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TEASER: Frazer Irving & Bendis Call for an UNCANNY X-MEN REVOLUTION

¡Viva la Revolución! X-Men Style

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A predictable swap for the Merc with a Mouth

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Congrats to the proud poppas!

REVIEW: The Superior Spider-Man #1 (Spoiler-Free)

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Walt Simonson SMASH! – Joins Mark Waid on INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK

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Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Cullen Bunn Assembles the Shield Maidens in THE FEARLESS DEFENDERS

Flight of the Valkyrior

TEASER: Wood and Coipel on XX

One more X, and we’d have been in for a big change at Marvel.

Ron’s List of the Best Things in Comics in 2012

You know what’s the best? These things are the best. The best, Jerry. The best.

PREVIEW: All-New X-Men #6 featuring David Marquez

EXCLUSIVE first look at the next artist to join Bendis on All New X-Men

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: NOVA with Jeph Loeb

Rocketing into the future with a new character