Artist Mike Hawthorne Jumps On DEADPOOL

Marvel released the following teaser to accompany the announcement that starting April, Mike Hawthorne will handle art duties on Deadpool, joining writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn.


This announcement is somewhat not surprising on multiple levels. While we’re huge Tony Moore fans, it’s a well documented fact that monthly comics are a challenge for him and his detailed (and awesome) style of art. We fully expected to see another artist come on board. To hear that it’s Mike Hawthorne was not a surprise as Hawthorne and Moore have a long standing relationship of working together, as evidenced by the last few issues of the legendary Fear Agent. Having Hawthorne join the team on Deadpool will definitely help to keep the visual look of the series consistent and we don’t predict there being an ounce of dropped quality as Hawthorne is indeed an excellent artist in his own right.

The bigger question lies, “Ice Cream Truck?”


  1. “In a shocking turn of events…”

  2. Does this mean no more pretty Darrow covers?

  3. Tony Moore doing the first few issues then ditching the book

    what is this madness!?

  4. Annnnnd dropped.

    The first few issues of this have been pretty funny, but that’s due to Moore’s artwork as much as Duggan and Posehn’s script.

  5. I predict that it will be revealed that the full quote for this teaser is, “I Scream…DUCK!”

    Howard, that is! C’mon people Deadpool and Howard the Duck!!! Doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂

  6. This is MASSIVE! Hawthorne has got the goods! His recent Twitter posts of his Deadpool sketches look great.

  7. I believe the Ice Cream Truck should become Deadpool’s arch-nemesis…

  8. Is Hawthorne taking over permanently or will he be switching back and forth on different arcs with Moore? Kind of like what happens on Marvel’s Hawkeye series.