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‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ – S01E16 – “Steam Lantern”

DC Nation returns with hopefully not another showing of How To Train Your Dragon!

CURIOUS: Cartoon Network Delays All New DC Nation Shows Until January 2013

Your favorite cartoons are going on vacation… mere weeks after their last vacation ended.

‘Young Justice’ – S02E09 – “Darkest”

Aqualad is the Donnie Brasco of the Young Justice world.

‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ – S01E15 – “Reboot”

Don’t forget to preboot before the reboot.

‘Young Justice’ – S02E08 – “Satisfaction”

Roy Harper could use a hand. And a forearm.

‘Green Lantern: The Animated Series’ – S01E14 – “New Guy”

Part two of season one kicks off with Guy Gardner!

‘Young Justice’ – S02E07 – “Depths”

Every time you think you’re out they pull you back in.

‘Teen Titans Go!’ Joins DC Nation on Cartoon Network

It was a TV show then it was a comic book then it was a series of shorts and now a TV show again.

‘Young Justice’ – S02E06 – “Bloodlines”

More Flashes than you can handle.

‘Young Justice’ – S02E05 – “Beneath”

Girls’ night out! (To a hostile foreign country.)