love them more than ever, never read Superman til a cpl yrs ago and got on a Superman obsession for a short time and grabbed a bunch of trades in a small window, everything from Last Son, Escape From Bizarro World,Secret Origin,Brainiac, Superman and the Legion of Superheroes, Earth One, New Krypton, Last Krypton and Red Son. Also really enjoyed him popping up in any other stuff I was reading from DC,already loved Grant Morrison, so All-Star Superman and Supergods solidified my respect for the character and what he stands for as an icon for the human spirit.

  42. Boy,oh boy. I was on the fence for this movie,butthis trailer is absolutely perfect. I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two watching it. AND Im not the biggest Superman fan around. It looks and feel epic. AND the text from ALL-STAR SUPERMAN works perfectly here. I’ll be there opening day.

  43. This looks so good it hurts. Clear influences from All-Star, Earth One and Johns’ Secret Origins too.

  44. epic trailer can’t wait.

  45. So every line Costner has will be giving me goose bumps? That “you are my son” has gotten me three times now. Russell Crowe is awesome. I can’t wait to see this. Man of Steel, Star Trek and Iron Man and there’s my summer!

  46. *Quits Job* *Dumps Girlfriend* *Grabs sleeping bag* If anyone needs me, I’ll be in line at the theater.

  47. The first “teaser trailer” was really boring. The one with all the scenes of the mid-west and then ended with Superman flying. My first response to that was YAWN, another Superman Returns and I can wait for HBO.

    This trailer really ups the comic book coolness. I will check this out in theaters. 🙂

  48. On another site, I posted how this trailer captured everything I feel about Superman perfectly.

    It actually takes me back to when I was a boy seeing the very first Superman movie, with all the awe, excitement and emotion.

  49. No words. This just feels like everything I would want from a Superman movie. Fuck yeah Krypto!

  50. Looks like they’re going to nail the “hugeness” that was missing from the last movie. Pretty exciting! And Michael Shannon rules!

  51. Love the drums in the trailer. Very moving! Hans Zimmer can be proud.
    This movie will be fantastic!
    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

  52. Such a great trailer. A lot more excited about the movie now. Also, that score by Hans Zimmer…that shit is gonna be awesome.

  53. This is gonna be awwwwwwe-soooooooome. I’m not surprised that there is a LexCorp building in there, I’m sure there will be nods to ‘ol Lex, maybe the back of a bald head as if this is Superman’s “Batman Begins”, then his “Dark Knight” will surely feature Lex. I’d still love to see Brainiac but I doubt they will hold off on Lex for a third film. I can’t wait for this. The new Star Trek trailer finally got me excited for that movie, this trailer has be over the top. I’m already guessing this will be at least my movie of the summer.

  54. I wept. Openly. No kidding.


  55. Who’s the bald guy in armor at 2:19?

  56. I was never a Superman fan–at all. I read Byrne’s mini –which I loved. Now…NOW I’m looking for some Superman stories that capture what I see in this trailer.

    Some other posters hinted at such source material..

    Can others chime in with recommendations for GREAT Superman stories?

  57. I keep humming the music to myself. Well done, Hans Zimmer.

  58. I can’t really be the only one not excited about this can I? Superman is my favorite superhero and this looks like crap to me.

    So, superman has a SuperStamp now? Who exactly is Baby Clark trying to emulate? When a little boy runs around with a red cape, he wants to be Superman. Because he knows of Superman… Get my point? So, Superman is a fisherman that hitch-hikes? How is that appealing? Are those police cuffs symbolic or something? Where does Zod get an army? This is all going to be some existential journey about man finding his place in the world and being told to do what’s right no matter what. /yawn.

    The only good thing I see in this movie is Amy Adams.

    • really?

      superstamp might be the key to the fortress. if it is clark maybe he is pretending to be anyone of a thousand heroes who had capes before superman. Superman tring to find himself travels the world lot comic writers did that. maybe but maybe he gave himself up to protect the human from zod. the phantom zone and his followers?

    • Superman is a fisherman that hitch-hikes? No. Clark Kent is a guy who is trying to find his place in the world. He travels around and does good deeds where he goes. These stories start getting reported on about a guy helping other people out (Lois Lane’s voiceover). Eventually he goes to Metropolis.

      I think that is all stuff if not directly lifted then inspired by Birthright.

    • Maybe I missed something, but why does everyone assume that kid in the cape is Clark? It looks like a random kid inspired by Superman to me.

    • Maybe you should wait and see the movie to have your questions answered before judging it.

      Ah, I forgot, this is the Internet!

    • Well kids in THE REAL WORLD emulate Superman when they put on a cape because in THE REAL WORLD he is a comic book character. But in THE MOVIE WORLD where Superman is real, don’t you think it makes pretty basic sense to assume there is some other caped super hero comic book character kids emulate? Maybe? Exactly.

      Clearly the cuffs are symbolic, and this is not the first time superman has been in cuffs.

      And “where did Zod get an army?” Seriously? If two minute trailers answered EVERY question we wouldn’t need movies would we.

    • Your favorite character and this looks boring? It looks amazing and full of heart and if you can’t see past the finding his place in the world (as if that’s not a big deal for him, not the same as a normal person finding they’re place) then you need to take another look at what your favorite character is about. Everyone above me said all the same thoughts I’d point out as well so that’s that. What a buzzkill you must be to know, Amy Adams, like she’ll make or break the Superman movie,lol. Michael Shannon is a helluva an actor too if your going down that road but probably didn’t know that since you just pointed her out. Looks awesome, your gonna love it!!! Now put on your underroo’s and read Superman Birthright again.

  59. That trailer is better than Superman Returns.

    Very excited.

  60. Wow. That gave me chills. I’m honestly about to cry.

    The first trailer was good, but this one was indeed ohmygodamazing.

    This is going to be the best movie of the summer. I can not wait.

  61. I’ll go and admit it. I’m a Zack Snyder fan and loved all his movies (safe for Suckerpunch which was terrible and I hope he’ll never write a damn script ever again, I still want my 20$ back from Cineplex!!) and I’m so glad he got to do this movie. I mean, he’s one of the best director in my opinion for delivering kick-ass action and capturing the essence of the source material and making it right for a movie. I loved Watchmen, I loved 300 and now I’m extremely looking for Man of Steel this summer even though I never was a Superman fan before!

    Now, can someone put me in cryo-sleep until June 14th so I don’t have to wait 2 freakin’ months to see this!?

  62. I can’t wait for this to come out !!!!! I have loved every iteration of superman over the years. I was brought up on Superman and Batman !!! Only problem it doesn’t arrive here in australia until the 27th of june !!?? Still haven’t figured out why !

  63. This looks great. The big shadows and tentacles suggest brainiac to me. The power-suit towards the end reminds me of Lex. Anyway u cut it though looks cool. Especially Zod, that actor made “Lets go to prison” and “Premium Rush” worth watching. Considering that fact this can’t miss.

  64. Along side some ‘mazin visuals it’s gonna ‘ave a quality jackanory

  65. Russell Crowe? Yes!!
    Costner? Yes!!
    Depiction of Krypton? Hell yes!!
    Personal gripe,I hope the whole Smallville, discovering my powers bit doesn’t drag on for more than 1/3 of the flick.It would be nice just to be thrown into the action without retelling the origin(see first 20 min of Blade)

    • That’s my biggest concern too. I know it has to be done, but the whole origin thing is so well known I hope they get to the cape and costume sooner rather than later. That was my only gripe about Thor, too.