PREVIEW: All-New X-Men #6 featuring David Marquez

All-New X-Men #6 Cover

The launch of the Bendis era of the X-Men has been off to a great start, with some fun and engaging stories featuring the X-Men of the past as they come to the present and deal with the world of mutants as it exists today in the pages of All-New X-Men.  For the first 5 issues, writer Brian Michael Bendis has been joined by artist Stuart Immonen, who has done some amazing work.  Thanks to the double shipping schedule, the new series hits issue #6 in January and gets a new artist, David Marquez.

Marquez and Bendis are no strangers to each other, as Marquez has risen to prominence with his work on Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man.  Here he comes on board for the first of a three issue arc which he’ll be lending his artistic talents to.

Below we’ve got the exclusive first look at Marquez’s interior pages to All-New X-Men #6, which hit’s comic shops on January 16th, 2013.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Cover by Stuart Immonen
X-Men 50th Anniversary Variant by TBA

• David Marquez (Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man) takes the artistic reins for 3 issues!
• Brian Bendis further defines the future of the X-Men!

32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99



  1. I’m loving Immonen’s work, but this sounds and looks good to me!

  2. What are Old Cyke and Magento doing at the Jean Grey School?

    • I don’t know, but I think there’s a great opportunity for a caption contest on that page! The expression on Jean’s face in the last panel seems ripe for joke lines.

  3. Gorgeous artwork but somehow the panel with Cyclops and Magneto in the doorway made me think about how bizarre superhero costumes are. Like a couple of naked men barging into the room of a young girl. At least Magneto is wearing briefs and a cape.

    I’ve never had that reaction to a drawn image and it’s not even photorealistic, though it is beautiful and emotive.

  4. It may be the new artist or the angle, but does Beast in the lunchroom scene look different to anyone else?

  5. Who’s gonna replace Marquez on Ultimate Spidey if he’s moving onto this?

  6. The pencils/inks are really nice – but who is doing colors on this book? They are absolutely fantastic & accent those lines perfectly!

  7. I love the Stuart Immonen/Jamie McKelvie hybrid style David Marquez is doing…

  8. I love Immonen’s art and Marquez looks to be a great follow up without taking the look n feel of the book away from where it is.