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The Gods walk among us. To them, our lives are playthings. Only one woman would dare to protect humanity from the wrath of such strange and powerful forces. But is she one of us – or one of them?

Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 9.2%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. This is my second (and last) time giving wonder woman a shot. My first experience was the JMS run and needless to say I was less than thrilled with that experience.

    • This will be my first and only time to give Wonder Woman a shot. But this team sounds very promising. So far I like what I’ve heard about this book.

    • It makes me so sad that JMS was your first WW experience. For a first time out, I would suggest Rucka’s run. I also loved Jimenez’s run, but I feel that I enjoyed that because I knew all of Diana’s history so that might not be so great for a first-timer.

      And you can’t forget Perez’s relaunch. He’s the one who made me fall in love with Diana.

  2. The JMS debacle was sad. I felt it started out really strong and blew up when he left. Hester managed to right the ship somewhat, but then stretched the story out (editorial mandate?) to last until the reboot. You got to figure you throw enough talented people at this character, eventually something will stick. This is a good team so fingers crossed.

  3. I’ve never read a Wonder Woman issue. This will be my first, and I hope it won’t be the last one. I really trust Azzarello on this.

    • I’m a firstie, too. This was a last-minute add for me, based on an interview that I heard with Azz and Chiang. They seem to have a passion and vision for the character. Plus, the “Wonder Woman as a horror book” tease? Impossible to pass that up.

      I really started to lean in this direction a bit after the excellent “Batman: Knight of Vengeance” Flashpoint tie-in. Man, that was some good stuff.

  4. Cliff Chiang FTW!

  5. Chiang’s preview art has been very impressive. I can’t believe I’m excited for a Wonder Woman book, but I really am.

  6. Never really cared much for Wonder Woman but if this gets good reviews I might check it out.

  7. Retractable battle pants! or are the panties the battle configuration…either way her arms and chest are exposed so either is pointless.

  8. Never tried a Wonder Woman comic myself…they don’t sell well at all at my LCS…but here’s to Azzarello making me a fan! I already liked his work, then read his little rant to the future at the end of American Vampire last week….hehe…and now I like him even more!

  9. I miss the pants.

  10. Yup, the combination of Azzarello and Chiang have compelled me to check this out. I have never read anything WW, so it should be interesting. The fact that Azzarello said it would be a horror book piqued my interest, then I saw the preview art, SOLD.

  11. This gets one issue to hook me. Azzarello is a respected writer but not one I’ve enjoyed much from.

    I am coming in wanting to like this so I can read a good Wonder Woman run and enjoy the work of these comic creators.

  12. Since I can’t have Rucka back, I’ll settle for Azzarello… but don’t tell him that! He is a scary dude!

    • was the rucka run a good one? i bought the one with the joker cover and wasnt impressed with the interior art, so i didnt buy another. but i am a fan of rucka, is it worth looking into?

    • My favorite WW stuff from the past decade is the Rucka run. Its the only WW run from the 00s that I can’t dump out from my collection. Great politics and a famous fight with Medusa!

    • I agree with Roland, the Rucka run is fantastic. It’s what made me a WW fan. But damn, it looks like Azzarello is getting back in that vein with this, and I can’t wait to see what we get in this title. 5/5

  13. really excited for this, of the DC big three, WW’s gotta be the one they make the biggest changes and take the biggest chances right?

  14. very curious about this one. love wonder woman as a character but have never read a compelling story arc. i want to love it!

  15. I am considering picking this one up, but I’m on the fence about it. I’ve liked some of Azarello’s work on Batman stories in the past, but I don’t know if I can get into Wonder Woman, even with him at the wheel…

  16. Yet another attempt to make Wonder Woman sell this is getting kind of old (though I did likeRucka’s run and Simone’s run) after Rucka, JMS, Heinberg, Simone, and Picoult, I think they finally did it right by picking a writer nobody would suspect writing Wonder Woman, I’m willing to give this a shot plus Chiang’s artwork is amazing.

  17. Azzarello & Chiang !!! Can’t wait.

  18. Count me in with the others in hoping this is good. It’s a shame that there is never a good Wonder Woman book.

  19. In Wonder Woman (the character)’s defense, half of those writer picks were never properly given a chance. Heinberg was eaten by Hollywood, Picoult was forced to ram her brief run into the Amazons Attack (shudder), and JMS decided he had better things to do. Even Rucka’s run ran into Infinite Crisis, so he never got to properly end it. Of that bunch, only Simone got a consistent run without much interference or crossover nonsense. It is absolutely true that WW suffers from reboot fever. It is much harder to get into a character and that character’s world when both change every 5 issues.

  20. Fingers crossed for a solid ‘important’ run for Azzarello on WW. interested to see how she contrasts Diana with in Johns’ Justice League.

  21. “Finally, Wonder Woman is cool!” That is pretty much my first thought at seeing who they got for the creative team on this book.

    Let’s face it, the majority of comic book readers are male, and most of us sorta don’t want to be seen walking around holding a Wonder Woman comic. Me personally, I’m confidant in my masculinity to wear that pink shirt in my iFanboy avatar photo right above these words here, but I have just never read a WW comic. I guess because I just never thought she was that cool. I blame it all on that old T.V show with Linda Carter.

    So in closing….

    PINK SHIRT = Cool on me

  22. I bought the entire Gail Simone run. And not one issue since. I’m ready to start buying Wonder Woman again. Wow me.

  23. This might be the book im looking forward to the most.

  24. Y’know… I’ve got a good feeling about this one. Bring it on, Di!

  25. I hope it’s as good (or better) than the original tv series… Hot!

  26. I’m so glad to see this getting so many pulls. Diana is one of DC’s biggest heroes and it’s about time she got what she deserves.

  27. This should be GREAT! I’m guessing this will take place way before justice league?


  29. I didn’t expect a Wonder Woman book to be the one I’m most looking forward too.

  30. she really needs pants to be taken seriously

  31. pulled for art only

  32. what interview exactly did everyone hear Azzarello say that is was going to be a horror book?

    • i like the “horror” direction DC seems to be to taking with a lot of their books. do you think that is that snyder’s influence? or do i give him too much credit. azzarello stuff is usually dark and scary. did johns start it with blackest night? it just feels like theres a horror revolution and im wondering where did it start? or is this just an aspect of the business that i have overlooked for years and its just really coming together with some of the popular and super-hyped talents at the right time? or is it a passing fad?

  33. Needs more pants. I cannot support this loose woman and her lack of proper covering.

    If this team can’t make me like Wonder Woman, no one can.

  34. I soooo want this to be awesome!

  35. Love the cover. Great angle, design and colors.

    I wish DC hadn’t buckled to the bikini bottoms crowd. This is supposed to be a new era, and the way she is dressed does not reflect that.

  36. This is the first time I’ve been excited to read Wonder Woman in the 2-3 years I’ve been reading comics. Hopefully it is as good as I’m hoping it will be.

  37. Did anyone find purple headed woman?

  38. Well, I just read the book, its pretty much AMAZING. nothing like ive ever thought about a WW book. This and Batman is tied at being top on my list

  39. Damn I enjoyed this a lot.

    • Same here. It wasn’t quite 5 out of 5 material on it’s own but I could definitly see this becoming a book I mark on my calender every month.

    • It was a 4.5 for me so I just gave it a 5 because I appreciate the effort also. Also, Greek mythology knowledge coming in handy. Also, LOL a zeus. Also, almost as violent as an actual Greek Myth.

  40. Cliff Chiang did a wonderful job with this. The story didn’t exactly grab me, but I’m certainly willing to stick around.

  41. I loved this, I made it my pick of the week. i was fully expecting it to be Batman or Hellblazer, but this just felt fresh and exciting to me, it really was like reading the beggining of a modernized greek myth. Such a good comic, in fact I’d go so far as to say this was my favourite book of the relaunch so far 🙂 (but here’s hoping Justice League Dark tops it.)

  42. The art was great, but the writing didn’t do much for me. Unless the next issue really blows me away, I’m probably out.

  43. Wow. I had no idea there was going to be the darker “horror” element in this one, but I dig it. Loved the art style…the story was pretty good, just felt slow moving at first…and I had to flip through after reading to find that damned Purple Woman!

    Um…I know someone already answered this, but what’s her deal anyway?

  44. My recommendation is make sure you read this before you read the new Batman#1, or else you’ll be horribly letdown. It was ok, but nothing very notable. Story is choppy and art isn’t anything special.

  45. I do have a feeling that there’s something I didn’t “get” when it comes to the plot, but I was pleasantly surprised overall. Great art. 5 stars.

  46. “No, no.. I’m Diana and not this “wonder woman. And please ignore the W in the collar I’m wearing.” heh…

  47. *****SPOILER ALERT******

    fantastic. just fuckn fantastic! an evil apollo is awesome! the unborn child has got to be zeus, right?

  48. This was a good comic, but I left feeling… I dunno. Maybe I just wanted a little more character from Diana, rather than just “I am Wonder Woman. Point me toward evil!” I bet that’s coming up, though.

  49. First time I ever read WW comic and it blew me away, I Should never doubt Azzarello-Love the epic feeling i’m getting from this story and mixed that with some amazing art by Chiang =BADAZZ 5/5-Next to Animal Man Favorite comic out of the relaunch.

  50. Wow! I mean the peacock cloak, the generation of the centaurs, Apollo, the three oracles, the pure greatness of it all was unlike any WW book ever. Azzarello and Chiang have masterfully taken myth modernized and stylized it then sold it too me in a Wonder Woman colored package.

  51. Personally, I thought this was awful. The art was OK but the story smacked of desperation, as if nobody at DC has any idea what to do with this character anymore so why not make this comic violent, disjointed and unpleasant. (not that violent and unpleasant is necessarily a bad thing, just in this case I think it is an uneasy fit for the character)

  52. Meh, Dropped.

    PoTw? come on!!!

    My 8 month old Niece can tell a better story. I fell asleep reading it.

  53. Wonder Woman should be EPIC SUPERHERO STUFF…FUN…ACTION…THRILLS. This is more Azzarello madness, a mishmash of half baked ideas from a guy who has proven himself to be somewhat capable on certain books…but chalk this joint up as another serious misstep for Wonder Woman. The art is decent but the writing is bad and the dialog…painful.

    • @bwilliams-Zeus knocked up a mere mortal and his son Apollo is pissed because he’s not the number one guy in line for control and wonder Woman Has to protect said mortal…pretty fucken epic compared to the tired run of a mill story of -A new super Villian show up-He’s fucks up shit-and then he’s gets taken down.,,This alot better than that

    • Totally agree Dr. D, I would even describe this as Epic and Fun with Thrilling Action.

    • once again i concur with the dr.’s diagnosis. i think b.williams needs to talk to w.cronkite or even big ben so they can tell him what time it is!(11:53,right?)

  54. I disagree with all the negative comments and I thought this was good. Chiang’s art killed it and didn’t objectify Diana as some sort of pinup pornstar, and showcased her sexiness while still maintaining her strength and dignity.

    The story was good, the art was fabulous and I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I’m going to keep buying Wonder Woman at least as long as these two have the reigns.

  55. Cliff’s art was terrific. Wow. He always pushes himself in new ways and the way he played with a more minimal line at times, and overstated some of the depth in panels to convey more motion and momentum was awesome to behold. I loved how huge he made Diana, she actually felt like a 7-foot Amazon.

    I’m an enormous fan of Azz, and this was exactly the kind of book I can sink my teeth into. Where I think Azz gets in trouble sometimes is that he refuses to pander to his audience. I love that about him, but that can be problematic when the project is supposed to appeal to the lowest common denominator — which a “Trinity” book like Wonder Woman should. I’m along for the ride, but I’m expecting this to be a MUCH more divisive book than say, Batman, which was more straightforward in its execution.

  56. This was fantastic. I’m so glad Azzarello went in heavy with the Greek mythology. Appollo was great, leading the muses and the fight with the Centaurs. Excellent stuff. I want more and I want it now!

  57. Xena in Virginia. Yes.

  58. i like Gail Simone run. I picked this one up and like it so I’ll stay for awhile. Just one thing are her star spangeled bottoms black or blue? Another thing the W choker was a nice touch made an already sexy Wonder Woman look hotter.

    • agreed. im a big fan of chokers. when my wife wears one(along with a couple other choice garments, or even lack there of) ITS ON!!!! my wife is wonder woman though(in so many ways)

  59. by the way, this was violent like a GREEK MYTH. and im in favor of the “pants” revolution, however, in the days of greek glory even the men wore short toga like garments that revealed their loins. i think wonder women should wear pants so that we can overcome the dc pin-up image that is in most of our heads(cuz she is a great character who deserves more from us evolved males and females), but it is(regretfully in my mind so) accurate, in a modern sense

  60. I liked this book, not my pick of the week though. I think this book will get better when paired with the subsequent issues as I think this story is going to be epic. I also think that this book does better after multiple readings. I actually didn’t like it after my first time through because it was 9 pages or so before we get to see Diana. That said, her entrance is awesome and I am amazed at how much they make her feel like an AMAZON. She is huge! Kinda like Michael Clark Duncan in the Green Mile. The first couple of pages make no sense on a first read, no-one is introduced, the narration bubbles are never assigned although by the end I could figure out who is who.

  61. Finally, the Wonder Woman we’ve been waiting for since Rucka left the title.
    More, more, more.

  62. A couple details I picked up when re-reading. Apollo’s powers seem to fluctuate according to the sun. At night, he’s able to possess people for divination purposes but as the sun rises he becomes a being of solar energy. Had not entirely picked up on this detail.

    Any idea as to who the feathered deity is?

    • I thought Apollo was really well thought out. So many nice touches, right down to his skin color (makes perfect sense). There were a lot of really good ideas in this book.

      I think the deathered deity is Hermes, if you mean the guy with the bird feet and doughboy helmet. I wasn’t a big fan of his character design – I mean, really, bird feet? How’s he gonna run fast on those?

    • have you ever tried to catch a chicken? or even watched rocky? fuckers are fast, man.

    • I believe the peacock lady is Hera.

  63. I meant feathered, of course. Damn lack of an edit button!

  64. It was OK. Not bad. Not great.

  65. has anyone found the hooded lady?

  66. I am not sure about book of the week? However; I did give it a 4 it was very very good. The side boob action was really not necessary since WW is sexy and strong no matter what. The story was kept me intrested especially the building of some of the other characters in the book.

    Just sayin’,


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