New MAN OF STEEL Poster, with Useless Shackles

We’ve got to wait until June 14 to see if Zack Snyder has cracked the Superman feature film code, but now, in addition to vague scenes of crab fishing, you can now see the son of Jor-El, locked up, in chains that he could likely break quite easily.

I’m trying very hard to read the expression on his face, and I just can’t do it.


  1. Expression? Constipated. Definitely.

  2. I’m intrigued…

  3. He must have turned himself in.

  4. eh…. pass

  5. The trailer looked like he lived in Maine or something.. I’ll go see this.. But I’m not expecting much.

  6. The more I see about this movie the more complicated my emotions get.

    New Superman movie? Great! It can’t be worse than the last one!

    Directed by Zack Snyder? Oh, it might be worse. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    Why is his suit so dark? Oh, god, I hope he’s not emo again.

    Huh, why does this trailer look like an ad for jeans? Interesting style choice… could be good.

    Hold the phone, you’re saying Superman is inexplicably on a fishing boat?!? That’s ridiculous! This movie is going to be terrible! I can’t wait!

    So, wait, Superman is on trial? Oh, this going to be a “serious” Superman movie. He is going to be emo, isn’t he? Okay, I guess I’ll still see it. It can’t be worse than Green Lantern, can it?

  7. So he was arrested for illegal crab fishing? Happens to the best of us, sometimes.

  8. Looking forward to this one. If it’s good I’ll be overjoyed. If it’s bad, it will be a spectacular disaster, and I’ll still be overjoyed.

  9. Still can bring myself to go watch this movie. Will have to be dragged or wait for the Blu-ray.

  10. If this were an actual graphic design, I’d hypothesize and speculate about this being a more modern, subtle take on the classic breaking-free-of-the-chains image. But since this is just a screen grab from the movie, I’m gonna say; couldn’t we at a least have photoshopped the drop-panel ceiling out of the image?

  11. I’m cautiously optimistic for this one.

  12. I have high hopes for this one. Superman Returns was a complete dud and yes, I want Superman to be redeemed.

  13. Why are people on the fence about Zack Snyder directing this? All of his movies were awesome, aside from Sucker Punch which was directed at his own crotch… 300? Good! Watchmen? Even better! Legend of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole? Epic!

    Produced by Christopher Nolan, it “can’t” go bad, I mean look at his Batman trilogy!!!

    • this can’t be bad with christopher nolan and david goyer are heavily envolved

    • Exactly! If Zack Snyder wrote it I would have spat on it, the man is only good at directing action scenes. Perfect match for Superman!

      David Goyer is hit or miss in my book. Just look at Blade, though… 😉 BUT, the man redemeed himself with the Batman trilogy.

  14. This seems like such a waste of good film. Do we really need another superman movie? I am not going to see it.

  15. That is an expression which says: ‘THese guys know I’m SUPERMAN, right?’

  16. So glad he won’t be sporting those stupid red trunks. So happy they’re gone.

  17. I like it, and yes we do need a new Superman movie more then we need more water down 80’s remakes like Red Dawn, Robocop, Evil Dead etc etc. Plus I enjoyed almost all Snyder films except Sucker Punch,I say bring it on for this excited Fan Boy.

    • I think snyder get’s alot of bad press. Not all his films have been huge hits but at least they’re interesting to watch. I really like his take on Watchmen alot. That’s a severely underatted film !

  18. Oh great we’ve gone from Deadliest Catch to COPS!
    I kid quite looking forward to this actually

  19. Not a good poster. Also, his face looks like he’s noticed that one of the soldiers has farted.

  20. June 14 can’t get here quick enough.

  21. As a Nerd Fanboy I will judge this movie, already, based on what I have seen…….and it is not good. The “trailer” or whatever it was suppose to be looked uninteresting. And this pic does nothing….What is it with all the gloom. These dark pics? Batman is dark. Superman is light. It is starting to make me think the people making this movie have no idea who Superman is.

    • THIS. I really wish Warner Bros. would get over itself and let people make FUN superhero movies. This is why Marvel keeps beating them at the box office. I would love to see a live-action Superman movie with a Silver Age feel. Screw this post-Nolan neo-realism.

  22. While I enjoy the fact this isn’t a half-ass, photoshop poster (looking at you X-Men: First Class) this isn’t a particularly good one.

    1) Focus please!
    2) It makes me worried there is gonna be a lot of lens flare in this movie. And considering that was one of the big reasons why I hated the new Star Trek movie, I don’t wanna be annoyed over constant lens flare if it happens here.

  23. i like this one a lot. The idea of the most powerful *man* on earth allowing himself to be arrested by soldiers he could destroy in seconds tells a lot about the character. At the very least everything we’re seeing so far from this campaign is characterization that is unexpected which i think is kinda interesting.

  24. Im really sick of people complaining about the “fishing” scenes and saying it looks like a commercial for deadliest catch. Do YOU even lift(read comics)? like seriously is it THAT far fetched that AFTER working on a farm someone might continue in a labor intensive field? Or is it that far off that HE MIGHT find the fortress of solitude while on the boat, searching and doing whatever?

    I really think people just like complaining for the sake of complaining.

    • I think those folk (and there were many) who whined about the ‘trawler’ images, were worried that ‘Clark’ would spend the bulk of the film, pottering about on a fishing boat.

      Clearly an ingenious, nay, Vulcan-esque calculation of the entire plot, based on viewing a couple of photos.

      Thank Rao those folk are online & sharing their wisdom!

  25. Please don’t suck , Please don’t suck, Please don’t suck