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  1. Still can’t decide which cover to get. They’re both sooo good.

  2. "And who exactly are the new Batman and Robin?"  

    They’re not seriously going to try that, are they?

  3. I’ve added and removed this title thrice from my pull-list over the months. I reeeally don’t want to get twisted up in another monthly Quietly-Watch (I don’t mind that it takes him so long, I just prefer to let it get completely over with and then grab the GN). The previews hitting Myspace and AICN put it over the top today, though – for better or worse, I’m doing this monthly.

  4. ‘Here I come to save the day!!’-Grant Morrison

  5. I wasn’t gonna pick this up when i first saw the solicit, but i’m kinda geeked for it now.

  6. @Ottobot

    They have said he will be trading arcs with other artists so it may stay on time for awhile (knock on wood).

    So from the preview art and the solicit it seems like they are going for a very campy feel? Not that I mind, but it will be a big change from the dark and gritty Morrison has been giving since the beginning of his run.

  7. @ TNC ugh at your constant gmo sack riding. gmo could crap in a bag and tell you it was "creative writing" and you’d buy it and brag about it on the internet.

  8. @jobob: He’s selling his talent in a bag now?

    Am I so buying it!!

  9. @TNC – *chuckles* Well played.

  10. @Slockhart: "And who exactly are the new Batman and Robin?"–They had to put that in the preview because the preview came out way before Battle for the Cowl finished.

  11. @Parker – Yeah, that’s what I heard. And that’d be lovely (uh, providing I love the other artists almost as much as I love Quietly). I just hope Queitly’s art sticks on being arc-centric, instead of here-an-issue, there-an-issue, ala. New X-men.

  12. @TNC

    Thanks asshat! Now I want a gmo Mighty Mouse series. You suck for putting that thought in my head.

  13. Looking forward to this more than anything else this year.  Hopefully DC lines up some A-List Artists for this book.  I’ve heard Philip Tan and Frasier Irving, and Doug Mahnke from and interview with Grant in last month’s Wizard.

  14. @OttoBott-Quitely does the first 4 issues, then he is coming back to handle the last 3 or 4.  Both of which will be their own arcs.  I am praying that with all the lead time that he will not need a fill-in artist, or be considerably late.  We’ll see.

    Can’t wait for this.  It will be amazing.

  15. @Parker: Oh I wasnt quoting Mighty Mouse. Morrison usually flies around and tells people he’s gonna save the day. At least that probably how he feels after some drugs….

    Just to let you guys know: On, Grant Morrison said in an interview that the second arc (or starting #4) Phillip Tan is doing the pencils. By the 3rd arc there will be another artist doing that.

    So you decide if that’s good news or bad. I find it ‘meh’ in general

  16. if this is a strangle combination of campy 60’s Batman with ultra-violent 80’s Batman i will literallly shit in my hat

  17. If this is half as good as All-Star superman POW for sure. If it’s Connor’s pick then it is already POW.

  18. Wow, how much hype has there been for this over the past month or so since it was announced? DC had better hope it lives up…

  19. I’ll admit, it’s the squabble which ensues over Morrison’s style on a popular book that I look forward to most. The thrill of TNC’s inevitable "i didn’t get it, but it’s the best thing i’ve ever read" review, Conor’s anguish as the comments section implodes, the arrival of the eccentric ones – who "get it" and the frustration of those who don’t, josh’s distancing himself until he can take it no longer, and ron’s.. well, i’m sure ron will make me laugh somehow. He often does. It’s going to be a great summer.

    "I’m here huckleberry."   


  20. @FACE-I’m more hopeful that most of that stuff won’t happen this time around 😉  Main reason is because now the majority of the people picking this book up are the ones that want to pick up and follow G-Mo’s Batman story.  Those that don’t like his style of writing can easily go read Batman by Winnick instead.

    Not to say I don’t enjoy the debates, just that they can get heated and redundant on both sides rather quickly.

  21. This comes out the day after my birthday?!?  I love you DC.  I LOVE YOU.

  22. Key lines from an interview with gmo.

    First one gets me quasi excited: 

    "Rather than Batman RIP, which was a big, epic story that had a lot of secret subtext and hidden meanings and stuff, these are just crazy stories that are pretty upfront."


    This part makes me think it’ll be more of the same unreadable bs: 

     It was taking that aspect of the Batman TV show and then trying it in with David Lynch and Twin Peaks. [laughs] And creepy European cartoons and marionettes and stuff like that. That bad dreamlike feeling of a Marilyn Manson video in the ’90s, or like Chris Cunningham’s video for ‘Windowlicker’. [laughs] Again, it was about trying to fuse those two things together into a bad trip, Lewis Carroll kind of world.

  23. Josh said he wasn’t going to read it on a podcast.  Not surprised he pulled it this week.

    I’ll be reading this in paperback in 2011!  Can’t wait, Batman & Son was good! (Now in paperback)

  24. Please, let’s not do the Grant Morrison debate again. 

  25. I have a feeling this will be more straightforward then anything Morrison has wrote lately.

    But then again let’s not argue that until it actually comes out.

  26. I would be so exited for this if it wasnt Morrison writing it! But i’ll give it the benefit of the doubt just because I am exited for it.

  27. @FACE: Gotta admit….that’s probably all probably gonna happen when this comes out. Especially true in terms of Ron. Just laughing away while discussing this 🙂

  28. If this is All-star Superman Morrison and Quitely it’s smiles and rainbows to me, but if it’s Batman RIP Morrison and New X-Men Quitely I’m out!

    And I mean New X-Men in terms of artistic merit because that just didn’t do it for me. I loved him on Supes, but somehow giraffe-neck Jean Grey, long-face Cyclops, and regular-height-but-with-the-proportions-of-a-dwarf Emma Frost were rather unappealing to the ol’ me.

  29. I have to say, this Bat book seems to be aimed directly at me as a fan. Morrison? Check. Quitely? Check. (The two people that got me back into comics full-time.) Batman & Robin in the same title and not at odds with each other, having palpable tension because of some odd bit of War Games continuity or dealing with Baby Mama Drama? Check. A non-Super-Detective, "His-Meta-Power-from-meta-gene-bomb-Is-Detection," non-Superman caliber fighting Batman? Check. A sense of camp and fun that seems to mirror not only All-Star Superman but that has been avoided in Bat books since Miller put pen to Paper? Check.

    Yes,  I am super jazzed for this book. I can only hope it lives up to my expectations, but with Morrison, I happen to always have it leave my expectations behind but go somewhere equally as interesting.

    Early Warning for Wednesday: Yes, I’m a Morrison fanboy. And no, just because you didn’t like the issue doesn’t mean you didn’t get it – you just don’t like his style, and that’s fine.  

  30. @Champ – it damn well better happen!

    Seriously, though, I’m hip. I really like what Morrison’s after and I’d like to see it be successful among the masses, but I don’t want to wait ’til this thing ends just to (maybe) wrap my head around it.

    Not to mention, but will any of the Bat-verse books follow Bruce? We all know he’s alive and kickin. So does Winnick’s Bat tale cover that part of the story? I’ve already dropped Detective since my wallet could care less about Batwoman and the Bat-proper book will quickly follow if it doesn’t pick up the main thrust. That is, Bruce’s story (as strange as it may be with him at the beginning of time?).

  31. @Prax: My sentiments exactly. I hate to get too hyped up over something, but I cannot wait to read this book, and I fully expect to love it. 

  32. this is going to be great


  33. Stoked for this!

  34. @FACE So far as I know, and I could be wrong, none of the Bat-Books will dealing with Bruce. If anything I imagine it would pop up in Morrison’s title or Red Robin. But that’s… well, I doubt it.

  35. I’m psyched for Red Robin (hoping it’s tim Drake), and seeing what Ra’s wants with him.

  36. I like the previews. I’m giving this at least the arc.

  37. With Morrison its always hit or miss as far as I’m concerned. But if this is half as good as All Star Superman I’ll be happy to jump aboard.

  38. I’m willing to give this a try, because I liked 95% of G-Mo’s Batman run, but it’s on a very short leash for me. As soon as it goes "second half of RIP & Final Crisis style" I’m out.

  39. I just want to know who the black glove is. Is that too much to ask?

  40. @eagle6002: Right now, yes. The story just started.

  41. Sooooooo fucking excited!!!

  42. Finally, i’ve been anticipating this since it was announced.

  43. morrison….. eh pass.  i could get the same effect from doing acid and it would make more sense.

  44. G-Mo still owes me 20 bucks from Batman RIP. Won’t make that mistake twice.

  45. I’m a huge Batman fan and since this is the reboot after RIP I will be adding this. I’m just curious. If Damian is the new Robin then what is Tim going to be? The new Nightwing?

  46. @ martianmonkey , it would appear that Tim will be Red Robin (new title upcoming in June)

  47. Very pumped.

  48. Just atarted reading the bat books during Battle for the Cowl, so this will be my first taste of the series.

  49. @martianmonkey: Nightwing is over in ACTION COMICS.

  50. @FACE: Predictablity is the cornerstone of friendship 🙂

  51. *girlie nerd squel of glee* this better be good

  52. Philip Tan is the next artist? Ugh and crap. Final Crisis: Revelations was not my bag. At all.

  53. @Conor that’s not the real nightwing!  I give it 12 months for Bruce to come back and Dick to be Nightwing again.

  54. I’m going to pick this up for sure.  It will be fun either way. 

  55. I’d like to see the term "metaphysics" used in this thread atleast 10 times by Friday. Make it happen people! Don’t dissapoint me.

    @PJ/Prax – thanx for the insight on Bat proper. (BTW – the Masters of the Universe film might have been good if it had Orko. He’s the only star I need. Hopefully He-Man will get another shot down the road.) 

  56. @ Notahiro: Chris Kent may not be the real Nightwing, but neither was Dick Grayson. He’s just the new Nightwing. 

    As for Bruce coming back, I hope he doesn’t, at least not as Batman. If he does return, make it just be as Bruce Wayne. The torch has been passed and Grayson is in his prime to take over. And since it was Bruce Wayne’s (adopted) son, it makes it better. Plus, now well get to see Grayson as a parent so to speak. He now has to look over Damein Wayne. Not to mention how he must feel for Tim Drake Wayne (his adopted brother), since Tim is on a global quest to find (their father) Bruce. It’s not called the Bat-Family for nothing. The next two to three years will be great in the core Bat Books.

  57. This better be good.  I loved All-Star Superman, and I fucking hate Superman, so I have high expectations

  58. I’m more excited if this goes over 100 comments like all Batman issues do.

    Dont disappoint me people!

  59. That is a ways to go…er..comment, I mean.

  60. @Otto: Is it? I mean this is the 60th comment.

    We still got tomorrow for all the comments on how people thought of this issue. Then 5 more days before this whole page gets updated for next week’s comics. Trust me 100 comments will happen!!

  61. I think the only way to really assure 100 strong comment section is to discuss the finer intricacies and merits of Mr. Morrison’s body of work.

    Or, you know, flame the hell out of each other.

  62. @Ottobott: That’s using your head idiot.


    ….joking just joking…

  63. There’s only so much I can take before I pack up and troll Around Comics instead…

  64. @ martianmonkey- tim is going to be red robin

  65. Ok Morrison and Quitly Ill give it a shot, but I should probably wait for trade.

  66. I was thinking about waiting for the trade too. It’s so much easier to read Morrison that way.

  67. I imagine that wild shenanigans would likely result from literally riding G-Mo’s sack.  To take it a step further —- what if you were IN G-Mo’s sack.  It would probably be a lot like the legendary film, Innerspace.  TheNextChampion would be the Dennis Quaid character while Grant Morrison would be the Martin Short character.  Comedy gold would ensue.

  68. @TNC: 68

  69. @EnFeugo – If you need someone to do some mockups and concept art for the pitch, let me know. Because that sounds like a sure-fire hit.


  70. This issue was decent.  Great pencils and good dialogue.  Unfortunately, it reads really quickly.  If the last few pages are any indication, next issue will be AMAZING!

    4/5 stars.

  71. This was pretty damn good. I agree it read quickly, but I’m going to be pouring over the art again and again…it’s friggin beautiful. Did anyone else get a sort of "Dick Tracey" vibe in this issue?

  72. so this villain is creepy

  73. I really liked the Art.  The story was a big set up.  next issue should be sweet. 


    @cutty Yes! yes he is. 

  74. I like the relationship between Dick and Damein. For some reason I just couldn’t get into this book though. I felt like I should love it, but I just couldn’t.

  75. This is not quite as interesting to me as the prototypical Morrison/Quitely work All Star Superman. Maybe Quitely’s brightly colored Superman world is a little more interesting than his darkish Bat-world. On the other hand, the Damien/Dick relationship is great.

  76. This is how you do a first issue! Great introductions to all of the characters (in case someone isn’t familiar with them) Really fun action sequences. Great artwork from Quietely. I particularly enjoyed the new costumes. Simple yet effective redesigns. The interplay between Damian and Dick was fantastic! For me, it accomplished what all first issues need to. It made me wanna pick up the second. It’s nice to see Morrison telling a straightforward, fun story.

  77. Forgot to say, the only weird thing was how often people used full names when referring to eachother. Totally threw the rhythm of the dialogue off.

  78. good issue, but was expecting more content. lot of ad’s in the book

  79. Fucking amazing issue. Loved every second of it. But more so for the art then the writing….but the writing is pretty damn good as well.

    POTW, 5/5 for me

  80. Holy Crap that was cool. 5 stars, POW for me, too.  Can’t wait for the next issue.

  81. Awesome. Finally a Batman I can recognize! This had such a great Silver Age-y feel to it. Minimal use of the man characters, focus on the villains, the Kirby-esque Wayne Building layout scene. Whoever said above the art had a Dick Tracey vibe was spot-on. The rough pencils looked stellar. Quitely’s art looked great and I thought his faces looked less alien-looking like in New X-Men. His Gordon looks very much iconic instead of Quitely, too. (And Office Bornstein looks like a visual quote to Police Chief O’Hara to me.) Fantastic stuff. As well, the characterization was spot-on. Alfred is still Alfred, Dick feels like Dick and Daimian feels like more thought was put into them previously. I particularly enjoyed the fact the Daimian treats Alfred like an actual butler and not a friend. The little slip he has in sharing personal information with a "lowly servant" was nice too. I had to say the villains seems interesting, and good on Morrison for using new villains to start off with. I don’t want this descending into "This is Morrison’s XXXX story." Still, loved the issue and liked the villain. (Do I dare suppose the villain is Pygmalion themed?)

    Wow, that was long (but not review worthy by my standards :-p). Sorry! Anyway 5/5, POTW for me. This is the type of Batman I love — fun!  

  82. That villian makes me squirm.  Very creepy.  Excellent.

  83. First off, I’m still new to comics, but man that was fun.  That was the first comic I have ever re-read, it was that good to me.  They had me with the first panel on the first page.  Love the "BOOM". 

     I am definitely one of those people who say art is ubjectional and noone can say what is really good, it’s all an opnion.  Then I ate my words.  That was great.  The page with them floating down with the bat symbol behind them, I want that framed on my wall.

     Even in my newness that was awesome.  5/5 POTW, hands down.

  84. What’s a guy got to do to get an absurd comparison around here?! Come on already and give me something! So it’s not Nietzsche. How about Kant since Morrison’s starting on a blank slate? There’s something here. Try harder, dammit! 

    There goes my summer..

  85. I expected to love it but I just liked it. Very good potential though. And a very creepy villain.

  86. R.I.P. was a mess but I’m willing to give Morrison another chance. And am I the only one that doesn’t really like Quitely’s art?

  87. @aquapimp  no you aren’t I hate it.

    just finished this.  

    anyway we can lock damien in a room with the joker and a crowbar?


  88. @clintaa – How about Pig and a buzzsaw?

  89. @FACE: Sorry man, but this isnt going to be a Batman series anything like his previous run

  90. Amazing.  I love this.  POTW hands down

  91. Awesome comic, easily POW.

  92. I’m not a big fan of his art either. It kept taking me out of the story. 

  93. So who else thinks that DC should have the readers vote to see if we can kill this Robin off?

  94. Wow, this was great in every regard. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely are gold. The coloring on this was stunning, as well. Really, really excited.

    @supertrackmonkey: No way! I love the dynamic that’s going on right now. Sure, he’s a brat, but he’s an interesting brat. I see no reason for him to cease existing yet.

  95. @supertrackmonkey 

    That would be stupid. 

  96. @supertrackmonkey Hasn’t DC said quite a few times that they regret doing that now?

  97. This would be POTW for me if not for Chew

  98. I’m no great fan of Quitely’s art, but this was an all-around awesome book.  I’ve already gone back over it twice, and I’m really looking forward to see the next issue.  My POTW and 5/5.

  99. I for one, like Damian.  Yes, he’s an obnoxious brat, but you don’t get raised by a secret organization of assassins and grow up to be a happy go lucky child.  To me, it would be totally out of character for a child, with his background, to be a fun loving kid who cracks jokes like Spider-Man. 

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Grant does with the character.  His character journey is one reason why I’m excited for this series.  They wouldn’t have made him Robin if they didn’t have plans for him.

  100. @TNC: 100!

  101. Yeah, and if he was a really interesting character, they would give him his own series. But as of now, only one Robin holds that honor. 

    It’s not that I’m opposed to the character, just the character being Robin. I was one who deffended Morrison when he wrote the Batman and Son story arc. I even like the superkid from Superman Returns, I thought they were both great ideas. I just don’t see him as a Robin. Maybe if Bruce was still Batman, then I could. But with his attitude the way it is, I could see Damian dressing up in a pint-sized Batsuit and running around as Batboy (although he would never want to be called boy.)  

    The whole DC killing him off was a joke. But Im not a fan of him as Robin. Also not a fan of Quitely’s art. Although the coloring was excellent with his artwork. 

  102. Boy… that sure was pretty.

  103. @TNC: Yup, over 100. You win!

  104. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    They laughed at me! But we got this to over 100 comments! *throws party*

    In speaking about Damian, gotta say Morrison really made him more likable. He was the worst part of Morrison’s previous run on Batman….he was just a snobby brat who didnt seem to learn anything from the time he met Bruce to the time him and his mom came to save Bruce from Dr. Hurt. In this comic, he seems to have grown up a bit and actually will appreciate some of the things Alfred and Dick says to him.

  105. Am I the only one who really wants to try those sandwiches Dick was talking about?

  106. @Roi: No….they sound delicious!

  107. I guess I don’t get it, this was one of the worst books I’ve ever read. 

    I’m fairly new to DC so maybe that has something to do with it. and I hate kids especially little shitheads.  I’ll finish this story arc than reread them at once and see if it’s any better.

  108. @clintaa – re: "Hating Kids" – LOL. Easily the best review of B&A I’ve read so far, even if I don’t agree with it.

  109. I’m curious is this now the most pulled book on iFanboy? I believe Flash was hovering around 812 or so?

    @clintaa I’d be really curious to hear what you didn’t like about it, care to share? 

  110. Okay, I was a little office. Flash Rebirth #1 has 873 pulls, #2 has 845! Still, the pulls have gone up two more on Batman & Robin since I last posted!

  111. @prax  I couldn’t stand the art so that was strike 1 right at the start.  Flying Batmobile???? that’s the stupidest shit ever if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  the Batmobile is a damn car.  but mostly it was damien I really don’t like kids.  Why would anyone take that kid out with them? it’s incredibly stupid.  I really hope he get’s beat within an inch of his life, maybe that will make him less of an asshole.

     all that being said.  I’m really wondering if a lot of my reaction is based on the fact that I’ve been exclusive to Marvel for over 20 years until a couple of months ago when I started dipping into DC.

  112. @clintaa Interesting. Exclusive to Marvel for 20 years? That’s dedication. I’m generally a DC guy as houses my favorite characters but I’ve never only been in one company for that long. Good on ya. It seems to me if you don’t like kids, you’re not going to like any Robin? As well, can’t really argue your points as they’re more personal taste than anything. I was just curious to get other perspectives on the issue.

  113. @prax it is true that I’m really not crazy of the idea of Robin.  Bringing a brightly clad teenager out with you to fight crime seems to defeat the entire purpose of being a scary bat.  know what I mean?  but I’m really trying to break into DC it’s just hard to get past (what I percieve from afar) as goofy and lame. 


  114. @clintaa You are a gleaming example of how Morrisson has molded you into interpreting Damien the way he wants/makes you feel about him. A good writer can convey the emotions they want from their readers as you’ve exhibited. Played you to a T my friend.

  115. @clintaa What’s interesting to me is that the reason they’ve brought up since at least the 70s was that Robin was there to counterbalance Bruce and make sure he didn’t become the dark, brooding Batman that is so common in the film depictions of him. I think that’s why the animated series worked so well because it was able to have a dark tone with a relatively stable and happy Batman. Though to be fair, Marvel has it’s share of goofy and lame gimmicks as well. I mean, the original Bucky was even worse! Only recently have they shoehorned in SAS training and such. Originally he was meant to be the American Boy on the front! Still, different strokes for different folks. Thanks for engaging in this conversation. 

  116. @jbraun I have not been played. it’s obvious that’s what he was doing.  that certainly doesn’t necessarily make it good.  but that’s why I’m going to stick with it for a few more issues at least, because if I do end up liking the character it will be really awesome because I just want to see him tortured to death now.

  117. @prax  and thank you sir. also you are absolutely right about marvel having it’s own goofy/lame stuff.  I’m gonna keep working my in slowly.

  118. @clintaa right on man, well thanks for shaking things up. ttyl

  119. @jbraun no problem!  I just gota keep checking myself that I’m not coming off as a douche.

  120. @clintaa: 20 years and only reading Marvel? That cant be true.

    I mean you had to read threw the years of Werewolves, everyone getting armor suits, and Marvel vs DC. If it is true, you are an American hero

  121. @clintaa – re: "brightly colored teenager to fight crime defeats the purpose of being scary" – great point. Hadn’t even thought about Robin in that light.

    Also, clintaa, out of curiosity, you being exclusively Marvel, have you read much Morrison?

  122. So uhm was I the only one not blown away by this? I mean it was okay…

  123. POW % not as high as Old Man Logan’s!  YES!  BLAMMO!!!

  124. @ OttoBott: That point was actually brought about in the comics too. Cassie Cain, former and current Batgirl, tried to lure Tim Drake Wayne to the league of Assassins and used that same argument to try and put a wedge between Tim and his adoptive father Bruce (who is/was the adoptive father of Cassie Cain too.) This was right after the 52 storyline when Tim Drake Wayne started wearing his Red and Black costume (in honor of his deceased beast friend, Connor Kent.)


  125. After reading this I feel the same as after I read All Star Superman — I feel like I must be missing something. Every web reviewer talked about that book like it was pure gold in comic form, so I read it & kept reading it, trying to see why it was so highly rated, but to me, it was just an average comic book. Same goes for this comic, I don’t think this was bad, but I don’t think it was brilliant like everyone else seems to think.

    I understand that half the people saying it’s brilliant are G-Mo-philes & label anything he writes as genius before they even read it, but that doesn’t count for everyone. Is it the art? Is it the "light hearted-ness"? Are people just saying they love it because everyone else does? Does it just come down to personal taste? *shrugs*

    At least it made sense. I’ll keep reading & I think this is an OK comic, but once again I’m baffled by all this super-high praise.

  126. @supertrack – how was it resolved? Did Bruce give Tim a big hug and say "I don’t mind you making me less scary…"

  127. @OttoBott:

    You can find this in the Robin:Wanted tpb collecting issues #148-#153.

    Cassie says to Tim Drake Wayne as she is trying to get him to shoot David Cain in the head with an old flintlock pistol and join her as leader of the league of assassins, "Then why does the Ultimate loner superhero–who doesn’t trust his own JLA teammates–need a partner? Why does a creature of the night dress a little kid in bright colorsand send him out against insane killers? He does it to destract his enemies. To make it easier for Batman to do his job! You and all the other Robins… You’ve been one more tool in his utility belt. you’ve been bait. That’s all."


  128. I love this new  book!  BEST new book this year no matter what comes out,

    (WEDs comics is not a book)

    Dick is my favorite and now that he is BATMAN I got heaven right here on earth 2

  129. @OttoBott:

    Tim. "Bruce… Can I talk to you about something? About something Cassandra said."

    Bruce." Is everything alright?"

    T. "Yeah, it’s just… she brought up something I never thought of… that maybe you don’t really need a Robin… that you just use one as a distraction so you can do what you do a little easier. The more I thought about it, the more sense it made… I mean, you in the darkand stuff, me bouncing around in bright colors where everyone can see…

    B. "Listen to me… After what I went through as a kid, I would never endanger a child I didn’t think could handle himself. And if the best Cassandra could do to drive a wedge between us is criticize your costume color… that’s just proof of how disturbed she is."

    T. "I know I just… I just had to say something, you know?" 

    Then Tim gets a call from his Gotham Police contact and has to go. 

  130. @supertrack – Wow, thanks for the transcript. Much appreciated. 🙂 I’m kind of disappointed Bruce didn’t explain his reasoning better though.  If I were him, I’d just say "Aw c’mon. It was, like 60 years ago and criminals scared a lot easier back in 1947."

  131. @Wade While I’m a big Morrison and Quitely fan, I can tell you flat out my love of this issue is centered on one thing… this is a Batman I enjoy reading about it. Morrison’s style on this is directly influenced by my favorite representation of the character. And while I’m a huge Morrison fan, I didn’t care for RIP all that much, nor most of his Bat-run. I really only want the story that introduces the International Crime Fighters Club (an idea lifted from a Golden Age Jack Kirby Green Arrow story) and the Black Case book. I wasn’t reading then. (Is that Club story that introduces Squire and others out yet? Is that "The Black GLove" trade?"). So for me… yeah, this is Morrison doing something I really like. Same with Superman. I notoriously hate the character as depicted in comic books. Morrison made me care about him and get why he’s cool. (Johns & Co. have done this too with New Krypton). So yeah… Morrison-phile? Yes. But blindly giving this praise because it has his name on it? No. At least for me. Thought he has some apologists that go too far. I know he’s not for everyone. 

  132. Yeah, I’m kinda a big Tim Drake fan. I’ve been reading his storyarc since it started in the early 90’s. Also big fan of Dick Grayson, happy he is the new Batman.

    I can’t wait to read Red Robin though. Tim has arguably had life tougher than any other character in comics, both DC and Marvel.  

  133. This book reads differently when you’ve read a couple of reviews and most of the comments section before your first encounter. After some of the fan reaction to the book you expect fireworks, and it’s a result of there being no middle ground among fanboys.

    They’re not called fanboys because they’re humble or modest, Wade.

    So all product must fall under two and a half categories around here: garbage, sheer genius, and/or "meh". While I did enjoy Batman and Robin, and found the majority of dialogue to be spot on (spec. in Damian’s case), I’m not that impressed. There’s something very generic about the newly introduced characters and story.

    Or maybe I’m just not as floored by Dick’s taking on the role of Batman, as Bucky’s acsension to Cap in the Marvel U. has left me jaded. I know I’d be more impressed by Morrison’s take on the action taking place at the beginning of time. That’s where my curiosity lays and it might not be so much so if I didn’t know Bruce was stuck there.

    So was that a mistake?    

  134. Looks cool I’m gonna buy this copy it’s awesome The Dynamic Duo is back again as a Team.

  135. man, what happened to Frank Quitely? is it just me or does his stuff de-evolve with each new title into looser and looser pencils?

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s good, it’s very good but it doesn’t have the tightness of his x-men or authority runs. that wonderful heavy and exciting contrast of black ink and colour which is prefect for superhero comics is missing.

    i’m still really digging his lay-outs (the penthouse cross section was cool and i also like how he crops certian frames much smaller in specific places) and his attention to detail and perspective is mind blowing (he actually drew the parts of the motor though the grill of Mr. toad’s car)

    but the cross-hatch shading on the characters just looks rushed with all the expressiveness of their faces lost in too many pencil lines; i honestly think he needs someone else to ink his pencils.

     remember: chill out. it was just a observation about the art

  136. My question "was that a mistake?" comes off a little loose because I was distracted away before I could rethink that post. The point of my question is: was it a mistake for Morrison to let us know Bruce’s whereabouts while the rest of the DCU thinks he’s kicked the bucket? 

  137. @FACE: the characters are speculating.

  138. Decent comic.  Not the greatest.  I think I got too pumped.  I do recommend reading Batman #666 when you read this as well.  It kinda gives out clues.

  139. @FACE: We’ll have to wait and read the first few issues of Red Robin. Tim Drake, believing Bruce is still alive, is on a mission to find his adoptive father. Tim will also have Ra’s as an ally/villain. Who knows what Ra’s really wants with Tim. We have to wait and find out. But if you read the Batman and Son storyarc, Tim is definitely on Ra’s radar as a threat.

  140. @TNC – I think our next goal should be getting B&R #2 at 100 by Wednesday…

  141. @Ottobott: Yes we should try that. I mean it only took til Thursday to get to 100.

  142. @ Ottobott & TNC: Why don’t we try to get this one over 200 by Monday morning.

  143. Hey, it’s now the most pulled book ever at iFanboy.

  144. Anyone figured out why Mr. Morrison chose the title DOMINO EFFECT for the book?

  145. @supertrack: That would be great. But I wouldnt know what else to talk about with the book. If you got anything then we can try.

    @emacor: Well Mr. Toad had a briefcase full of Domino’s. That could be why but I’m not sure

  146. is this the highest pulled book yet?

  147. shit, sorry, i have to start reading threads before posting

  148. I can’t help but think that the dominoes are a major clue that the new dynamic duo over looked. I mean think about it what is the deal with the dominoes? Why would Pyg want with a briefcase full of dominoes? I have the uneasy feeling that this is all a setup. Batman (Bruce Wayne) would have been on does dominoes like shit on a stick. R.I.P Master Detective…but not for too long your children need you.

    This was a mother of a great book…I feel like a kid again!

    Have we reached 200 yet?

  149. @edward I’m pretty sure it is now. Has there been any other title to go to 900? Because I remember the buzz about Flash: Rebirth #1 being the highest pulled book on the site. Do Conor, Josh, Ron or the others know for sure? Inquiring minds what to know!

    @emacor72 We’re hovering at 149. 

  150. Thanks Conor for convincing me to buy this, other wise all I really had this week was Ultimatium.

  151. @prax: yeah, it’s pretty cool. What’s interesting is that as the book is pulled more the pick of the week percentage declines

  152. @edward: I think that just proves that their system for this percentage is working. I dont know if they have to do the math personally or if it’s like a program or something….but the more it’s pulled the less percentage it should get.

    Then again a book like Ghost vol.1 will only have 3 pulls but have 89% of the POTW in the beginning of Wednesdays….That is mathematically impossible.

  153. @TNC If I’m not mistaken, your example is possible if all three people have it as their POTW and are among the only people who have picked the book. The POTW % is the Percentage of people who have *picked* a pick of the week, not out of the entire readership of iFanboy.

  154. BUT guess what? as wolverine gained more pulls the pick of the week percentage increased.

    However, that is a very good question. Is the POW percentage relative to the number of pulls that specific book received, the total pulls on the website or the total number of POWs actual allocated on the website?

    i think i’m going to ask this on the POW episode thread as well



  155. I remember reading that it is indeed related to number of pulls. So this title may decrease as people pull because those people are not pulling it AND picking it as POTW as opposed to with Wolverine where people did do that.

  156. I finally got my copy from Heavy Ink and it was beautiful. This is the Morrison I love. This is the Quietly I’ve missed. Is it July 1st, yet?

  157. Really enjoyed the story & new dynamic with Dick & Damien, have to say however, wasn’t so keen on the flying batmobile

  158. A thousand pulls??

    That’s fantastic! Congratulations on reaching that mark, iFanboys !

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