Marvel’s Next Big Thing: NOVA with Jeph Loeb

Nova #1

Jeph Loeb made an appearance today on the Marvel Comics Press Conference circuit to talk up the new ongoing Nova series that he’s writing alongside artist Ed McGuiness, which launches in February. The new Nova was first introduced in the Marvel Point One issue earlier this year, and then appeared in Avengers Vs. X-Men and a digital Infinite comics, has only been seen in glimpses, but this new ongoing promises to go back and flesh out the characters origin, which is a 16 year old boy from Carefree, Arizona. Yes, there is a town in Arizona called Carefree, Loeb looked it up.

Loeb was quick to explain that both he and McGuiness are huge Nova and Rich Rider (the former Nova), and thoroughly enjoyed Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s run on the character, which ended with him dying a hero.  He explained that while that story was great, he thought it was a good opportunity to introduce a new character and keep the Nova flame alive, so it was pitched to editor Steve Wacker and approved and plans for the new series were hatched.

Once the plan around the new character was formed, Loeb was able to leverage his role in Marvel TV and animation to work to insert this new Nova character into the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, which has already begun to show positive feedback from his appearances and recognition amongst kids, which could bode well for other media uses, especially given the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie and Nova’s ties to the Marvel Cosmic universe, although that’s not something Loeb wants to see him limited to as he commented that Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy, while cosmic characters, are a part of the Marvel Universe and the goal is to make then known to fans of the comics, cartoons and movies. That tie begins right out of the gate, as you’ll see in the preview art below, as the Guardians of the Galaxy make an early appearance in the new series.

When asked about the new blue helmet, Loeb clarified that new helmet was not just a design and style change but would have a purpose when it comes to the story as we learn more about the Nova Corps. than ever before.  “What we know about the Novas is not everything we know about the Novas,” he commented.  The action for Nova will take place in both the new Nova (Sam Alexander)’s home state of Arizona as well as space of course. Loeb noted that what makes this series so exciting is that it’s a teen hero, who’s going through on the job training with these new powers, but his threats will be much bigger than those like Spider-Man faced in his early days. They will be of the cosmic level, as evidenced with his involvement in the skirmish against the Phoenix in Avengers Vs. X-Men.

Nova #1 comes out in February, 2013. Check out the covers and variants covers for the first few issues as well as a sneak preview of the interiors to issue #1


  1. I’m a big Nova fan. Have the original 25 issue run back in the 70’s and the last run a few years back. That being said I’m skipping this series. Just like some people prefer Hal Jordan to Kyle Rayner, Rich RIder is the only Nova for me. Especially if this character is as annoying as the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon character.

  2. Is Nova going to be a 16 year old kid in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

  3. Very excited for this. I love Rich Rider, but he died a hero and it’s nice to see him get the rest he deserves for a while. Bring on the new kid!

  4. hate to nitpick but why are people saying nova a died a hero? did that happen in a comic i didnt read? because i read what happened nova pulls the nova force from the rest of the corps for extra strength. He and Star-Lord are able to hold Thanos back for the few minutes it takes for the Fault to close, trapping all three of them in an alternate universe. Nova and Star-Lord receive a statue in their honor on.and then thanos and starlord come out with no explanation of how they get free or what happens to nova so how did he die? stupid writers…sorry cranky with the whole subject

    • You are right. I was confused by this as well. I’d always figured Star-Lord and Nova were busy fighting for survival in the Cancer-verse. I didn’t see bodies,therefore they are not dead. I have a feeling we still haven’t seen the last of those two or Thanos for that matter.

    • He’s not back yet, so we can assume he died a hero, fighting to keep Thanos from escaping the Cancerverse. He’ll prolly show up again, like Star-Lord and Thanos have, but until then he fought nobly to the end.

      RIP Rich Rider, the Rocket who taught us… to be Human. *single tear*

    • I didn’t know Star-Lord was back. When did that happen?

  5. I might give this a shot if there was a different artist on it. I just don’t like Ed McGuinness at all.

  6. I love the creative team so I’m on board.

  7. Some McGuinness stuff I felt he didn’t fit on, but this feels like it fits his style better…

  8. This is what I look like everytime I see a new book by jeph loeb

  9. That issue 1 varient is striking. I want it.

  10. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I have a feeling that there might be something personal for Loeb in writing this book.

    Even if that’s not the case, teen hero learning to cope with his abilities is a premise I always like. Let’s see how it turns out.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. His personal experiences sometimes poke through into his writing, and I think it’s often better for it.

    • Wasn’t Loebs 16yo son named Sam? Sam, middle name Aleksander? Could be very personal for him.
      But I’m still out, Rich Rider is the ONLY Nova worth reading.

  11. I wish they would just give Loeb his own X-Men Forever like universe so he would stop fucking up the 616 with his god awful writing.

  12. Wow, Loeb’s take on Blue Beetle looks awesome!

  13. So who is going to get eaten in this series?

  14. Aquaman is skeptical but optimistic

  15. Does anybody know who the artist of that first cover is? I love it!

  16. Am I excited for Loeb? No.

    Am I excited to see who cleans up Loeb’s mess this time? Hell yes.