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TEASER: ‘Beware the Batman’

No matter what series, he’s still got a sweet car.

‘Young Justice’ – S01E25 – “Usual Suspects”

Rocket time?

‘Young Justice’ – S01E24 – “Performance”

Back to Haley Circus!

‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ – S01E06 – “Lost Planet”

Lost in Space!

‘Young Justice’ – S01E21 – “Image”

Secrets, secrets are no fun…

‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ – S01E03 – “Razer’s Edge”

Space spiders. *Shudder*

‘Young Justice’ – S01E19 – “Misplaced”

Sidekick Saturdays!

DC Nation Brings Back The Saturday Morning Cartoon – Starting Today!

Green Lantern, Young Justice, and more!

VIDEO: Cartoon Network’s ‘DC Nation’ Teaser Teases Plastic Man, Teen Titans, Live Action Blue Beetle, More

I think that’s a baby providing the voice for Batman…if Batman were a thumb?