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Art and cover by CLIFF CHIANG

Size: 32 pages
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I’ve always wanted to like a Wonder Woman comic, was a fan of the show as a kid, but I just never could get into it. I’ve liked the character in JLA and you can see why she should be a part of DC’s big three, but her book never did her justice, at least the ones I read. The less said about last year the better.

And I loved 100 Bullets, Azzarello knows his stuff, just great drama, but would he be right on Wonder Woman? Batman yes, but DC’s Amazon? Yes he is. A great story teller knows drama, how to build a mystery and create suspense. The combination of Azzarello and Chiang is the perfect mix for this, this could even finally make Chiang the superstar artist he deserves to be. They have put forth the iconic ideal of Dianna, this is who we think Wonder Woman is from JLA and TV, but we still “wonder” about her new story, why is she living in London (kinda cool), what’s the deal with the gods, Paradise Island etc. I know want to know all that, and last year I could have cared less.

Another thing about the art, I wasn’t a fan of Jim Lee’s revisions for the younger hipper characters, too much line work, lots of detail for detail sake, very busy and cheezy looking. I was dreading reading the books with those ugly outfits, comic book artists are not fashion designers. You pick up the Titians Omnibus? Perez drew some ugly ass outfits. But Chiang, and Capullo on Batman have simplified those looks, they seem more accessible and not an eyesore. Those busy lines are more subtle, and I like the no pants look. Call me old fashion, but I thought it was too much black, the boots are now black and it felt like over kill.

While I’ve read about 24 of the 52 so far, while some have been outright failures like Green Arrow and Red Hood, there are some where you feel the magic working. Action, Batman and Wonder Woman. The big three finally standing tall together for the first time.

You got this one right, now go fix my old favorite Green Arrow. I miss Ollie.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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