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  1. Seatbelts only have a 12% chance of saving your life anyway. And indeed, a long used fact is that James Dean would not have been killed in his car accident if he hadn’t been wearing a seatbelt so Seatbelt safety is overrated. 😉 As well, Dick Grayson used to swing from trapezes for a living! He’s not afraid. 

    Good list of pros. Wupps is probably just the Scottish derived version of Whoops. 

  2. how are they supposed to jump from the car quickly with a seatbelt strapped around them. don’t you know the vehicle has 360 degree airbags filled with jello so they can munch when being cushioned? sheesh, get with it man. This was a great comic, and definitely warrants comic of the week. the only alternative would have been Scalped. 

  3. @PraxJarvin, if that’s the explanation for Wupps, I’ll fall for it, but the AMERICAN editor should have caught it.

    @jbraun, it was a fantastic comic (I read it twice) and the seatbelt comment was, I admitted, a little petty.  But it still caught my eye as something odd.  I reread a Chuck Dixon Nightwing comic (one of the Nightwing Year One stories) and lo and behold…Batman and Robin are wearing seatbelts.  Just sayin’

  4. @vitoDelsante There were a few British English idioms in the issue such as "What am I letting myself in for?" instead of the usual "What I am getting myself into." There were a few others which slip my mind at the moment.

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