Marvel’s Next Big Thing: Uncanny X-Force with Sam Humphries

The Marvel NOW! train continues to roll on, and with Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force close to wrapping up, that paves the way for a new number one issue and a new creative team on what’s been one of Marvel’s best books over the past 2 years.  Earlier today, Marvel Comics hosted a press conference featuring new Uncanny X-Force writer Sam Humphries and X-Books line editor Nick Lowe to discuss what readers can expect this January from Uncanny X-Force.

Out of the gate, Sam Humphries explained that some of the details of the book be discussed or divulged for fear of spoiling or revealing how Remender’s run ends, but Humphries promised to do his best to provide some insight into the book.  Before getting into the details of the book, both Humphries and Lowe expressed how excited they were for fans to see Ron Garney’s art on the book.  Lowe explained that Garney was being inked by Danny Miki and would continue the dynamic look and feel of the title adding that “Ron is kicking so much ass on the pages.”

As far as details of the book, here’s the details we were able to glean from the call:

  • The events of the book have a direct tie to the end of Remender’s run on Uncanny X-Force
  • The new team consists of Psylocke, Storm, Puck (from Alpha Flight), Spiral and a new character named Cluster (but referred to as Lady Fantomex)
  • More information on Cluster comes in Uncanny X-Force #35
  • The team will feature other characters that have not been revealed yet
  • The villain is Bishop, who has returned from the future
  • The first story will be set in Los Angeles

With the details out of the way, Sam Humphries classic style of enthusiasm was present when discussing Uncanny X-Force.  Stressing the fringe aspect of Uncanny X-Force, he explained that while the team has evolved and changed from the original “Mutant Kill Squad” mandate, they’re still the edge team of the X-Men Universe, willing to go and do the things that the other teams won’t, or can’t. Humphries explained, “My mandate is to deliver something you can’t find anywhere else. There’s a real freedom in that… your job is to do the crazy thing…”I promise you, Marvel will occasionally regret giving me that freedom.”  Humphries further went on to expand on the position the characters are in, ranging from Psylocke, who’s been affected by the events of Remender’s run; Storm, who’s been recently dumped by the Black Panther; Spiral, who has a long history of conflict with Psylocke; and Puck, who, coming from Canada and Alpha Flight plays the role of the wildcard.   Lowe specifically compared Puck to Fantomex in Remender’s run, promising that Puck will be the breakout star of the book.

With all these details about story and characters answered, I was left with one question for Humphries:

iFanboy: What is Psyclocke getting the other team members for Christmas?  

Sam Humphries: If there was an Uncanny X-Force Secret Santa, Psylocke would be the least enthusiastic in participaing in such a thing right now… What Puck would give everyone in the Secret Santa would be a hunting knife, and some beer. And probably some buffalo steak from a buffalo he just killed.

Nick Lowe: Betsy would just give gift cards.  We’ll get a sponsor for Uncanny X-Force and then we can have her give American Express gift cards.

With that important question out of the way, Uncanny X-Force #1, written by Sam Humphries with art by Ron Garney, comes out in January 2013.  You can see the cover to the first 3 issues, plus some black and white Garney art from issue #1 below:


  1. And we have final fantasy x-2 all over again. Boo to this book.

  2. Is Storm going to have the mohawk in all of the other X-books she’s in as well?

  3. In Puck I trust

  4. Personally, I think Marvel have done this book a disservice pricing it £3.99 when it doesn’t have any of the characters or creators that made the previous incarnation a hit. If it was one of the £2.99 titles more people would take a chance on a up and coming writer and established artist.

    If I hear some good things I’ll pick it up in trade.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking. I don’t pick up any $3.99 books, just because it’s not worth it, when they are cheaper in trades. $2.99 I can justify, but enough people buy the $3.99 books, otherwise Marvel wouldn’t keep pricing them that high.

  5. I fn love Mohawk storm and bishop take my money

  6. I wish the interior art was as cool as the cover.

    Didn’t Ron Garney used to use a more simplified almost Wieringo -esque style? Like back when he was on Captain America? Or am I imagining things?

  7. I’m out after #35. It’s nothing against the creative team (I fucking love Ron Garney), or the team (I fucking love Mohawk Storm). I just wanna flick the switch on this before the bulb burns out. Personally, I just can’t fathom this concept bottling the same lightning, nor should it have to. It’s just time for me to go.

  8. Meh, without Deadpool I really don’t care about the X-Men and their assorted teams. In fact, it was Uncanny X-Force that made me discover my apathy for the X-Men. Solos are a different story- I loved X-23 and would pull the hell out of a Psylocke ongoing.

  9. looks interesting, I’ll give it a try.

  10. The only reason I’m interested is because I am interested in Bishop. The first arc of Uncanny X-Force had the rebirth of Apocalypse to really draw me in and I stayed for the entire run (I wish Omega Red wasn’t segmented). U-X-Force is just piling on my favorite bad guys in hopes I’ll buy the books. The writing is what decides if I stay around or not.

  11. This looks awesome! The art + Mr. Humphries’ unique/fun writing style. Now I’m gonna have to get this too.. LOL


    Broke BionicDave

  12. Nice art. Garney + Miki make it look a bit like 90’s-era Image art from Wildstorm/Top Cow. I mean that in a good way.

  13. I’m probably in just for the team composing Psylocke and Spiral. Storm back with her 80’s haircut is a nice touch as well (best look that character ever had, IMO).

    You base this team in the Australian outback and give the occasional Gateway cameo and I’m all in for sure.

  14. They had me at Cluster.

  15. Storm? Really? Cause when I think “covert mutant hit squad”, she’s always who I think of first…