Walt Simonson SMASH! – Joins Mark Waid on INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK

Through some nefarious, cyber hijinks that we won’t get into – we uncovered this intriguing tidbit from Marvel Comics…


Walt Simonson? Mark Waid? Hulk? Mjolnir?  Is it April yet?


  1. That is one fantastic image. Walt Simonson has still got the chops after all these years!

  2. The Superman Birthright band broke up already?! Well Simonson better keep the hulk’s new threads, the purple shorts are alittle passe now.

  3. I’m very aroused by this

  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    More Simonson is always good news. I think this is a particularly appropriate project for him though. I mean look at that loveliness.

  5. Not that I’m upset about Leinil Yu, but THIS is the Hulk I want to see SMASH!

  6. On Simonson’s Twitter feed he posted an unfinished page of some frost giants. Is anyone else nerdgasming as much as I am seeing these images??? SIMONSON doing THOR??? I know he did covers, but some storytelling??? Gosh.

  7. If you follow Simonson on Facebook, he uploads crazy awesome works in progress and penciled pages. I wasn’t sure what they were for, but..I do now!

  8. While I don’t care for anything Hulk related when Peter David is not involved the fact that Walter Simonson is doing a monthly book has me super excited. I just love his artwork so much. This just makes me very happy.

  9. I really liked Leinil Yu’s art. I’m guessing with the double-shipping Marvel is rotating artist’s on new story arcs? I loved Simonson’s run on X-Factor back in the day.

  10. Oh my. That might be enough to get me to pick up this book. Simonson is amazing. Love that image.

  11. Why the hell didn’t they start out with this creative team? I would’ve been very excited about that.

  12. I might get some hate for this, but I think Leinil Yu is better suited for this book. Kinda bummed he’s being replaced. Hopefully he comes back though.

  13. Shame Yu is gonna leave the book for a bit in the near future…

    But Simonson as a replacement is pretty kick ass.

  14. I was tempted to pick this up when Waid launched the book, but never cared for The Hulk. Now that Simonson is jumping on, I’m not sure if I can continue to say ‘no’.

    That cover is just gorgeous. So much energy and confidence in the line work.

  15. I’m very excited for this. I was disappointed with Simonson’s recent Avengers work because he was paired with Bendis. Simonson is an accomplished storyteller, and you could tell that he was drawing to compensate for the deficiencies in Bendis’ writing. Bendis doesn’t write out action scenes well, and I could see Simonson trying to force the transitional panels in there so the pages would have some flow. Waid knows how to write comics well, and he knows how to work with his artists. I imagine this will be some good stuff.