Great Moments in iFanboy History: So Sad

A rare behind the scenes look at the infamous video episode So Sad.


  1. I want to blow this up and frame it. 

  2. Maybe we should sell prints.

  3. Sometimes I am sad sometimes

  4. Prints or the next limited edition T-shirt. 

  5. The real Ron everybody! Clap it up!

  6. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    We should put this on the cover of a journal and offer it as a ‘dream diary.’  

  7. Oh, this just made my day!

  8. I pray this is gonna be in that podcast book 🙂

    Just….never again with that…

  9. funny stuff

  10. Classic

  11. I don’t know what’s worse –

    1) Ron actually owning lacy fingerless gloves and mascara

    2) the fact he had to go into a store and buy them

    3) he had to ask someone to borrow them

    I call for a caption contest

  12. this is going on my wall

  13. I’m telling Morrissey on you. 

  14. But what would Ron have looked like if he was obsessed with Divo?

  15. Robert Smith would be proud, Ron. This was for The Sandman video show, yes?

  16. I don’t recall approving this post being published….

  17. Prank caller! Prank caller!

  18. Even when he’s sad, he still smiles…

    And I second the idea of turning these into prints.  Include them in the iFanboy member packages!

  19. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I agree with drakedangerz!  Instead of sending me a comic book with my prize pack, if you could just include a copy of this suitable for gluing to the cover of my journal full of emo poems from high school, I’d be fine with that.

  20. That was the best opening to a video show yet.

  21. you should make a 11×17 print of this and ron sign it as a prize pack for ifanboy members!

  22. @Conor Well played using "Unlovable [The Smiths]" as the tagline. Extra tip of the hat to you

  23. Damn, that was a great episode.

  24. and why isn’t this a members t-shirt?

  25. He wears black on the outside because he’s black on the inside.

    I feel your angsty pain my friend.

  26. @edward Right on, new special edition shirt; Front: This picture, Back: iFanboy, How long till death?

  27. WHY did you have to show me something i can NEVER unsee? DAMN YOU, CONOR!!!

  28. I think Paul nails it!

    If I may be so bold…

  29. The sideburns still look like awkward squirrels chasing each other across his face.

     …but not in a bad way.

  30. @ daccampo

    That (as well as the original pic) made me laugh hysterically in front of two people who absolutely don’t get why it’s funny.

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @daccampo – Hahahaha, perfect!

  32. Ron, I would be kicking some ass if I where you.

  33. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @dacampo: That is brilliant.  I can picture those on sale at Hot Topic.

  34. @daccampo: You deserve a medal for that! 🙂

    If this would become a member’s shirt or putting this in a members package (instead of a comic) then I will become a member.

  35. @daccampo that was f’n awesome. 

  36. the idea suggest parody, the two shades of eye shadow denotes sincere effort. 

  37. Somehow the sideburns overcome the mess around them to shine through in the manliest fashion possible.  Stand proud sideburns.  Stand proud.

  38. Do you remember when everyone wanted to be the Crow for Halloween?  It’s always Halloween in the Ron Richards house!

  39. Ron lets their teeny minds think that they’re dealing with someone who is over the brink. And he dresses this way just to keep them at bay cause Halloween is every day!


  41. Fishnets heirarchy:

    Black Canary > Zatanna > Ron

  42. When you laugh about people who feel so very lonely, their only desire is to die. Well I’m afraid it doesn’t make me smile. I wish I could laugh, but that joke isn’t funny anymore. It’s too close to home and it’s too near the bone. More than you’ll ever know..

  43. We need this article updated with daccampo’s image on here 🙂

  44. The posting of the picture must have been Conor’s preemptive punishment for the POTW being late.  How did he know so early???

  45. Hmmm does this beat:

    Conor as a sad Batman?

    Or Josh having the ‘Guy Fieri’ look?

  46.  oh dear – so this thread *is* real and it wasn’t the subject of a nightmare?

    @daccampo – well done

    @Adam – you made me laugh out loud with the 2 shades comment – well done as well

    you can’t say I don’t have a good sense of humor 🙂

  47. Omg. I remember that was my 2nd episode of ifanboy. It’s funny to see that you guys actually went to hot topic and get the props. I like that episode. And I agree with the others to put that picture in my membership package or make a tshirt out of it. It would be funny if you can start a meme with this pic. LOL.

  48. Gah!

  49. I might have a crush…

  50. Is that a boy or a girl?  I remember when men wanted to be like frank sinatra and women like Judy Garland.  What is going on? 

  51. @Dan I agree, lets do a caption contest.

  52. I’ve updated the Flickr photo to include the following caption:

    "You wear black on the outside to describe how you feel on the inside, but now you can elaborate your pain with this hand-crafted dream journal, featuring an image of Goth iconoclast Ron Richards in sullen repose. With its cover quote selected from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, The Ron Richards Dream Journal™ is the perfect traveling companion for lone travelers caught traversing the dark highways of the dream king’s realm.

    This leatherbound 6” x 9” dream journal was hand-stitched by Guatemalan peasant women from the carcasses of dead plants and animals, so it, too, understands that life is suffering. Escape into your own dreamworld today! Retails for $19.95 or the collected teardrops of a weeping ghost."

  53. Santa Macarena!

  54. creepy

  55. @dacampo – fantastic. 

  56. I will never get tired tired of Ron doing his Robert Smith/Morrisey! That should be in the opening each week! Timeless!

  57. Wow.  @ daccampo Wow. 


    2- funny

    3- a bit creepy in its own right that you’d spend time to make that.

    4- Conor and Josh need to dress up next.



  58. Say it ain’t so Ron, Say it ain’t so!?!?

  59. don’t you weep pretty babe,
    don’t you weep pretty babe,
    she’s long gone with her red shoes on,
    gonna need another loving babe.

  60. MORRISSEY: Dissapointing Fathers 30 years and running!

  61. I think it looks cool.


  62. Man, people did not just compare Moz and Robert Smith like they were peas in a pod/both to blame for this get-up.  

     That did not just happen.  What the hell, Ron and Gordon?  How about a little solidarity here?

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but I mean, really, it looks like big mouth strikes again.  Moz is a handsome devil, and when it comes to comparing him and Robert Smith, all I can say is that joke isn’t funny anymore.  Is it really so strange that I’m irritated by this?  I mean, ask me and I can clarify the whole thing for you guys.  Just like how some girls are bigger than others, not all eighties pop singers are created equally.  As Smith ages and loses his enthusiasm, you can look to Morrissey and see that, in fact, there is a light that never goes out.  Man, I’m running out of steam.  It looks like I’ve started something I can’t finish. 

    That might have been one of the nerdiest (and possibly homoerotic) things I’ve ever written in my life.  I’m going to go drink some beer, shoot a coyote, and satisfy some women.  I might even do it while listening to the Cro-Mags just to replenish my testosterone levels. 

  63. You just killed a kitten

  64. Dude is this what happened after you read sandman?

  65. Thank you, “You might like:” widget!!! HA!

  66. This is still, to this day, the greatest moment in ifanboy history.
    It was so funny I can forgive Ron for not being a fan of the Sandman.

  67. this should be uploaded as his profile pic as well as on the ‘about us’ section