DC Nation Brings Back The Saturday Morning Cartoon – Starting Today!

Grab your bowl of cereal and your footie pajamas–cartoons are back on Saturday morning!

Starting today at 10am ET, DC Entertainment brings the DC Nation cartoon block to Cartoon Network. Made up primarily of an episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, DC Nation will also feature animated shorts starring the likes of Plastic Man and Doom Patrol, as well as quick behind-the-scenes look at DC Comics and DC Entertainment.

Funnily enough, DC Nation kicks off today with a re-run–a re-airing of the first episode of Green Lantern: The Animated Series (which was previewed in November 2011), but that will be followed by an all-new episode 0f Young Justice.


  1. I’m definitely interested to check out the shorts and other fun stuff, even though I don’t watch those two shows in particular.

  2. I’m very excited about this. I hope it’s as fun as it should be.

  3. this is the second time in 5 years i’ve regretted not having cable.
    the first was when i heard about the star wars clone wars cartoons.
    ya know, it might be the 3rd time. i miss the history channel, too.
    fuck it! i’m gettn’ cable! lol
    i guess there’s always tv links

  4. Man, I really miss Saturday Morning cartoons, use to love them as a child. Will definitely be watching this!

  5. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    Saturday morning for these cartoons does make more sense than Friday night, which is where the DC cartoons have been most recently. Good stuff.

  6. I just saw them set up an archery demonstration with a boxing glove arrow. I got to admit it was pretty awesome. Too bad they didn’t do stuff like that in the 70’s and 80’s.

  7. totally missed it. bummer. my wife and i were lamenting on how bad kids have it these days with Saturday Morning cartoons….they’ve been robbed!

  8. I know it is a start but they need more than a hour. also, other corporations need to jump on the band wagon. Thundercats, transformers…. we get a new GI joe in there and we’re golden! imagine a sat mornin with superhero cartoons, Gi joe and thundercats? I would take back every cynical i ever said about anything ever

  9. Love it!!!

  10. This is awesome. I’m going to totally DVR these and watch them all Sunday night!

  11. It’ll repeat tmr anyways so no biggie.
    Anyhows, love Plastic man shorts.

  12. Looking forward to watching this next year.

    On Netflix or Hulu.

    Or library DVDs.

    Cartoon Network and Comedy Central were the only cable channels I regretted giving up.

  13. Why is Cyborg being pushed so much as one of DC’s top tier characters? From the new JL comic to the Logo for this block of programming, he’s just becoming so ubiquitous. It just makes me ask, whatever happened to the Manhunter from Mars?

    • There are no Martian kids who watch TV. They’re trying to diversify their line-up of heroes.

    • Cyborg also spent a year or two in the Justice League/Superfriends back in the 80s before it got cancelled. So he’s not completely foreign to being a licensed character with the JLA. Its not exactly completely out of left field.

    • I feel like DC could do better than Cyborg. Or at least his design. He looks incredibly lame to me. I know someone out there would make a similar case for any of the JL but I feel all the other heroes have a special something that makes them look unique and iconic. Then you have super-generic cyborg-guy standing next to them. Out of all the New 52 redesigning it’s strange they kept Cyborg largely untouched.

    • You know the redesign in JL:Doom works, like an updated version from the Titans cartoon. The Jim Lee design is just awful. Too much stuff going on.