Kneel Before MTV Movie Awards Teasers for ‘Iron Man 3’ & ‘Man of Steel’

Last night as they doled out the fabled golden popcorn awards to celebrities of dubious merit and, well, celebrity, the MTV Movie Awards also played host to two quick bursts from Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.

With the Iron Man 3 spot, we’re privy to a brief excerpt from the final film. In it, Tony’s seaside home comes under fire, and he’s forced to face the enemy helicopters with a prototype suit not quite ready for primetime.



The Man of Steel content is more of a viral video, though it does offer an introduction to Michael Shannon’s General Zod (in voice only). Don’t adjust your set. It’s supposed to look like that.



Iron Man 3 explodes into theaters on May 3rd and Man of Steel punches through the sound barrier on June 14th.





  1. Boom.

  2. this makes me curious how they’re handling the Krypton timeline. Perhaps the explosion in our time was years ago but back on Krypton it is still imminent, hence how there is anywhere left to return Kal-El to.
    Intesting also, how Zod of old was the fugitive and now he appears to be the warden.

    • Either he’s the warden, or he’s simply taken authority and place of leadership over the other Kryptonians in the Phantom Zone as per previous versions.

      Speaking of Krypton, I’d really love it if DC and Warner Bros adopted the Red Son origin. Making Krypton a far-flung future version of Earth is still a really cool idea and explains a lot of the similarities between the two as well as why Jor-El chooses Earth (if he simply wants his son to ‘do good’ on other worlds, then surely he’d ship the little brat off to Oa?).

  3. Tony seems to be getting the apple pie of the situation compared to the “consequences” of Zods voice and image…”gulp”

  4. This would explain the Superman in chains posters. I’m betting her turns himself over to the US Military after Zod threatens to destroy the Earth if “the fugitive” isn’t returned.

  5. I’m on Iron Man 3 media lock-down (as should any other thinking person – you’re going to see it, why spoil things?), but I really dig everything I’ve seen of Man of Steel. Bracing myself to tear up at an Amy Adams-being-saved scene.

    • Thank you, as much as I love a good trailer you just reminded me why I do that too, I don’t wanna see too much before I watch the whole film. These two look good and I’m just gonna cry at the concession stand when I order a slurpee to be primed for mist.

  6. i am guessing we are going to see a much longer seen like this with Zod speak in all the languages of the world and using ever electronic device.