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  1. Good review and I appreciate a less Morrison fanboy view of the book, being one myself. All I can really say is that while the issue may not be "Teh bestest evah!" to me, it is easily the Batman I want to see the most. I grew up watching the 60s Batman TV show reruns on USA and WPIX NY in the early 90s. One of my first DVD purchases was the 1960s Batman movie. I want to buy the scale model of that Batmobile for my desk. More than anything, campy, fun 60s Batman is my Batman. And so long as I’ve been reading comics, he’s been 100% the opposite. And while I like dark, gritty Batman, that’s not the only approach. So yeah, I think why people are "cumming over" this issue is because they’re seeing a Batman they haven’t seen in close to 20 years. Sorry for going on! Good review man and I do agree with you on some gripes. 

  2. Hey don’t get me wrong, I am burnt out on grim and gritty batman too. I like the new direction. I just don’t think it’s perfect.


    thanks for the compliments 

  3. i didn’t like it as much as other people. i must’ve had too much to drink, sorry

  4. I love the flying Batmobile.

  5. People have been doing what over this issue? If I find any pages stuck together I’m very much asking for a refund.

  6. Is that really only something me and my friends say?


    I need new friends. 

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