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Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Brian Michael Bendis Wants YOU to Join the UNCANNY X-MEN

Children are the future.

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The creators behind Marvel NOW!’s most controversial series speak!

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Pangs and fangs.

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Decoding Jonathan Hickman’s AVENGERS

Where does he get those wonderful charts and graphs?


Deadpool, Dr. Strange… and Benjamin Franklin?!

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Uncanny X-Force with Sam Humphries

They’re not just ladies with swords and mohawks. They’ve got a Puck.

Preview: AVENGERS #7 Art from Dustin Weaver [Exclusive]

When these guys work together, comics get pretty.

Marvel NOW! Brings a Stack of Firsts… Again

Months after almost totally giving up on Marvel, Mike returns for a bit to check out a series of #1s… will he keep coming back for more?