CURIOUS: Cartoon Network Delays All New DC Nation Shows Until January 2013

If you’re like us then you were excited for new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. If you’re like us then when you tuned in on Saturday morning you were surprised to find the otherwise excellent How To Train Your Dragon on instead. (Well, actually, if you’re like us you were at New York Comic Con when this happened and found out about it after the fact.)

So what happened?

Tweets from confused and frustrated show producers seemed to indicate that new episodes would return in a matter of weeks. And then Cartoon Network Tweeted this:

What the…?! Why?! No one’s talking yet. Stay tuned.


  1. I’d guess this was a rights issue, but Warner Bros. controls everything here (except Dreamworks, I guess), so what is even the hell?

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  3. I’m guessing they are letting people know if the shows have been renewed so they can work on new episodes and have some ready to go when the current season ends!

  4. It’s been like 2 weeks since Young Justice returned! What? They couldn’t have planned this sooner? Seriously, whoever is planning this is just making these decisions on the fly now! What was the point in even bringing it back in the first place?!

  5. I thought about this more and wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to hold off until January so that it becomes uninterrupted for the majority of next year. That being said, poor planning on the WB and CN’s part when they only just brought it back recently. Worse thing is when January does come, people are going to take a while to catch up on the storylines (if they’re even interested, at that point).

  6. Maybe they just don’t want to go head to head with the new marvel stuff coming out.

    • I wouldn’t think so. Marvel wisely choose to schedule their shows on Sunday, so that they wouldn’t have to go up against DC. When it comes to animation, DC firmly rules the airwaves.

  7. i had read their reason for delaying this was because they wanted to program for their 20th anniversary

  8. Young Justice is hard enough, I dropped it for a while when they did the time shift. I missed the storylines and relationships that were developing and I was hoping to see more of Captain Marvel. Now? They’ve gotten to another interesting point and they’ve decided to drop it for a while again. Unless they hype it hard when they are ready to bring the series back I might miss it.

  9. So they stopped showing 2 of the 3 shows I watch on their stupid network?! I’ve slowly stopped watching CN over the years. First Gendy Tartakovsky pretty much left, then Ed Edd and Eddy ended, as did KND, and quite a few other shows. They tried the live action/reality shows, but didn’t work. Most of the cartoons now they have are terrible. All that I watch now is Clone Wars and the DC Nation shows. But without those, what now?!

    This is an absolutely terrible move. Execs seems to always wonder why their shows don’t get viewers, but it’s because of this type of nonsense. We can’t even get a heads up. Less than 12 hours notice?! How is that fair to the many many fans of these shows?

  10. You’d think that their moves would be planned out well in advance. They pissed off a lot of viewers yesterday.

  11. I miss Megas XLR.

  12. Well, I guess I just have to rely on the Young Justice comic to get my fix until January. Seriously, its awesome.

  13. I am metaphorically shaking with literal fury

  14. Boo. Booooooooo!

  15. For any of the eager Young Justice fans out there: This week’s episode came out on iTunes on schedule and it’s one of the best one in the series (in my opinion.)

    Though it affects me a little less as I’m overseas, hate that the series is getting delayed on CN as well. Hope it won’t be long.

    • just downloaded It. I think they’re so disorganized some forgot to tell the iTunes department.

    • Best 1.99 I spent today! I usually buy it on Amazon on demand but they dont post until Monday so I grabbed it on iTunes in case they wise up by tomorrow and stop it going on sale on Amazon.
      What and incredible episode. Had they any sense about them, they would have aired this episode as it feels like the end of a chapter in the bigger Invasion story line. I do agree with Alexferrer, one of the best episodes of the series. What the Sam hell are you thinking CN??

    • I watched it last night off of PSN. It was f’ing fantastic. Possibly one of the best episodes yet. It paid off some huge plot points set up earlier and laid the groundwork for what’s sure to come. I hope CN/DC get their respective stuff figured out quickly because I love this show. Likewise, I am hoping the delay is a sign of renewed commitment to the show. More shows please!

  16. The shows are still airing elsewhere.

  17. Wait. Did DC order this week’s Young Justice not be aired just because of the Stephanie Brown cameo?

  18. Well, that’s kind of a kick in the teeth. I guess I’ll just keep the latest episodes of GL and YJ in my DVR queue, so I can remember what the heck happened come January.

  19. I doubt it was anything having to do with YJ specifically; if that were the case, why let it affect GL’s airshow schedule (and payroll)?

    It’s just wonky network planning, which is unfortunate. It’s tough enough getting one great TV show into production, let alone two; the last thing you want is to throw a wet blanket onto a rare success.

  20. Is it possible they are going to regroup?

    What are the wildest conspiracy theories so far?

    I don’t have cable anymore, so it’ll be a while before I watch these shows.

    As in, next year.

  21. From Greg Weisman’s “blog”:
    YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 210: “Before the Dawn”: Premieres!
    YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 210: “Before the Dawn”: Premieres: this Saturday, October 13th as part of Cartoon Network’s DC Nation block. (It repeats Sunday too.) Check local listings for times.

    Keep in mind, this tenth episode of Season Two was plotted before we knew if we’d get the second half of the season. Once we got that pick-up, we assumed this would be our hiatus episode. Instead, we took the break after 207 (which was a great and exciting stopping point, so no complaints). But nothing changed about our story in 210. This is a significant episode on every level: plot, character and LOTS of action. Don’t miss it!

    I’m posting this reminder a couple days early, because I’m leaving this afternoon to head up to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival. But believe me, my DVR is set to record both YJ and Green Lantern.

    Hope he enjoys his DVR’d How to Train Your Dragon episodes…but it does indicate that the rest of Season 2 will be delivered. I hope we see a Season 3!!!

  22. I read the following on another site but haven’t found any official evidence to substantiate the claim, so take with a grain of salt:

    Apparently the rights to the Milestone characters (i.e. Icon, Rocket & Static Shock who was set to make an appearance later in season 2 of YJ) reverted from DC to Milestone Media this week, which means WB/DC have to remove all references to those characters from the remaining eps of YJ.

    As for GL, other fans have theorized that it got pulled simply because you can’t have a “power hour” with one half hour show. A flimsy reason, may be nonsense, but stranger things have happened.

    Whether any of the above is true, I’m glad I was able to get the eps on iTunes but am frustrated that YJ just cannot get a break. By the time it comes back on the air it’ll likely have lost a fair bit of momentum with casual audiences (seriously, 2 episodes in after a 4 month break and it gets pulled for another 3 months? I really, really hope this doesn’t hurt the prospect for season 3).

  23. It really is a comedy of errors. Don’t forget all the DVR losses at the start of the season when they renamed it to “YJ: Invasion!” and all those DVR’s didn’t recognize it. And they pulled the toyline.

    I’m really nervouse, because this is one of the best shows (not super-hero cartoons, not cartoons….just plain old “best shows”) on TV right now!

    I did buy the iTunes episode though, so thanks iFanboys for that tip. It was AMAZING!