iFanboy Update: Independence, Goodbye, Hello

As 2013 begins we wanted to provide a quick update on some changes that are happening here at iFanboy HQ. You know how we love to keep you, the loyal iFanbase, aware of the happenings and some of these are pretty big, so take a seat and read on…


iFanboy at Heroes Con 2007

As many of you know, in 2010 iFanboy was acquired by Graphicly and Josh Flanagan, Conor Kilpatrick and myself became employees of Graphicly. The decision to join forces with Graphicly was a pretty easy one for us. They were looking to get into comics, we know comics, we all liked each other. Easy decision.

Over the past two years, we’ve been able to dedicate more time and resources to iFanboy thanks to their support, while also being actively involved in developing Graphicly’s business, a business that has taken some interesting turns. Some of you may have noticed that Graphicly has moved away from just digital comics and to supporting digital publishing in general while moving away from the app model and focusing on eBooks. This is a move that we have been actively involved in developing and wholeheartedly support. But, with Graphicly’s new business focus the need for iFanboy to be a gateway to the comic book world has become less important. This was something that both we and Graphicly CEO Micah Baldwin realized and so we have collectively worked to amicably split iFanboy from Graphicly and return it to an independent website owned and operated by the three of us once again.

Now before any speculation happens about nefarious business dealings or behind the scenes decisions let me be absolutely clear. This was a joint decision by all of us and there’s nothing to read into beyond that. Simply put, Graphicly is focusing their resources beyond comic books, and no one involved wanted to see iFanboy shut down as a result. So Graphicly generously worked with us to enable this transition back to independence.

Graphicly CEO Micah Baldwin asked me to include his point of view on this and provided the following:

“It was an easy decision to acquire iFanboy given its place as the pre-eminent community for comic book enthusiasts and collectors. There is no better place online to enjoy and share the stories we all love. It has been amazing watching that community almost double in size in such a short period of time, and now iFanboy no longer needs Graphicly to continue its meteoric pace, and therefore I am excited and proud to see Ron, Josh and Conor take stewardship of the community back over full-time.”

And so with that, iFanboy is an independent entity once again. So what does this mean for you, the iFanbase? Not much. iFanboy will continue to provide its unique view of the comic book industry as long as you keep coming and enjoying what the editors and the staff have to say. We have to thank those of you who are active iFanboy Members. Your support has been vital to keeping the lights on at iFanboy HQ, and you will continue to be. For those of you who want to help, but aren’t members or who chose to suspend your membership, stay tuned as we’ll have ways for you to show your support for iFanboy soon. In the meantime, click on the banners, shop at Amazon, support our sponsors, and just keep on enjoying all the great content iFanboy has for you everyday!

With that said about iFanboy, and in a bit of uncanny timing, I’d also like to announce that I will be resigning from all active editorial involvement with iFanboy, as well as resigning from my position at Graphicly.

This will probably come as a shock to many of you. Since 2001, iFanboy has been a passion and the focus of much of my dedication. Teaming up with two of my best friends to create something out of nothing was fun. To see what heights we’ve reached since then has been mind boggling. So you can only imagine how it is with a heavy heart that I’ve come to this decision. It was not an easy one to make, but given where I’m now headed, unfortunately there would be no way for me to do what I’ve done at iFanboy, on a daily basis, for the past 12 years.

ImagelogoI’ve accepted a position at Image Comics.

For years when asked if I ever wanted to work in comics, I’ve laughed off the question, stating that I’m neither a writer nor an artist and would probably not do well as a creator. But, I’ve said, if there was one aspect of comics that interested me it was the publishing and business side. That was something that I find infinitely interesting (I published my own magazine in college) and that is exactly what I will be doing at Image Comics. I will be joining the Image team as the Director of Business Development, working closely with Publisher Eric Stephenson and Marketing & PR Director Jennifer De Guzman and the rest of the amazing staff at Image Central in Berkeley, CA. I will primarily be focusing on sales and marketing as I work to help Image continue the amazing success that they have been experiencing.

It’s no secret how much I’ve enjoyed Image Comics over the years. The start of the company in 1992 is what brought me back into comics after I gave up on them, and they’ve been a continual source of quality comics from some of the best creators around. But aside from any personal appreciation for the company, I feel that there is tremendous potential for Image Comics as a business. Even in light of the tremendous success they’ve had in recent years, I see amazing potential for Image Comics. In my discussions with Stephenson, I’ve been immensely impressed by their motivation to not rest on their laurels of past success and continue to push Image Comics to even greater heights. I’m honored to be asked to be a part of that effort and I believe that many of the skills that I’ve acquired and experiences that I’ve had in my career to-date have put me in a position where I strongly feel that I will be able to contribute to their growth and continued success.

It’s been so great to hear the level of support and enthusiasm from Josh, Conor and the rest of the iFanboy and Graphicly families on the decision to make this move. iFanboy means the world to me, and it pains me to have to move on, but the opportunity to work at Image Comics is one that I cannot pass up. Fear not though, considering my long relationship with Josh and Conor, I wouldn’t be surprised if I popped up on the podcast from time to time or if I run into the gang at upcoming comic cons, and I can only hope some of the exciting things we have planned at Image Comics will get covered by the excellent staff here at iFanboy.

As I make my exit, I can never thank Josh, Conor, Paul Montgomery and everyone at iFanboy enough for working with me on what’s been a crazy ride in the world of comics as we’ve turned iFanboy from three guys’ nights-and-weekends experiment into one of the best places online to celebrate comics. Additionally, I have to thank all of the creators and fine folks at all of the comics publishers for putting out great comics and letting us talk about them. And finally, I have to thank all of you for enjoying what we do and making iFanboy one of my personal, proudest accomplishments.


Paul Montgomery Rising

With my departure, there does leave a void that needs to be filled. Over the past two years, Paul Montgomery has stepped up to the challenge of working with Josh, Conor and myself (which can be a challenge in and of itself, believe me) and has not only become a mainstay at iFanboy, but one of the most talented and unique voices covering comics.

He rose from iFanbase commenter to iFanboy columnist to iFanboy editor and so now please join me in welcoming Paul Montgomery to full iFanboy status. He will be joining Josh and Conor as my editorial replacement, entering the Pick of the Week and Book of the Month rotation and taking my place on the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast.

This was one of the easiest decisions we’ve ever had to make as Paul has proven himself to not only be a way better writer than I am, but I can also admit that he’s funnier than I am too. Once I get him up to speed on his X-Men history, I can’t think of a finer person to pick up my slack and help continue to keep iFanboy as great of a place as it already is.

I know, this is a lot to take in. Thanks for baring with me through these announcements and I hope you continue to enjoy and participate in the world of iFanboy. I’ll still be around for another week, with my last Pick of the Week on January 23rd and last Pick of the Week Podcast on January 27th.

Thanks. For Everything.


iFanboy at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2001


  1. Thanks for all the Fish!

  2. Congrats and good luck with the great new gigs, to both Ron and Paul! Cool news for both of you!

  3. Wow. Those are some mighty big changes.

    Ron, Congratulations on the Image position. I hope it is everything you want it to be. I hope we’ll still get to hear from you from time to time.

    Paul, Holy shit! Movin’ on up. Congratulations. I can’t wait to read your first pick of the week review. Incredible.

    Now on to the most important question? How will this affect the next Kirkman interview? He can no longer pretend to forget Ron’s name.

  4. Congratulations Ron, really sad to see you leave iFanboy, but I’m glad you’re gonna be at Image for several reasons

    A) You’re one of my favorie people in Comics
    B) Image is 90% of what I buy nowadays and my favorite publisher
    C) This means you’ll stay in the bay and I’ll run into you once in a while 🙂

  5. Wow. Good luck with your new venture! But be honest, was this all just to get out of doing the next Book of the Month pick?

  6. Wow huge congrats to you Ron! Perfect role for you it seems, especially after the huge success of MorrisonCon.

    And a big congrats to the once again Independent IFanboy site!!! I applauded the move and pairing of Graphicly when it first happened, and I’m really glad for all involved that you could part ways so amicably. Not easy or common these days.

    I look forward to enjoying iFanboy 3.0 ! I’ve been listening to the podcasts for years since you launched. It won’t be the same, but I’m sure it will be great fun as always!

  7. Congratulations, Ron!

  8. Wow. Congratulations on the new job, Ron, and thanks for all your years of great content. Paul is a worth choice as a successor.

    I look forward to seeing how iFanboy adapts in going back to independence. Best of luck.

  9. Hey!

    Congratulations to everyone on the promotions! I look forward to seeing Ron’s name in the masthead on the Image books I buy, as well as reading/hearing more great insights from Paul around here.

    Josh, Conor, and the rest of the crew, you’re all awesome too, keep it up!

  10. Kind of welling up a little. Talk amongst yourselves.

  11. Shit Ron. That is both great and terrible news. Congratulations! Thanks for all your efforts and entertainments over the past few years, best of luck x

  12. Damn, dude. I’m sad, but I’m also stoked for your move to Image and Paul’s rise into the triumvirate.

    Thanks for everything and good luck, Ron!

    Hello, Paul! I can see why the decision would have been easy, as you’re the obvious choice. I have no doubts about the quality level maintaining itself or even increasing with your promotion! Very well deserved.

    Bummed and stoked all at once.

  13. Ron, sad to see you go but huge congrats on the new job at Image, that is awesome.
    Also congrats to Paul!

  14. Super happy for both Ron and Paul! Congrats to both of you! We will miss your charm and sideburns, Ron.

  15. This is absolutely incredible! Ron, this opportunity truly couldn’t have happened to a better guy. I still remember the first live iFanboy tapping that I went to where I met all you guys (plus a large number of my comics friends for the first time), and had a lot of fun talking punk rock with you. You’re definitely a class dude, and words can’t describe my excitement for this.

    And Paul, needless to say, I’m stoked out of my mind that you’re an iOverlord now. The flying zeppelin is on a warpath!

  16. Congrats and good luck!

  17. Congrats man! I would do the same if I was in your situation. Getting to work at a big comic book distributor is every comic book fans dream and you are living it. I hope we see you jump in on some podcasts soon and good luck with everything.

  18. Farewell you prince of ifanboy, you king of the xmen.

  19. Ron it’s been a pleasure being able to listen to you for the last 4 years or so. I honestly am so glad you’re getting a dream job and I hope you do great in it. The X-Men world will mourn the void of such a great fighter for the mutant cause but either way hope everything goes great! It’s been awesome 🙂

  20. Congrats! Sorry to see you go, but also excited for the future!

  21. Avatar photo DDangelico (@DavidDangelico) says:

    Good riddance. Ron’s awkward sentence structure and obnoxious laugh annoyed the living shit out of me.


    Congrats Ron!! We’ll miss you and best of luck!!

  22. Best of luck on your new venture! Look back with fondness and look forward with anticipation.

  23. Congratulation Ron. It’s a great opportunity.

    However I feel sad..It feels like your favourite band is breaking up, they may replace the member but it will never sound the same again.

  24. Ron, good lick mate, when I first got back into comics and emailed you guys with some question you gave me a personal response that I’ll always appreciate (it was about Alan Davis so at least it was a mutual interest). Keep asking “What was in the closet?”.

  25. Thanks for everything Ron. iFanboy started when I got back into comics and has been an integral part of my comics reading experience. Your reading tastes mirror my own quite closely so i’ll miss your input on the site hugely. Congrats on the move though and if the past 12 years here is any indication I’m sure you’ll kick ass in your new job.

    Looking forward to more Paul Montgomery though! He’s now to iFanboy what Kirkman was to the Image founders!

  26. Congrats! Won’t be the same without you on the podcast. Image is lucky to get ya!

  27. Congratulations Ron and Good Luck! This is very bitter sweet.

  28. Congrats Ron but sorry to see you leave

  29. Hearty congratulations to Ron and Paul. You’ve all built something great. Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do.

  30. Wow! Congratulations Ron and best wishes for the new job, that’s something great! And also congratulations to Paul for graduating to full iFanboy editor!

  31. Mozel Tov Ron!

    Thank you for your energy and time spent into the podcast. iFanboy was the very first podcast I ever listened to and was immediately hooked.

    I hope from time to time you will still check in.

    Super excited for Paul too! It is going to an exciting new world, but as someone packing up and moving across the country myself in a just a few weeks for a new adventure, I understand and am glad iFanboy and you are entering a new phase too!

    Much Love!

  32. Congrats

  33. Wow congrats to Ron and Paul!

  34. Wow, you guys weren’t kidding, this is a HUGE announcement. Obviously huge congrats to Paul and Ron on this news and applaud these decisions. I look forward to seeing what Ron will bring to the image table. Likewise, Paul has always been an inspired choice as guest replacement on the podcast as well as fresh and intelligent voice when it comes to columns and reviews. He’s the perfect choice. Great job guys! i look forward to the future of my favourite comic book website!

  35. I feel like I just found out a friend of mine is moving away.
    I’ll miss Ron’s regular contributions to the website and the podcast, but congrats to Paul! I’m extremely excited to read his written reviews on a consistent basis as part of the Pick of the Week rotation!

  36. With the split from Graphicly, if you guys bring back the memberships, I’ll pony up some cash every month. I am more than happy to do so, since you guys produce such quality product here.

    Ron, I really do hope to see you pop in from time to time. Your enthusiasm for comics is immense, and you’ll be missed but I am glad you got this opportunity.

    Damn, between this and the retirement of Neal Boortz, my entire daily routine is all scrambled now.

  37. Wow — like most fans, I feel some ambivalence about the loss to the iFanboy brand, but I’m so happy for a Long Island brother who’s made the big time. Congratulations, Sideburns — our loss is Image’s gain.

    ¡Viva iFanboy!

  38. Sad to hear as I loved your energy on the podcast as a complement to the other iFanboys, and I’m really going to miss your perspective. WHO WILL CHOOSE BLACK KISS AS PICK OF THE WEEK NOW?!

  39. So after a great 2012, Image will be unstoppable now in 2013 😀
    Congratulations, Ron.

  40. @iFanboy: “creator owned” again; nice! Thanks to Graphicly for some good years.

    @Ron: Image Comics has come a long way over the past several years, and so have you. You will be sorely missed on the podcast, but it’s good to know you’ll be out there helping to make our comics even better.

    @Paul: Huzzah! Well done and well deserved.

  41. Thanks for everything, Ron! You’ll be missed, but good luck with the new job. And congrats to Paul too – look forward to listening to many more hours of great fun podcasts.

  42. Wow although I’m really saddened by this news a big Congrats Ron and good luck with your future at Image Comics.

    Also Congrats to you Paul!! Having heard you on the cast many a times already and having enjoyed your commentary im glad about the move in that sense.

    On a completely different note Holy Fuck Connor! Is that a picture with you with hair in 2001 there? At first i didnt even know who that was

  43. We will miss you Ron! Good luck!

  44. Adios, Ronald Richards. Thanks for the intelligence, good humor, and excellent taste. Your perspective and enthusiasm will be missed greatly. That being said, I know you’ll be able to do more good for our beloved hobby over at Image in your new position. I am sure you will help steer that big beautiful ship called Image to safe harbors. Godspeed. See you around!

    And The Internet’s Paul Montgomery! Obviously a better choice could not be made. I look forward to your first official show and POW, and I know you won’t disappoint. Congratulations!

  45. Congratulations!

  46. I kind of guessed the whole Graphicly thing was coming. Good luck to Ron, hope all works out for you. Also, 100% more Paul? Me like!

  47. I think the fact everyone has said congrats instead of ‘this is my jumping off point’ or sending death threats is testament to the great community the staff have helped make this place and Ron you’ll be leaving a legacy of community and fun and revelry in appreciating comics. Will there be a goodbye show with old clips, Ron waxing lyrical about claremonts x-men or a ceremonial, if unnecessary, formal passing of the torch to the superb Paul. It indeed will be a very dry humour dominated ifanboy henceforth.

    P.S josh just did a make comics podcast you may want to listen to.

  48. Today, Image – tomorrow… THE WORLD! Congrats, Ron! Best of luck and thanks for everything.

    Also, huge congrats to Paul!

    Let the New Age of iFanboy begin!

  49. Congrats Ron! I wish you much success and good luck at Image!

  50. Wow! Congrats all around. I can’t wait to see where the respective futures of both iFanboy and Image Comics go from here.

    Ron- Although Paul’s been working for them lately, you’ll always be the true “Marvel guy” in all our hearts.

    Paul- It will take some time to get used to your voice as a regular addition to my Sunday nights, but we all know you’re up to the challenge.

  51. Congratulations Ron and Paul!

  52. Wow!! Congratulations to Ron & Paul and big respect, gratitude, and continued admiration to the original trio for working out a graceful split with Graphic.ly. I suspected a day would come where there’d be a monumental change, I just never suspected it’d be such a happy occasion. Good luck & thanks all around, guys.

  53. Congratulations to Ron and Paul. Out of the Original Three (yeah, now that’s a thing. Deal with it), Ron’s taste in comics is closest to mine. So, hopefully Paul will continue to pick the merry mutants to be the POTW. Best of luck to both, and Image sure got a great acquisition!

  54. WOW and Congratulations! Image made a great move so much success to Ron going forward.

    Also congratulations to Paul, makes total sense and well deserved.

    Its nice to hear that the website is going back to “creator owned”. A fun experiment with graphically, glad it was able to end positively. Onwards and upwards!

  55. good job ron! when i read about you resigning, my heart sank, but when i read that you’ve got a job at image, it was lifted by a sense of elation! i can’t stress enough how integral you and the rest of ifanboy were in the growth of my love for comics! thank you and good luck!

  56. Congratulations to Ron on the new job, Paul on the promotion, and iFanboy on a graceful return to independence.

  57. First the Totally Rad Show ends and now Ron leaves? My podcasting heart can’t take this!

    Congratulations, Ron, we’re all proud of you. Paul will do an excellent job and I look forward to what the future holds for the show.

  58. Shocked. Happy. Sad.

    We will miss you Ron!

  59. Fuck man, I’m gonna miss you Ron!

    You were the iFanboy I usually found myself agreeing with the most (even though you kept snubbing Batman on your POTW) =).

    You brought an enthusiasm to the Podcasts, the Picks of the Week, and everything else on this site that will be sorely missed. Things just won’t be the same.

    Paul is a good choice to fill your position and congrats to him. But yeah man, huge congrats to you Ron on the Image job. I don’t blame you.

    Thank you for starting this site. I come to iFanboy daily and love this community you, Josh, and Conner have built from nothing. You should incredibly proud of this accomplishment and what you have given back to the comic book world and us fanboys.

    I wish you all the best Ron.

  60. Man, I’m going to miss that Marvel Zombie. Discussions on the X-Men just won’t be the same without you. But still, congrats on the Image gig.

  61. NOT LIKE THIS! 🙂

    Congrats all around gentlemen!

  62. All the best to you Ron! That sounds like an awesome job that you’re moving into. You’ll be missed for sure, but hopefully, we’ll see you from time to time on the site and on the podcast.

    While he’s got big shoes to fill, I think Paul is an awesome addition to the “full time team” and I’m looking forward to the future of iFanboy.

  63. Cheers to Ron and Paul! Not Ron Paul as this sentence first appeared the three times I originally tried to write it.

  64. VERY excited for all involved. Ron, you’ve become one of my good friends over the last few years and as you know this is a job I would’ve tailor made for you if I had Civilization-level god-like powers. And while the opportunity does create a big change in iFanboy, I think Paul is such a natural fit to step into the role and form like Voltron with Josh and Conor to continue the excellence you three have established over a decade-plus of intensely hard work and unyielding entertainment.

  65. If there’s one thing I always go by in my life, it’s that if you work hard and love what you do, you can succeed at anything. Ron and Paul are examples of that right now.

    Big congrats to you both!

  66. Ron, thanks for everything & congratulations! Don’t be a stranger…..
    Paul, no-one deserves this more – onward & upward!
    iFanboy – always was, always will be, the best.

  67. I first found out about this site from Ron’s work on App Judgement(by exploring other shows that he was in), so without Ron I wouldn’t have this website that I visit multiple times a day! But a huge congrats on the job at Image. I hope your dream job amounts up to everything you’ve imagined(pun?) it to be.

    Glad to know that Paul’s sultry internet voice will be seducing my earholes more often now.

    And finally, I never once sensed that Graphicly interrupted or interfered with any of the content that iFanboy produced, and that fact that the site can support itself now is insanely great news. I look forward to the future. It’s going to be rad.

  68. Wow, congratulations to you both.

    Ron, you’re always the iFanboy I seem to miss out on saying hi to at NYCC, but your extensive X-Men knowledge always reminds me why I started comics in the first place. You have mentioned so many 80s/90s X-men tidbits, that have sparked old memories, and that’s awesome. I’ll miss those bits of serendipity on the podcast.

    Paul, I can’t wait to see your POW reviews. I had a tendency to scroll to the bottom of reviews for star ratings in the past, but I have learned better when I see your name attached to one.

  69. Does this end the quest to find out what’s in Wanda’s closet? 🙁

    • NEVER!

      I am a little worried about good punk rock starting off the podcast from time to time now. As a music fiend, it excites me when something good (to me) pops up on there. Whoever edits up the podcast, channel a little Ron for us. Josh was in a band at some point (I think?). All hope is not lost.

    • I sure hope it doesn’t stop the quest! and I’m with Diebenny, fingers crossed on the good music at the start of the shows continuing 🙂

    • I will NEVER give up the quest for the answer

  70. Congrats Ron, on maneuvering your eventual takeover of Image. Now I hope there was a caveat in your agreement that when there is a email or call that requires a Long Island response that they drag you kicking and screaming over to the podcast.

    I do have a pro and con list of Ron’s absence on the podcast:
    1. No more hilarious verbal fumbles on usernames
    2. Some really good music for the podcast (my assumption its yours) which have led me to go and purchase the tracks on itunes.
    3. The hype machine for some comics is going to change gears

    1. I can’t think of anything

    Good luck and keep Bobby Hollywood in check

    • Oh and Ron if there is one thing you can do at Image is make sure you comic block Josh’s pitches, just kidding! I wish all you guys the best success for the future, but I hope you are going to be on this Sunday’s POW and shut down Josh when he starts trying to pitch you.

  71. I discovered iFanboy in 2008 after a really hard breakup and the podcasts really filled a void during a time of loneliness. This is truly the end of an era, and I’ll never forget the great laughs that the podcasts have given me.

    I met Ron outside of the Glass House in Pomona, CA. once, and he was a super cool guy and even took a picture with me. Good luck at Image Ron! Paul has been great so I’m excited to see him join full time. Still sad as hell though.

  72. Happy trails Ron, congrats Paul, soldier on Josh and Connor. Thanks to all of you for making this community a bastion of sensibility in a murky sea of droning nonsense. The care and hard work you have all put into iFanboy shows day in and day out and I’m sure that same level of talent and work ethic will lead Ron to further success at his new venture.

    “It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy, let’s go exploring!”

  73. Congrats Ron on your new job ! Thanks for helping me get into comics about 5 years ago. Loved your humour on all the shows you’ve done in that time. Also congrats to Paul too, he will be a able replacement ! I love listening to you both

  74. Congratulations, Ron! It’ll be sad to see you go.
    Congratulations, Paul? Practise your Long Island accent.

  75. Congratulations on the new job man.

    It’s going to be tough to see you leave iFanboy. I along with many people here have had you talking in our ears for 7 or more years, geez… has it been that long, when was the SDCC in 2006; July? Yeah, I’ve been listening to the show and following the site since you uploaded that comic-con video and it’s been fun/ entertaining and a blast to tune into each week since, in large part to the contributions you have made.

    Here’s to hearing more from you at Image… and there’s always Twitter, Facebook and the Morrison-con.

    Good luck in everything you do and above all, have fun 🙂

    Catch ya round.

  76. Damn you! Now I have to burn all my copies of the iFanboy podcast! This change has made all those podcast null and void! Like they never even happened! You’ve destroyed the internet as we know it!

    I hope you know that’s a joke and I wish you all the best Ron. I have the most in common with you (it’s kinda creepy, actually how similar our tastes are), so you will be missed. Thank you for all your hard, thankless work and good luck with everything at Image.

    Aren’t you glad you picked All-New X-Men #5 as your last POTW? Perfect!

  77. Congrats to everyone!

    Ron good luck at what is possibly the best publisher in the business!

    Paul, so happy to see you as the official iFanboy!

    Graphicly, good luck in your future endeavors!

  78. Congrats Ron!!! But now the X-Men fanboy-ness will be sorely lacking! Now that Constantine is done maybe Josh can pick up the slack and buy every x-title?! Good luck and we’ll miss you!

  79. Congrats, Ron. I often tease you about being the Marvel guy, but I think you’re a shoe-in for the job at Image. They are getting someone who is not only familiar with the business and who has connections, but someone who is passionate about comics. I think that last piece is most critical in the modern age. I will miss your hysterical laugh and inability to function when Josh and Conner get you going.

    Paul, congrats as well. I can’t think of a better person to step in.

    On a related note, are Conner and Josh still employees of Graphicly?

  80. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Although I played it off casually when I got the call, I don’t take any of this lightly. This show, this site, these guys, and this community has seen me through some rough patches. My constant. These guys have been the best support to me, the big brothers I never had. So proud of Ron for his new role at Image. Nothing can stop them now, not with his tenacity.

    Excited for what’s next for both of us.

  81. Thanks for everything Ron! Gonna miss you on the podcast, best of luck at Image! Contracts to Paul as well, I really enjoy his features and look forward to what’s next!

  82. Congratulations Ron. Sad to see you go, but at least you’ll still be in the comic book industry. And congratulations to Paul. I hope this doesn’t mean there will be less Fuzzytypwritter podcasts…but I look forward to your POTWs.

  83. iFanboy was the first comic website I saved to my bookmarks and constantly checked throughout the day. As someone who doesn’t post much, I’ve always found this website,community and it’s hosts super welcoming and friendly. Thanks and congrats on your new ventures, Ron! Excited to have Paul join the POTW podcast as well! Congrats!

  84. Sounds like great news all around. Congratulations.

  85. Well shit. I’ve been listening to you guys’ show for the past two years now, and without Ron it just won’t be the same. But congratulations to you all – Ron, Paul, Image and iFanboy! The future looks bright for all of you…

  86. Your unique voice and enthusiasm for all comics will be missed. Thanks for all the hard work (along with Josh and Conor) in making iFanboy the best comics website around.

  87. it’s sad to Ron leave iFanboy, as he was really important for me loving comics and getting into comics in the first place.

    Have fun at image comics.

    Looks like I’m going to have to buy more image books 🙂

  88. Congrats Ron! Congrats Paul (I think….MWAHAHHAHAHHA)…Really REALLY relieved and happy to hear that iFanboy is not shuttering…I was worried at a few points in that post.

    Looking forward to the dawn of a new era!

    P.S. Ron, your enthusiasm for comics was so audible on each and every podcast, and I’ll sure miss your voice! It’s so rare to hear such a veteran of the medium so positive and obviously infused with a love for these books. It’s all well and good to appreciate the craft of the medium, but with you, it seemed to go so far beyond that…truly an “iFanboy”, and I mean that with nothing but love. Congrats again man!

  89. Don’t lie. This is Tom Kater’s fault isn’t it.

  90. Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.
    Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
    That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

    Take care Ron, you will be sadly missed……

    Give ’em helll at image!

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    – – -Dylan Thomas

  91. Congratulations Ron! I’m sure I speak for the rest of the iFanboy community when I say I’m incredibly proud of you. You’ve done years of great content and there is no way we could could repay all the tremendous effort you have given us. I know you’ll terrifically over at Image and wish you nothing but best!

    Paul, I’ve already enjoyed everything you’ve done for the website and know I’ll enjoy everything that’s yet to come. Congratulations on your new position and I look forward to your first Pick of the Week podcast as part of the iFanboy triumvirate!


  92. As much as I’ll miss Ron’s presence, I can’t be sad because it sounds like he landed an amazing job. Congrats, man!

  93. Well, now we’re never going to get more Mozcast.

  94. Congrats Mr. Richards!! And good luck in your future endeavors with Image and beyond! You will be sorely missed by all of us here at the iFanbase! I’ve never been more Happy and Sad at the same time for someone I’ve never actually met! 🙂

    An additional congrats to Mr. Montgomery!! Whom we all already know and love! I cannot think of a better person to fill Ron’s shoes on the POTW podcast!

  95. Ron your definitely gonna be missed good luck, and congrats to you too Paul glad to hear you more now.

  96. Congratulations to Paul and Ron! I’m already a fan of a bunch of Image books – can only imagine that they will keep getting stronger in the new year. Mixed feelings about the split from Graphicly but with their changing direction this seemed likely to happen and glad it was a mutual and friendly split.

    Does this mean a return to more video podcast content?

    iFanboy is responsible for me getting back into comics – and now I share my friendly local comic shop with Ron, though of late I haven’t made it there on Wednesdays so pick up my books a day or two late most weeks)

  97. So when is paul getting jumped/patched-in to the gang and will there be video of said initiation =)

  98. Noooooooooo! Congratulations to you Ron. I was shocked when i saw this, surprised how much it moved me. Ifanboy has become a major part of my entertainment life and has become the biggest constant in my Media entertainment, I joined ifanboy a few years ago and you and Connor and Josh brought me back in to comics. You will be massively missed but I am sure the great work will continue and i will be here for all of it. Congratulations to Paul, and i look forward to the new line up. Thanks to all of you for doing what you do. So, until i make a lame comic book reference, make mine Ifanboy. Well after that too.

  99. Image Comics is in safe hands indeed, for there is no one I’d trust more with comics business savvy. And Paul is an excellent “replacement.” Does he love X-Men as much though?

    Godspeed, Ron Richards.

  100. Congratulations Paul, you make this blow easier to handle. Looking forward to the future,

  101. Not even playing around.

    I’m shattered with sadness like losing a musician you love to an early death when you think of all the music you will miss out on.

    The iFanboy Trinity has been broken…

    Paul makes coping possible for me.

    But if we lose another, I will be gone too.

  102. Congrats guys!

    Ron, your PotW next week better be a doozy!

  103. I just realised, Next Con, Ifanboy interview Image’s Ron Richards. It may destroy the fabric of reality.

  104. Ron, I don’t know you personally, but I always had a feeling that you were the Fanboy I had the least in common with. I rarely agreed with your views, and our taste in comics couldn’t be more different. Everyone has favorites. But upon hearing this news, I find myself really sad to see you go. I’m gonna miss your wacky perspective on things, and you’re fantastic sense of humor. Your infectious enthusiasm and boyish charm is gonna be missed around these parts. That said, I’m really happy to see you move on to such an exciting opportunity. You seem like a really hardworking guy, and I’m sure you’re gonna do well no matter what you do. I look forward to watching your star continue to rise, and can’t wait to see you guest star on iFanboy. Congratulations, and I wish you the best of luck. We’ll all keep Xavier’s dream alive in your absence.

    Paul, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see step up to try and fill the considerable void. I’ve been a fan of yours for years, and I’m really looking forward to listening to your thoughts on a weekly basis. Best of luck! You’re gonna do just fine.

    As for the rest of you, congrats on the independence I guess! Looking forward to seeing what (if any) kinda changes this will bring. You guys all bring the thunder week in and week out, and I have no doubt you’ll continue to do so.

    I’m gonna go work out this lump in my throat. I feel like Champ Kind after Ron Burgundy got fired. “Ron! Rooooonnnnn!”

  105. As excited as I am for Ron and Paul, I do wish that Ron stayed on long enough for the Hellblazer 300 podcast..

  106. This sounds fantastic. Congratulations!

  107. Congratulations, Ron!

  108. Wow. This is really bittersweet.

    First of all, HUGE congrats to Ron and Paul. Good things couldn’t happen to two better guys. Although why do I get the feeling that Paul will be giving us one of these goodbyes sooner than later when he takes a full time position with Marvel? 😉

    Ron. I’d made a joke about you secretly working for Image a while back. Now to see it’s true! AHA!! No, only kidding. This is truly an awesome gig. Best of luck with everything. I’ve always been impressed by your entrepreneurial spirit and professional drive. Glad to see it pay off. Go kick some marketing ass.

    For as great as this is personally for Ron. I gotta admit to being a bit saddened by the news. Ron, you are most definitely going to be missed. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this link has been featured in the “You might like” widget the past few days:


    I discovered the site and podcast somewhere around 2008. I had previously dabbled in comics thanks to a friend or two here and there. But in finding the site, going back and listening to every single POW podcast to date (thanks for the entertainment & companionship during a 5 month European backpacking trip), making the site a daily visit, and listening to nearly over 400 podcasts, you guys are HUGELY responsible for my love of comics and most any knowledge I now have. So it’s definitely sad closing this chapter. Without you guys blabbing in my ear about comics the past 5 years, I know for a fact I would be a much different comic reader. A random trade loaned here or there from a friend, as opposed to being the friend that loans comics. One thing I have to thank you for is passing on your, IMO, excellent taste. Very few comics sites or podcasts have the love and appreciation of quality comics you guys do. Especially on the art side of things. I feel indebted to you guys for helping me discover a lot of the gems that led to my own personal comics taste. Thanks for that.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting both Ron and Conor a couple times at Emerald City. I tried telling them just how special the podcast was. That most podcasts I listen to, even the ones I love, usually come with an expiration date. A tipping point where I’ve had enough or grown tired of the personalities. But not with iFanboy. That the camaraderie the three of them had was truly special. Something you don’t come across often. Something you only get when you have 3 genuine friends hanging out doing something they genuinely enjoy doing. The friendship really shined through and is no doubt a huge factor in what made the podcast and website successful. If what I said didn’t stick back then, I hope it does now. Thanks so much to all 3 of you guys. It feels silly typing this. But you’ve become friends to a lot of us. Even if just tangentially. Thanks for being our audio pals.

    The podcast and site will continue to rock on with Conor, Josh, and Paul. And it will continue to be great. But as someone above said. It’s like your favorite band losing a member. The band plays on. But it’s never quite the same again. Ron’s enthusiasm and zeal is going to be very hard to replace. Not to mention his goofy sense of humor that really rubbed off on the other two guys. Who will we rely on for the crazy, out of nowhere, odd-ball POW? Or defend the X-Men through thick and thin? Or gush about Brit pop? I know Paul is wickedly talented and will fit in just great.

    But really, Paul. If Ron is able to fill in from time to time, feel free to call in sick every now and again. 😉

    Thanks again, Ron. Onward and upward.


  109. The very best of luck to you Ron, and have fun Paul!

  110. Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes
    (turn and face the strain)
    Oh, look out you rock n rollers
    (turn and face the strain)
    Pretty soon now you’re gonna get a little older
    Time may change me
    But I can’t trace time
    I said that time may change me
    But I can’t trace time

    Exciting times! All the best to everyone here.

  111. MAZEL TOV!

  112. Wow, that’s an exciting opportunity. Congratulations Ron. 20 years ago you told me you wanted to work for Entertainment Weekly. I think you’re doing even better than you thought you would.

  113. Congratulations, Ron!

  114. I just made the connection to the “So Sad” pic from yesterday. Doy.

    I guess I was lost in the twin pools of dreamy mascara.

  115. congratulations ron! good luck at image comics and thanks for the good stories and all the fun!

  116. Wow, did not expect this announcement today. I’ll try to keep it simple and just say congrats to both Ron and Paul. No b.s.. iFanboy is the reason I started reading comics again ever since I stumbled onto your podcast/site a few years ago. Everyone at iFanboy has their own voice and perspective and I will miss Ron’s enthusiasm, especially for Scott Summers and the X-Men. I look forward to see what comes from both iFanboy and Ron Richards in the future.

  117. Sellout! xDD Just kidding… Good luck out there Ron! Sad to see you go. Wish you the best at Image comics, and thank you for everything. Discovered a few series and runs thanks to you and the gang. Can’t thank you enough…

    Also glad to hear about Paul, congradulations man…

  118. Ron. First of all congratulations on what sounds to be a dream job. Can’t wait to hear you interviewed, and your “breaking in to Comics” story will be epic! You always had a sense of fun that played perfectly off the others. You will be missed. You were the only member I was able to meet at SDCC (and get a picture of). I will remember that fondly. Also I want to thank you again for going above and beyond in your herculean efforts to get me my Prize from Graphically. Good luck in all your endeavors. Don’t be a stranger.

  119. If Ron goes to Image, who will be minding his store?

  120. Just want to add my congratulations to both Ron and Paul.

    Ron you will be missed, but we all know you’ll do a fantastic job for Image, they couldn’t have made a better hire.

    Paul, your new status as the third leg of the iFanboy tripod is well deserved, I look forward to your increased involvement on the site.

    Oh and that 2001 comic-con pic is awesome. It’s almost like a Scottie Young variant (get it, babies. I’m lame I know) and Conor with hair!

  121. Sad news but have fun at image. Paul is great so times go on.

  122. ^What they said…but seriously good luck, pleasure to see one voice move on and another to get louder

  123. Congratulations Ron! And Congratulations Paul! Both of you are so deserving of your accomplishments – we’ll miss you around here, Ron, and we’ll be lucky to get more of you Paul!

    btw – since Ron was known as “the marvel guy,” what’s Paul going to be known as? I vote for “the my little pony guy”!” 🙂

  124. Sounds like good news for both Paul and Ron! And good news for us since iFanboy isn’t going anywhere. Good luck to both of you guys!

  125. I am so, so happy for everyone involved.

    Congrats to Paul, no one deserves it more! And… The next time I see Ron at a convention (most likely at the Image booth) I will give him a great big congratulatory bear hug!

    The Tiki. 🙂

  126. How long before Youngblood Forever by Claremont and Liefeld hits the stands?

  127. I’ve been listening to the podcast for almost 6 years now. I actually had to look up when the first issue of Wisdom came out because I called into the show at some point during that mini-series. Ron, I’m going to miss your X-Men knowledge and your love of blueprints of comic bases and of course I’ll probably miss you and the guys cracking each other up more than anything. I can’t imagine how excited you are to get this new job and I wish you all the best. I’m off to listen to Texas is the Reason which I want to thank you for introducing me to.

    Jeff from Texas

  128. Congrats Ron. This must be a dream come true. My love for Image comics have doubled.

  129. All the best, Ron. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the great recommendations and insights over the years.

  130. “Today will be a day long remembered. It has seen…”

    Well, no deaths, thank goodness, but wow–what a day. Congratulations to Ron and Paul. Thanks for this great letter, Ron, this is a huge deal in so many ways and I just know that both Image Comics and iFanboy will just get better throughout 2013 because of your contributions. Really looking forward to watching both of you shine!

    All the very best!!!

  131. Congratulations to Ron and Paul!!! To echo what everyone else has said, you guys both deserve these new roles. I’m looking forward to more sideburns at Image and more puns in my podcast. Way to go, fellas!

  132. Congratulations and good luck!

  133. Congratulations Ron. A gig at Image is way cool!

    Congratulations Paul. Looking forward to more of your heart articles and picks of the week.

  134. So this is like when the Thing goes down and the FF needs some muscle…they call She-Hulk?

  135. This news makes me want to start a HEAT-like organization against Paul..

  136. Wow, this is kind of shocking news.

    It’s hard to imagine iFanboy without Ron. The POTW podcast just won’t be the same without his signature laugh. Also, Ron trying to pronounce “RustyAutoParts” is one of the all time great moments in internet history.

    As much as I don’t like this on a purely selfish level, it is obviously a fantastic opportunity that Ron would be insane to pass up. I wish him all the best and hope he has nothingbut success. Image comics is, by far, the best comic company going today, and with Ron as part of the team, I am sure the best is yet to come.

    Big congrats to Paul for stepping in. It is well deserved and I can’t think of anybody better to step into those shoes.

  137. The podcast will never be the same without you Ron. Hopefully you’ll comeback on special occasions.
    Hope you have a fantastic career from here on out. Also here’s to you Paul, don’t screw it up.

    • I was thinking it would be cool if maybe Ron can join in on the Year End All-Media episode. Always enjoyed him talking about indie rock bands on those and the Murmur podcasts.

  138. In the spirit of mysterious, masked characters and surprise twist endings, here’s a doozy! Damn, Richards!

    And as for Montgomery, ” We always called each other Good Fellas. We’d say to somebody, ‘Y’know, you’re gonna like this guy, he’s alright: He’s a Good Fella, he’s one of us, y’understand?”

    Congrats, Gentlemen. And Cheers!

  139. Definitely some mixed emotions on this. Good luck to everybody though nonetheless.

  140. Sad to see you go but wishing you the best of luck at Image. A hearty congratulations!

  141. Congratulations, Ron! I am happy for you with joining Image but saddened that you are leaving. However, I welcome Paul for joining the iFanboy crew full time!

  142. You will be missed, sir. I wish you all the best

  143. Holy Hannah! Kudos and congratulations!

    Ron, your X-Men fanboyism easily rivals, nay outdoes, my own! I’ll miss your upbeat attitude and joy at doing your thing.

    Paul, I remember when you did the opening as Tony Stark, and am looking forward to hearing you getting into the groove of things. Hilarity to ensue I’m sure.

    You ifanboys are an inspiration to us newer podcasters out there. Keep on keepin’ on!

  144. Congrats Ron.
    But, I can’t believe how sad I feel. I am not a regular poster, but have been a loyal listener since the beginning of 2006. It is hard to imagine the podcast without you. I appreciate all of you, but I seemed to agree with you the most.
    Fly you fool!
    Welcome to my weekly routine Paul!

  145. Congratulations Ron! Way to go man. I bet you made scott summers very proud with your accomplishments.

  146. Ron, it’s been a really great run together! This is really big news for us at the ifanbase! Please stay active with the fan community. I consider you all ifanbrothers, and not in the related way, but in the way black people say which I think is more meaningful.

  147. Congratulations and good luck with your endeavors!

    It’s been a pleasure hearing your unique voice on comics since I found this site in 2009.

  148. Stay sweet.

  149. Congratulations, Ron and Paul. You’ve earned it.

  150. while it’s sad that Ron is leaving, I think it’s fantastic that he’s gonna be working for Image Comics

  151. Wow, congrats on the new position Ron! I have to admit, I’m going to be very sorry to not hear your opinions week in and week out, when I first started listening to the podcast I didn’t think anyone was a big of an X-Men fan as I was (you proved me wrong) and I really looked forward to listening to the magic that happens with the three of you every week. It feels a little strange to say this to someone I only met for about 30 seconds at a con once, but I’m definitely going to miss you.

    Congrats to Paul as well, I can’t think of a better person for the job.

  152. I hate to see you go, but I understand why. Congrats and good luck with your new position at Image!

  153. We’ll miss you, Ron. Can’t wait to see all the great things to come out of Image!

  154. I also am not a frequent poster, but have been following the podcast since 2009 and at one point went back and downloaded all the prior episodes. With a heavy heart I say best of luck to you Ron, your comic and media interests are very close to mine and I immensely enjoyed the energy which you brought to the podcast – I can’t help but laugh every time you do during the show.

    You guys got me into comics with your video and audio shows and have kept me coming back. I’ve listened to other shows and yours is by far my favorite which I continue to download every week. I hope we continue to hear from Ron in the future and have nothing but good things to look forward to with Paul stepping in.

    Keep up the great work!

  155. It’s a great opportunity for Ron but i can’t say i’m not sad.

    Oh well, the internet’s Paul Montgomery has always been fun on the podcast.

  156. big congratulations to Ron and Paul, I sure you guys will continue to amaze.

  157. I first read this earlier today sneaking a peek at work and I was startled by how choked up I got. I’ve listened every week for about three years and despite the stubborn X-Men bias I’m still going to miss the bastard. Especially the giggle fits. But it’s probably been a tough decision so I applaud you, Ron, for venturing into new ground. Please come back and visit some times and tell us about the latest perfect X title. Best wishes!

  158. A little sad, a lot happy for everyone involved. Congrats Ron and Paul.

  159. I just saw that the “About Us” page has already been updated. I am SO sad.

    I don’t post often at all, but I’ve been listening to the podcast for years. Most of all, I will miss Ron’s insane laugh. Once he gets rolling, there’s no stopping him. Such a great personality you have Ron.

    But still, a heartfelt congratulations on what I can only assume is a dream job for you. Best of luck sir!

    And certainly congratulations to Paul. I look forward to hearing on the podcast full-time.

    Today is a bittersweet day.

  160. I’ve only been collecting single issue comics for the past year and a half and I’ve always been an X-Men fan and it was listening to you talk about your love of the X-Men that made me want to pick up some of the stuff that they have going on right now. Previously I had only read Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men. Congratulations and I wish you luck for the future!

  161. Congrats Ron, though you will be missed. And congrats Paul, can’t imagine a better replacement.

  162. This is so sad that you’re leaving Ron. Since I’ve been going to this site you have always been my go to guy on here because of how nice and helpful you are. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs (mostly downs lately because of my stupid mouth) but I gotta say:

    You are probably one of the best person’s I’ve ever met. No joke. Image is getting one hell of a man on their team.

    But I am excited to hear the promotion Paul just got. He’s such a great writer and when he did fill in from time to time on the podcast is was seamless. Really looking forward to having him full time on the podcast and on POTW reviews.

  163. Congrats on the major position Connor and congrats to Paul for the promotion as well.

  164. Congrats! I love ifanboy because of the mix of opinions, the friendship between hosts and the consistently positive tone. This is such a big change that I think we’re all just hoping for the best for all your ventures and that it the podcast and site keeping being excellent.

    It’s strange to feel like you know guys you’ve never met, but here’s to you all.

  165. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My favorite fan-boy! Will you be doing one last show?

  166. Congratulations to all!

  167. As Ric Flair said “To be the man, you have to beat the man!” Basically I imagine Paul and Ron in a wrestling match where Paul put Ron in a Figure Four Leg Lock. It all comes back to wrestling.

  168. Noooooooooooooo!
    I’m really really sad. I’m sitting here at four in the morning with my ipad on the toilet and just wanted to quick check the mails and you are crushing me with those news.
    Ron, you were always the one with the (nearly) same taste in comics as me. I will miss your opinion.
    But as I look at my subscription list with now 40 image titles in it, image won’t need your help to sell their comics to me. Either way, congratulations. I’m happy for you. Sounds like a hell of a job. Good luck!
    And welcome paul, always liked the shows when you were jumping in.

  169. Wow, this is so amazing and so sad. Ive never been very active on the site but I’ve been here making my pulls, reading the articles, and listening to the show since 08,so Ron you will very much be missed.

    But is it too late to hold an ifanbase vote for your replacement? I’m trying to rally for Tom Katers! J/k, I love you Paul!

  170. I hope these comments keep streaming for a long time. Add me to the giant list of folks that will be sad to lose Ron’s weekly presence but are also tremendously happy for him to go on to such a terrific opportunity! A bit bittersweet, but this is really exciting news for someone that we’ve heard talk about his passion for comics for 6+ years.

    Paul’s a wonderful choice to keep the three man dynamic and I am extra glad to hear that the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast won’t take too much of a hit. Congratulations and heartfelt well-wishes all around!

  171. This is such great news. Not that I ever wanted to see Ron leave, but he gets to live the dream and work within an industry he cares deeply for. That’s a rare gift indeed.

    Also, they could not have picked a better replacement. My only concern now, what will happen, if anything, to Fuzzy Typewriter?

  172. Sincere congratulations to both Ron and Paul. It’s amazing how sometime hobbies become passions become our lives. See you in San Diego. Well, if my bloody press badge arrives.

  173. Keep living the dream, Ron! Congratulations and all the best!

    Paul, if any man is capable of filling that Ron-sized void, you are that man. Congratulations on your new position and I can’t wait to for this new chapter in iFanboy history. 🙂

  174. Ughhh…

    This article made me log in for the first time in many, many months.

    So sad.

    iFanboy will never be the same.

    you are a true class act!

  175. Congratulations all around!

    Turn, turn, turn. I expect the best from all of you because that’s what you’ve delivered so far. And I eagerly await your good works in this new year.

    Best wishes!

  176. Fuck!

  177. Congratulations Ron! Thank you for all the great work, there are loads of fantastic books i would have never known about if not for your POTW. You will be missed.(Who will feed us X-fanboys?)

  178. I’m kinda bummed but also elated. This was certainly a good news, bad news article. I’ve been part of the community for about a year now and in that time I’ve come to appreciate and strongly disagree with some of Ron’s opinions. Each one of his commentaries has been thought provoking and occasionally something I politely disagree with. I’ll miss both agreeing and disagreeing with everything Ron says and I’ll especially miss his wit on the podcast.

    I’m very happy for Ron though because getting a position inside the industry couldn’t have happened to a nicer Cyclops fan (Wolverine was Right!)

    Ron, please don’t be a stranger around these parts. Paul, you’d better hit the books because Ron has set the X-men bar pretty high.

  179. Congratulations ROn and Paul and well I guess everyone! I did a quick sketch to say thanks http://t.co/qWxOv3Fy

  180. 🙁 missing you already. Congrats

  181. Congrats Mr. Richards. Shall be missed. I hope to eventually join you at Image.

    I think I’m more shaken by seeing Connor with hair though. Once I get over that I can absorb your leaving more fully.

  182. Congrats to Ron and Paul.
    Does this mean Ron will have to sell his comic shop as well?? 😛

    I’m sure you’ve got big things in store for Image. And that Paul will seemlessly become a face of the iFanboy totem.

  183. This is all awesome news. iFanboy is what got me into comics. I had never read a comic in my life but decided to check out iFanboy on Revision3. The passion and excitement they showed about what they were reading instantly drew me in and I have been an avid reader of comics and a frequent user of this site. It’s no surprise that Ron is going to work at Image. It seems like a great company and he’s going to fit in perfectly. The independence is awesome for obvious reasons and, finally, Paul has been one of, if not, my favorite parts of this site in recent years.

    I’m excited for the future and wish Ron the best in his new position!

  184. Congrats on the new job, Ron, and thanks for all the fun moments you’ve given me! And congrats and welcome to Paul!

  185. Ron Richards: iF an boy no more. Congratulations, Ron. You shall be missed, but iFanboy’s loss is Image’s gain. Who better to fill the Ron shaped hole than Mr Montgomery?

  186. Ron leaving iFanboy is like Wolverine leaving the X-Men. So sad. The show won’t be the same without you.

  187. I don’t post a lot here, but I’ve been lurking around since you all started cracking me up talking about Daredevil in Paris.

    I shall miss you Ron, but I wish you luck, fun and success.

    Congratulations Paul, through the fuzzy typewriter and the receptionists et al. I’ve really come to enjoy your work and you were the obvious, possibly only choice for promotion.

    I’ve become immensely attached to you guys, that I’ve never met. Keep up the good work and you can rely on my continued support.

  188. Good luck, man! You’ll be missed around here!

  189. Congratulations Ron. This makes me sad for me, but very happy for you. I have really enjoyed your work here, and Image is lucky to have you. May you have amazing success there, it’s a great company, now go make it better.

    Congratulations Paul. I have always enjoyed the Times you have filled in on the show, and your writing has always been great. I look forward to greatness from you.

    Conor and Josh, please don’t leave us. I have grown dependent on fAnboy, and without the two of you I’ll be forced to listen to, watch, and read subpage content. With no iFAnboy I would likely be in some back alley somewhere trading “favors” for comics reviews and news. Thanks for making the world safe for addicts like me. Keep up the amazing work.

  190. Congratulations Ron! you will be dearly missed but i wish you all the best with your new post! hopefully you get to pop in for a podcast every now and again! thanks for all your great work! best of luck again!

  191. I am seriously going to miss listening to you week in, week out Ron! As long as I’ve been listening to podcasts, I’ve been listening to iFanboy. You guys got me through grad school and now 4+ years counting of my job. I’m happy to hear Paul is getting the spot, but it just won’t be the same. Ron, I’ve always admired your commitment and excitement to the X-Men. As a fellow mutie lover, I’ve really appreciated it. I know Paul will do a fantastic job, and I know I’ll keep listening as long as you guys are making episodes, but it will certainly be a different show with a slightly different dynamic. I sincerely wish you the best of luck at Image!

  192. Congratulations to both of you! Ron, you’ll be missed (maybe come on as a guest from time to time?) but Paul is definitely the right man to take your spot, I think it’ll be a good fit.

    BTW, Paul: what’s your position on Cyclops? Great X-Man, or THE GREATEST X-Man?

  193. Man, you probably won’t believe this, but i’ve just woke up from a nightmare where i discovered what head was hiding joker under the “dome”. I said, “Maybe i should go and check IFanboy, maybe I am missing something important. Shit, i was missing something important. Sad news and also great news. Congratulations both of you!

  194. Stay classy Ron Richards. Looking forward to the new trinity. Also looking forward to becoming a member and giving my money to something worthwhile. Can we bring back the t-shirts? Maybe with Ron’s “so sad” face on the back?

  195. Ron’s first project: an Image-themed pinball machine.

  196. Kind of got emotional there for a second. It’s hard to say good-bye to someone you’ve been listening to religiously for 6 years.

  197. After all these years of your pod and vidcasts making my working life a far more bearable existance, it’s incredibly sad to see you go. The three of you have become an established part of my comic loving experience, and until I managed to meet and make some very fine comic loving friends (which was harder than I expected and only really kicked off last year) it was you guys who I shared my passion with.

    However, I have to congratulate you and wish you a great future in your new position.

    As for Paul, well, I’ve always felt he made a fine 4th Beatle and was the perfect fill in for when one of you guys were unavailable. He’ll never be a Ron Richards but he’ll always be a Paul Montgomery and I can’t think of a single better person to take over your role. We’ll welcome him with already established open arms.

    But, hey, don’t be a stranger, Ron. When you’ve got the time we’ll be most happy to hear or see you join the guys again as a special guest presenter/reviewer.

    All the best, sir!

  198. Ron’s exist is really sad news. I’m sure Paul will do a perfect job. But it just won’t be the same. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the new line-up, but Ron’s attitude will be missed. Good luck for your job at Image!

  199. I just cried and cried….

  200. It disheartens me to see Ron go. He was the one who got me hooked on this website. I remember the episode fondly. It was the episode where they talked about Young Liars #2 or was it #3? Either way he was the one who got me hooked on this site and podcast and I am happy for him for moving forward in the comic industry. He was also one of my highlights at the first NYCC I went to. I wanted to meet him and I did. I also started sideburns because of him also. I am grateful for this site and will continue my Sunday tradition of having a drink and listening to a podcast. I will have another for ron from now on. Thank you Ron!!

  201. Ron, your charm and enthusiasm as a guest on other podcasts led me to iFanboy, and made me a loyal listener for four years now. I always enjoy your perspective on comics as a listener and I’m excited as a reader now that you’re behind the scenes at Image. Well done.

    Congratulations, Paul! Looking forward to a long, successful Montgomery era of the Pick of the Week podcast.

  202. Wait a minute…this is really happening?! I didn’t dream this? What the hell Ron…you’re breaking up the band? And Paul isn’t even an Xmen fan? Holy cow…

    And iFanboy is an independent website not a wholly owned subsidiary of a big corporation?

    Wow…what a day.

    Here’s another round of well wishes for all you guys. Good luck!

  203. You’re leaving just as the X-Men are hitting a strong stride. I’m gonna miss the crap out of you.

  204. I don’t like changes that I don’t like, so this sucks. This site and in particular the weekly podcasts have gotten me back to reading comics maybe 2 years ago or so. I enjoyed the positivity and enthusiasm of Ron most of all, so I am going to miss that. I really hope this won’t be the beginning of the end of ifanboy.
    Ron, good luck at Image Comics and if you can convince Kirkman do to some shirtless pics for his huge gay following that would be amazing. Something good for me has got to come out of this after all!

  205. Congrats to you both, Ron and Paul. Best of luck. iFanboy has changed my life by bringing me closer to comics. I hope iFanboy and Image comics continue to grow for many years to come! Looking forward to pick of the week #500 and Invincible and the Walking Dead hitting that landmark someday too.

    • Congratulations on this great opportunity, Ron! You have provided me with years of thoughtful analysis and hilarious fun on the podcast. You will be missed, but I can’t wait to see what your involvement with Image Comics means for the future of the most exciting company in comics right now. And congratulations to Paul! I have been a big fan of Fuzzy Typewriter & Paul’s work here on the site (his Agent Coulson coverage around the time of the Avengers movie was so much fun) and can’t wait to hear what he brings to the weekly podcast. Change can be hard, but it can also be great.

  206. I am sure I won’t be the first to say it, but thank you for all the work you put into iFanboy. When I got into comics the worst part was the lack of intelligent conversation (or any conversation really). We all know being a comic fan can be an isolated experience, but that changed when I discovered the podcast–now, once a week I get to hear people like me, occasionally thinking critically and engaging the English major analytic brain that I tend to shut down in my day to day, to avoid freaking people out. Anyway, thanks. Good luck at image, make sure saga is the next walking dead please. Also glad to hear that you have a worthy replacement in Paul. Keep living the dream!

  207. So Ron is leaving ifanboy to focus on running his comic book store AND its only gonna sell image comics?

    Good luck Ron, please come back for the year end round ups, since the other two dont really listen to music anymore 🙂

  208. You guys were one of the first podcasts I got into listening to on a regular basis come around 2006-2007 and I’ve basically been a steady listener ever since. I’ll miss Ron’s presence and banter with Josh and Connor. My favorite episodes (outside of the times when we’ve been brought the likes of Middle Management Red Skull and Post Coital Thor) were the videos that showed a bit more their lives beyond the comics, in particular the summer barbecues. It really showed at the core, that these three are best friends.

    I have no doubt of Paul’s ability to step into Ron’s shoes on iFanboy however and I’m confident that the show remains in good hands. I’ll second someone’s earlier motion to make Paul the “My Little Pony” guy, though!

  209. OK, look Ron, it’s too early for the April Fool’s joke, and it’s really not original, Josh already pulled this trick a few years ago, so, ha, ha, funny, now let’s get back to…

    Oh, this isn’t a joke? You’re really leaving? For Image?

    Wow, congratulations! I’ll miss the bat-shit crazy element you brought to the PotW, and the musical taste that’s influenced the show. Good luck and God speed, brother.

  210. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Guys. Don’t worry about the show losing its musical edge.

    I LOVE show tunes and I have a suspicion you’re gonna love show tunes too!

  211. Wow – Its a little more than 24 hours and I’m still totally overwhelmed by the response here and on the various social networks. It’s amazing to see how kind and congratulatory everyone is. For years I’ve always said iFanboy was nothing without our audience and it’s true. You guys are what keeps iFanboy going and you will continue to long after I’m gone.

    I did my best to respond to everyone with specific questions – I don’t want to spam the comments with “Thank you!” to everyone here so I hope a blanket THANK YOU for all the well wish will suffice. Every one of you has had a direct and profound impact on my life and I have to thank you for that.

    While I may not be here day in and day out, I will always be an iFanboy. iFanboy will always be in my heart and hopefully I won’t be too far and welcome back when I do come visit.

    As for the question about music. I trust Josh and Conor’s taste in music IMPLICITLY and as for Paul…well, he’s still on probation when it comes to this. I’ll be watching closely, Paul. VERY CLOSELY.

    Thanks again everyone – I have a perma-smile on my face and it’s because of all of you.

  212. I think we need an iFanboy: Best of Ron Richards podcast episode.

  213. Thanks for everything, Ron! iFanboy’s been a staple in my life since I lived abroad in 2007. You guys were a little slice of home. May you have fantastic success over at Image!

  214. Who’s Ron Richards? Is that the Superman fan of the three?

    • Just kidding 🙂 You will be missed. If two weeks ago was your last pick you finished with an X-Men title. Its kind of fitting. Best of luck in your new role!

  215. Will Paul be a Superior IFanboy?

    Congrats Ron…have enjoyed your voice and thoughts for years now. Hope you can help Image to even greater heights!

  216. Honestly, ive been a member here for 2 years now and have no clue who Paul or Ron are. I know Connor because he likes to yell at me about my posts lol

    but as some completely oblivious random user I wanted to say thanks and congrats to all 3 for this site. I absolutely love everything about iFanboy. Best of luck!

  217. congrats ron / paul! you will be missed / welcomed!

  218. Great news all around! Congratulations everyone!

  219. Goodbye Ron, I enjoyed hearing you very much on POTW podcast! Hope you come back from time to time!

  220. Congrats to Ron and Paul!

    …oh and sweet walkie-talkies!

  221. Well this is good and bad news all at the same time! Gonna miss you on the podcast Ron, I’m a huge X-Men fan so you represented us well! I still laugh every time I think about the podcast when you mispronounced rustyautoparts lol. Kick ass at Image! I have to say I’m excited to have Paul on board, can’t think of a better replacement…

  222. iFanboy is losing a good man in Ron Richards, and I am losing a tender yet firm lover.. WHAT? Sorry, I gotta go…

  223. This shocked me. When I got back into comics about 7 years ago I relied heavily on the podcasts (and still do) to guide what I should pick up. One of the great things about iFanboy is the dynamic between you three. I know Paul will do a brilliant job (just listen to the fantastic Fuzzy Typewriter podcast) and the dynamic will change so the show will be different. I wish Ron every success in his new job – but you’ll be missed!

  224. The three of you guys was the reason I got back into comics, I’m truly gonna miss u Ron. You are a great review and podcaster. I wish u all the best at image, I know you gonna make us all proud.
    I don’t know anything about Paul but I’m welcoming you with open arms 🙂

    All the best Ron!
    Knock em dead!

  225. Ron who? You say there was a guy with side burns before Paul?

    I joke…of course.

  226. Congratulations! Image is getting a lot of my money lately, and this can only ensure the trend continues!

  227. I’m really going to miss Ron, I feel like he was the one I had the most in common with, as far as comics go…and oh yeah, he also loved The Smiths. 🙂 The energy and humor he brought to the podcast and his writing was always great to hear and read. A job at Image, though, that’s awesome!

    Best of luck, Ron, and thank you so much for the entertainment you provided and for your hard work in helping build this great website.

  228. Ron – you are perfect for your new position at Image. A hearty congratulations – I am so into Image these days – find myself checking their new monthly comics along with the “big 2” – and with you there I now feel like I “should” have Image be a part of my comics life (my first comic book was Avengers #58 “Even An Android Can Cry” – you do the math 🙂 so adding Image to my Marvel/DC obsessive hobby (I’m a comics reader, not a comics collector) is a big deal for me and you now make me feel at home at Image. Bottom line – you have taken a wonderful step for you and your iFanboy life will never be the “past” but rather an ongoing extension of your life.

    Connor, Josh and Paul – I am locked in and on your six; lead on! Having discovered iFanboy about 6 years ago (?) I am madly in love with what you guys do – not only am I not going anywhere I am actually quite excited about you spinning off again. I’ve “spun the dial” and sampled all the comic podcasts I could find, once I realized such a thing existed, and you are the tightest, most entertaining, and most knowledgeable (“best there is at what you do” – you get it) and Paul is frankly already a part of the Almighty Trio for me.

    Ron was the heart of the operation – now wait this is not going the way you think – and so you would think that with him missing the Trio has no heart. Not true. Here’s why: in no particular order – Conner grounds the endeavor and is a natural moderator as well as having really insightful contextual observations. Josh is “talent” – either comic or comicbook – that is developing in real time, week by week, and he punctuates the proceedings – in addition to equally weighty and serious-minded commentary on story and craft – with comic jabs and “endearing snarkiness” – maybe he invented such a thing. Paul comes on board – actually continues given his constant “sittin’ in” status over the time I’ve listened [ and Tom Katers is the new “substitute teacher” when needed, make no mistake ] and Paul simply sounds wise beyond his years, which is a good thing – and his insight and point of view has always been welcome so I am quite excited about seeing the new team quickly hit their stride.

    Let’s not forget the fourth Marx Brother (and he and I go back to know there were actually 5 of them – anyone name them?) namely: John Siuntres – he is the doyen of comic interviewing – as well as the sports – we’re both boxing aficionados – and along with that killer professional voice he is a professional interviewer – I know I was a paid sponsor and he interviewed me about my novel “The Expert On Everything” (Privacy Doesn’t Exist Anymore”) – see what I did there 🙂 so I certainly hope he remains part of the family because Word Balloon is a part of my regular comic diet along with iFanboy and will continue to be.

    Anyway, Ron’s news was obviously a catalyst for me – I really, really enjoy what all of you above do and am a fan. So keep up the good work – we ARE out here and appreciate the time and effort you all put into this. (Now, seriously, why can’t Green Arrow find its groove while ‘Hawk Guy” soars to a new level – both are guys with bow and arrows and look at how a simple premise can go based on storytelling chops – amazing).

    Excels…. – no wait, that’s taken.


    Edward David Gil aka ‘The Vision”

  229. I just realized since Ron is leaving next week, he won’t be there at the POTW podcast when the last issue of Hellblazer is released..

    Now I’m sad..

  230. Just to echo what pretty much everyone has said here, thanks a lot, Ron, for helping make iFanboy the #1 comics site on the web (well, it’s my favourite at least) and all the best with your pretty great sounding new job. Image has already quickly grown to be THE comics publisher of the moment and I’m sure with your help, it will only go from strength to strengths.

    I ain’t gonna lie though, it really, really sucks that you won’t be around these parts as much anymore, but you could seldom have chosen a better replacement. Congrats, thanks and good luck, Ron and congrats Paul, as well.

  231. ive read this yesterday and while going through the comments,i didnt feel the need to say something because the ifanboy staff was silent too.but tonight when @ronxo responded to the well-wishers,i finally felt that someone in ifanboy cared on what the community members think.with that said,congratulations,ron.i think this is just a way of ifanboy to be on the “backstage”,a spy if you will,for some advance reading on saga,walking dead and manhattan projects.hehe. kidding aside, whats important is that everyone will be better in the long run.who knows,josh will write for image and ron will be his boss…hehe.and conor will be sipping some margaritas down in cabo.cheers!

  232. Ack! I just found out! And even though I havent commented in, like a year, I had to stop by and say “Thanks” and “Good Luck”, Ron!

  233. Its sad to lose the X-Men guy in the group but best of luck to you. Thank you for all your years at iFanboy.

    Are you on tonight’s POTW episode?

  234. Since I read the news on Friday I had to take a bit of time for it to sink in.

    Ron Congratulations on the job at Image comics they are gaining an invaluable individual who has an incredible love for the comic book medium. I will miss you on the podcast as you are the one person who can make me laugh until I cry. Good luck and you will be missed.

    Paul Congratulations on the promotion and can’t wait for your first pick of the week.

    On another note could we have a video show of Ron’s best and funniest moments as a kind of tribute to one of the funniest comic book fans and iFanboy founders.

  235. Best of luck Ron!! You will be missed. Now who is going to preach to us the greatness of the Paul Smith era of Uncanny? *sigh*
    I have the ultimate confidence that Paul will do an excellent job as evidenced by his work on the last couple of SDCC’s!!

    lastly, in that 2001 pic, did Josh just go all supernova ala Johnny Storm?

  236. All the best for the future Ron, been an absolute pleasure reading your articles and listening to you on the podcast, cheers.

  237. Not happy with this Ron and me was always in The sane wavelength

  238. congrats on the new job Ron… we will miss you.

    hope to see lots of exclusive iFanboy announcements from Image

  239. Ron – best of luck.

    You’re the heart of iFanboy, in much the same way Ray was the heart of the Ghostbusters.

    I’ll leave it for you to decide who’s Peter, Egon, and Winston.

    Take care.

  240. As comics have grown more expensive and my personal budget tighter with a mortgage and being an adult, I’ve always had iFanboy there as a constant when I wanted to know what was good in that realm. Ron, you were as important a part of that as any and as someone who I can honestly say made me laugh in tough times and bad, I wish you nothing but the finest of things in your future endeavors. Sincerely, thank you for the countless hours of entertainment and incite.

  241. Adios, Ron. YOU nailed it.

  242. Rest assured, iFanboy – your loyal audience will support you through thick and/or thin!

    Best of luck to Ron on starting this new and exciting chapter in your career!

    And congrats to Paul, you earned it, everyone loves you already!

    I’d also like to have a moment of prayer for Tomahawk, who really got shafted by the white man at the end of All Star Western #13…

  243. Congrads, Ron and best of luck.

  244. Congratulations to both Paul and Ron. Did they make you fulfill your book of the month obligation before you left?

  245. Thanks for all of the good times Ron. Good luck in your new endeavors. Paul, you have some big shoes to fill.

  246. For what it’s worth, I’ve been laughing at the caption to photo of Paul for nearly a week now.

  247. Wow big news all around. Ron , thanks for all the hours of excellent entertainment you have provided me with all these years. I wish you the best of luck at Image. Paul, congrats on the all the new duties. I’ve always enjoyed your writing and podcasting and think that you are a perfect fit for the show. Looking forward to the New 3/ ifanboy Now! era.

  248. Damn, way to go Ron! Very cool.

  249. Paul is a fantastic and worthy replacement. But your commentary and perspective will be greatly missed, Ron. Congrats on your new job

  250. Best of luck, Ron. Don’t be a stranger on iFanboy!

  251. End of an Era!!! I guess this means less X-Men books for Pick of the Week.

  252. Wow. Thanks for everything Ron.

    I want you to know that the iFanboy community you’ve helped create has had a great impact on me over the past 6-7 years, and the work you’ve done was important. I now feel I have a comic community that I really didn’t have before, and that means a lot to me, and I think to the rest of us. I am better for it. I’ll miss listening to you each week buddy.

    Make us proud sir!

  253. Wow, I can’t believe how much change is coming in the early part of the new year. I have been an avid fan of iFanboy for around 6 to 7 years now. iFanboy was the site that got me into comics after accidentally stumbling upon the graphic novel collection for the Heroes comics that came out during that show’s peak success at their 1st season. Ron has always gone hand in hand with iFanboy for all that time & while I am quite excited to see what Ron has up his sleeve for Image Comics, I will most definitely miss you Mr. Richards, as I’m sure a lot of us here at the iFanbase. On that note Congrats Paul!!! I have always loved your film reviews & well enjoy your podcast appearances so Ron’s replacement was definitely a no-brainer there. Thanks for the laughs, the excitement & the guide Ron, will look forward to your future projects at Image!!! 🙂

  254. Congratulations! On moving back to independence, and for new chapters! Although I feel like the picture of Sad Ron that keeps coming up in the “you might like” bar at the bottom of the pages, so sad to see Ron go, but I’m excited about Paul, and Ron’s new venture. Image is in such a great place now with so many fascinating books, and I hope Ron finds as welcoming a home there as the one he’s made for so many at iFanboy.

  255. Going to miss you, Ron. Congratulations to you and Paul.

  256. Does this mean that Paul will shave off his beard in favor of side burns?!

    I’m very happy for Ron, Paul, and iFanboy as a whole.

    Ron’s enthusiasm and childlike wonder will be missed on the POW podcast, but I’m sure he will bring the same energy to image comics and that can only mean more great content from Image Comics. I also look forward to Paul joining the POW podcast, I’ve really enjoyed the episodes that he filled in on, as well as his fuzzy typewriter podcast.

    As for Ifanboy, graphically-supported or not, they will continue to be my primary source for comics news and discussion. The level of quality on this site is the watermark that all others should strive to achieve.


  257. Thank you Ron. Your voice is in my head when anyone talks Marvel… I’ll try on an Image comic next. Good luck!

  258. Thanks Ron, you have helped make something great with iFanboy, go help make something else that is great even greater at image

  259. Congratulations Ron! That is so freaking cool. I must say, now that you have this influence, you must never allow the price of volume 1 trades of new series to be raised passed $10. That’s one of the bright lights in today’s dim comic book market.

    I’ve enjoyed your work and I hope for the best!

  260. How the heck does a guy I don’t know leaving a podcast make me this bummed out?! While this is wonderful news, you will be missed greatly. As a Marvel zombie and X-fan myself, your point of view spoke to me the most. ifanboy was the first podcast I ever heard and listening to three good friends talk about comics once a week has become a wonderful part of my life. Thanks and best wishes!