TEASER: Frazer Irving & Bendis Call for an UNCANNY X-MEN REVOLUTION

The parade of Marvel NOW! teasers promoting artist changes in April continued today, as Frazer Irving was announced to be joining Brian Michael Bendis as the artist, presumably based on the art below, on Uncanny X-Men. Irving, who’s work we loved in The Shade mini-series from DC Comics, would be following Chris Bachalo for this new story arc, which appears to be quite revolutionary.



  1. A Bachalo/Irving art tag team? Yes please!

  2. Wow. But I still hate Cyke’s new costume.

  3. Love Bachalo. Love Irving. Lukewarm on Bendis.

    I just can’t afford any more X-Men books.

    I think Josh mentioned this on the podcast, and I gotta say I’m not thrilled with the idea of any one writer on two books in the same line of titles. Inevitably, it goes one of two ways; Either you need to read both books to get the full experience, or both books become watered down as a result. Give someone else a shot. It makes for a more compelling universe.

    And the fact that Magneto is apparently taking fashion tips from Juggernaut doesn’t help.

    • If you make an Avengers book or an X-book, then you’ll have a very small pool of books to choose from, most of which are titles that up-and-coming writers cut their teeth on. Marvel really lacks a good diversity of books for this to be a reality.

    • For what to be a reality? I’m not sure what you mean.

  4. frazer irving rules. i will pick up any new book with his name on it.

  5. Christ. Irving? SOLD

  6. This makes me a bit annoyed because it makes me wonder why Marvel couldn’t give these type of artist to Kieron Gillen. I know Bendis is a bigger name but maybe Gillen might have had better sales if you had someone other than friggen Greg Land and Dodson.

    • I greatly enjoyed Gillen’s run but it was my understanding the reason he was given the artists he was to begin with was to drive up sales. Much as the internet (myself included at least to some extent) loathes Land he generally bumps sales up rather than the other way around, and Pacheco coming back was supposed to be a big thing to.

  7. I absolutely adore Irving, though an X-Men book seems like an unusual place for him… Still, that Magneto looks bad-ass!

  8. I know I might be in the minority here, but I hate Frazer Irving’s art. I just don’t get it. Looks terrible to me. And putting him on an X-Men book just seems odd. But hopefully its only for a couple of issues.

  9. Greatly disappointed by this news, not particularly a fan of Irving (seems like the poor man’s Acuna) and from what I’ve heard this isn’t going to be a rotation such as what’s going on with All New X-Men currently (that of course is just here-say at this point). I finally broke down and subscribed to this series because Bachalo is my favorite artist, I was hoping to at least get 6 issues out of him but to be taken off before an issue is even been released…wonder if he’s leaving marvel.

    • There’s no indication that we won’t get a few issues of Bachalo. The teasers are for April, and the impression I got was that Irving will pick up after Bachalo.

  10. Same here. I grant you Irving has a ‘look’, but I don’t love it. What books cost these days, if I don’t love it I don’t but it.

  11. A few weeks ago Bendis was posting a lot of Frazer Irving art on his tumblr. This explains it.
    Very nice.

  12. Like Bachalo. Like Irving. But if they’re going to rotate arcs, that seems a little odd. I think their styles are just waaaay too different to give the book one feel. I’m not against rotating artists (it usually helps get the best quality production out of both of them) but I think you need similar artists to prevent the book drastically changing every two months. Give me Paolo Rivera/Marcos Martin, or Jerome Opeña/Esad Ribic, or even Ryan Stegman/Humberto Ramos.

  13. I was already all over this book from the almost creepy teaser cover image and it being the Cyclops side of things after seeing everyone else’s, Bachalo is perfect for this book and now that Frazer Irving is involved I’m more than all over this book, his unconventional water color-esque style with haunting yet beautiful color hues are gonna make this title as original as an X-men book can look, rotate em all they want, they’re both abstract, and when Frazer Irving filled in for Quietly on Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin for the Joker issues it felt like his art belonged to the Joker, changed the tone just to suit the Joker.