TEASER: BIRTH from Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi

The latest Marvel Teaser has been posted over at Marvel.com and it’s quite curious…


Congratulations to Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi on their upcoming delivery! Cigars for everyone! But just what is being given birth to? It’s written in purple, so could it be Galactus related…or some other purple character? Hmmm…


  1. Sentry?

  2. Magneto?

  3. Blink?

  4. maybe it will be a whole new character. That would be interesting, but frankly I want Aaron focusing on WatX and Thor.

  5. The Amazing Spider-Man?

  6. Might be an updated New Mutants title dealing w/ actual new mutants instead of the original team that comes to mind…I think they’ve said they have plans for that title before in a cryptic way, and Aaron would be perfect for that, cool mirror reflection of what bendis is doing in his 2 x-titles

  7. I always tend to think of Psylocke when I see purple. Could she be expecting?

  8. The Birth of Purple man!

  9. Thanos?

  10. X-Babies

  11. Everybody beat me to the good comments already 🙁

  12. PleaseBeMachineManPleaseBeMachineManPleaseBeMachineMan…

  13. With Alonso talking the resurgence of cosmic I have a hard time not thinking Adam Warlock (which might be a bit of a stretch but birth makes me think of the cocoon) or Silver Surfer which is and will always be my favorite Marvel character that is not being used. Surfer would allow Marvel to explore more esoteric storylines for sure, which have always been the best Surfer stories in my opinion. You all have some good guesses though and this one has me really intrigued. Overall I’ve found the quality of Aaron’s work (Scalped shows he would be amazing at doing a character exploration with SS) and Marvel NOW! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. 🙂

  14. It’s really hard to tell. I’m trying to match the color purple with birth on something in the Marvel Universe but I can’t put my finger on it.

  15. At last…The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak in his own ongoing!

  16. I’m going with Purple Hulk, final answer.

  17. Duh. Lil’ Hawkeye.

  18. Purple Monkey Dishwasher

  19. Baby Thanos.

  20. What’s Galactus’ current status? When did we see him last?

  21. The purple is throwing me off. I’ll go with the Galactus idea, but I was thinking that this is tied into mutants and the Phoenix outcome for AvX. My idea sounds more far fetched, I think.

    • i don’t think the purple is going to be hardly tied to the book…most of the books have kept a color coded theme, and this one probably will in some way, but galactus & thanos might be a bit of a stretch….those would be great books, but they’ve never had the power to keep an ongoing for long, i personally think it will have to do w/ new mutants, that’s one of the few successful titles that we have yet to see a marvel now analogue for, in light of brian wood’s most likely reboot of x-men to an x-women title, i think this will be new mutants in a strictly literal sense, not necessarily using any of the latest incarnation of the team, but dealing w/ the resurgence of mutants

    • True. Thanos and Glactus would probably not be getting their own books, but C level characters have been given chances. Why not these villains? Visbility of Thanos has risen with The Avengers movie, and he was going to get a mini, which was taken off the board for an unknown reason.

      Chosing colors does make a difference. In past teasers, there are colors chosen that ties to the characters.

      Usually, purple belongs to a villain costume. Green is more often a villain color, and purple does get used for some heroes, but not too many.

    • all of that is definitely true….i hope you are right, because either of those would be pretty great…i read an article w/ jim starlin that kinda made it out that the miniseries didn’t happen because of his relationship to the character, but that wouldn’t make much sense unless he owned him, and he obviously doesn’t…it would definitely be something new for aaron, and he’s been great in most anything he’s tried so far

    • @jonb227 New Mutants resurgence in the literal sense is a great idea and probobal due to House of M-AvsX. I like that Idea as much as I do a solid mini of Thanos origin….Galactus I really don’t see happening but on one hand I think there are enough X titles and Thanos isn’t that far of a stretch due to his increase in demand since his Avengers film credits cameo and telling that story before Avengers 2 comes out would pull a lot of readers in who aren’t familiar with the character and plenty who are cause his full origin has never been told that I know of. I’d prefer it to be a mini so Aaron is stretched to thin on handling Thor God of Thunder & Wolverine and the X-Men. Resurgence of mutants would make a better ongoing.

  22. Something I’ll buy the first issue of!

  23. How about Machine Man taken back from his current nightmare in Red She-Hulk and put back into the world of Warren Ellis?!?! A guy can dream…

  24. Purple Hulk!

  25. Baby Galactus. Born from the Cosmic Seed.

  26. Birth of Thanos. There’s a pre-Infinity Gauntlet Silver Surfer story called Rebirth of Thanos so that’s the logic I’m using.

  27. APOCALYPSE book.

    Or maybe a BROO book?

  28. Baby Rulk!

  29. Maybe we will finally find out what happened to Pete and MJ’s kid…

  30. I would love to reach a book about one of the major villains like Galactus, Thanos, or Apocalypse written by Aaron. I fell in love with his writing on Incredible Hulk, and am now getting WatX and Thor. Thor is by far my favorite ‘NOW!1!’ title.

  31. Something with Luke Cage and Jessica Jones child?

  32. Man Ifanboy sure is full of comedians….not funny ones but comedians.

  33. I got it!

    Rebirth of Slick by Digible Planets! The comic series!

    ………….I’d buy it over most stuff being put out these days…………

  34. In all seriousness, maybe it isn’t a specific character? It oiled be more about the birth of the Marvel U as a whole, like that old series Marvel Saga. I loved the Hell out of that comic hen I was a kid.