‘Young Justice’ – S02E09 – “Darkest”

Next week, Black Manta and Aqualad are going to wear matching sailor suits.

Here’s how “Darkest” is described:

Black Manta has a new mission for his son: a mission that should prove once and for all exactly whose side Aqualad is on!

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. That was a great episode, very unexpected.

    Also it looks like Dick is turning into Batman which harkens back to the first season when he said he couldn’t do what Batman does

  2. When it is all over I don’t expect anyone not in the know to ever talk to Artemis, Aqualad, Kid Flash or Nightwing ever again. They are being put through some serious pain.

  3. The layers of complexity and drama in this show are breathtaking. Every weekend YJ makes me wish this slightly tilted version of the old DCU was playing out across the main DC comics every Wednesday in the books. This show is the tops!

  4. I was actually disappointed in the show? The reason? The ending where Wally’s makes his accusations against Aqualad. It felt to me that they were stretching things. Or like the writers gave too much away when Artemis went undercover and now they’re trying to make up for it. It felt like they were jumping the shark. And the stuff with Mal? Who cares. It’s the first time I’ve seen this kid out of the cave and say more than one sentence and now they try to do a human interest piece with him? Not sure I get it. And Blue Beetle and Impulse annoy me as well. Won’t go out and say I hated this ep, cause it’s so good every week that I think that is impossible to do, but was let down.

  5. anyone else notice tigress hair color change really quick from black to blonde? was that intentional or one of those old style “yellow bat-black oval” superfriends-esque animation screw up?

  6. ah ok. It was so quick I thought it might have been a mistake

  7. Conor, when the season is done, can you and the “animated think tank” do a special edition podcast to review this season? Like the animated DVDs, I would love to hear the insight regarding this series on a season to season basis. I’m going to repeat my same comment for “Avengers, Earth Most…”…. you don’t have to do a special ed podcast for Ult SpMan

  8. Again a Fantastic ep. YJ is the best animated superhero show on TV right now.

  9. I did find it annoying that Aqualad turned out to be a double agent, for two reasons,
    a. He looks cooler in his evil costume, with that menacing resolute face.
    b. Aqualad was a major accomplishment in the series, as so many prior to Geoff Johns recent work felt Aquaman (and by extention Aqualad) were lame, but I felt that Kal’duram’s descent made sense as a character arc. Being so stoic, yet very easily affected by emotional pain as shown in Season 1 as he still longs for Tula.

    I like that they are at least questioning his status as a double agent.