‘Young Justice’ – S02E07 – “Depths”

Can Wally be far behind?

Here’s how “Depths” is described:

Artemis rejoins the team to defend a critical satellite launch — but will her first mission back also be her last?

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. “YOUNG JUSTICE: INVASION: EPISODE: 207: “Depths”: Premieres!

    Artemis rejoins the Team! Plus appearances by Wally West! G. Gordon Godfrey! Carol Ferris! Tom Kalmaku! Martian Manhunter! Superman! And much, much more. One of the most dramatic episodes we’ve done to date! And all airing tomorrow (Saturday, June 9th) and repeating Sunday (June 10th) as part of Cartoon Network’s DC NATION block! Check local listings and cable guides for times!”

    Can’t wait, but holding my breath that nothing horiffic happens to Wally or Artemis. She went from someone I cared nothing about to my favorite character. The voice actor is AMAZING.

    Also, Tim Curry as G Gordon Godfrey cracks me up. I can’t NOT picture him in his Rocky Horror Corset in the sound booth.

  2. Whoa, has her neck always been that long?

  3. Curry as Godfrey is hilarious but is this the last episode before the summer hiatus?

  4. omg Wally is going to kick Kaldur’s ass.

  5. Deep cover! I knew Kaldur wasn’t bad!

  6. So anyone else disappointed that Artemis did not actually die and that Kaldur is really just under cover?

    • Disappointed because it was too predictable? yes. But I still like it anyways 😀

    • I had considered Kaldur might be undercover early on until the ep where he let a bunch of Kroloteans die in a huge explosion. I don’t see the Justice League approving of that even after the undercover assignment is over.

      So I’m kinda disappointed that he’s just undercover….but not about Artemis….she’s one of my favorite characters here and I’d hate to see them drop her.

  7. Superboy is gonna be pissed. Batman would be proud. Great episode!

  8. Why diden’t they tell superboy and megan?

    It’s the oringinal team but them.

    • They’re emotional. And aliens. Well Superboy is a clone of an alien.

    • I think it has to do with the fact that Dick, Wally and Kaldur have known each other longer than they’ve known Conner and Megan. And maybe Dick knows that Megan’s going a little too hard on the psychic stuff and doesn’t trust her as much. The reason Artemis is in on it is because she’s the operative, so she kind of has to know. But, idk. I just thought it made sense that the original three knew about it.

  9. I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Since ” ALIENATED ” i strongly suspected Aqualad was undercover. That exchange with Nightwing at the Krolatean’s base gave me the first clue. This show is amazing. I love it!

  10. This was a fantastic ep. I got mad for a sec thinking they were going to kill off Artemis but I was happy to see she was okay and I had a funny feeling that Kal was undercover. Again great ep. I am gonna but the all seasons on Bluray when they come out!

  11. Another awesome ep! I was worried that Artemis might actually be dead, but when they introduce the scene at the beginning, I thought I was safe especially with as much time was left in the episode. The thing I wasn’t suspecting was the Aqualad reveal. Good show to even keep Batman and Aquaman in the dark, but how did Nightwing not tell Zatanna? This sets up so much more, like Red Arrow and Cheshire coming in and taking a more active role. The Superboy-Ms. Martian heart to heart was long overdue. Was Artemis and Kid Flash being “retired” part of Nightwing’s plans all along? Lagoon and Superboy was good too. I’m beginning to think this series is better than JL.

    A question. Can anyone tell me who Miles Caufield is? I’m drawing a blank on him every week. Is it Icon?

    And the scariest thing? I didn’t hear “…a brand new episode of Young Justice next week…”. Is the season over or just a break? That was the worst news of all!

  12. I loved this episode too. I was only a casual watcher of the first season but I full on love where season two has gone.

  13. I freakin’ love this show! Again, everything that’s missing from the New 52!

  14. I usually watch young justice “on demand” on xfinity and they still haven’t put last weeks episode on and I’m starting to get fucking bullshit

  15. This episode and last weeks episode have just been amazing.
    *Loved the use of Artemis and the subtle hints to what the plan was throughout the episode. Made sense later
    *I almost shed a tear when Dick was looking at the old picture of him and Artemis at school, since I thought she had died.
    *Kaldur being undercover was predictable, but I still am glad that he’s still on the side of good.
    *Can’t wait to see more of undercover Artemis.
    *Seeing Nightwing in action was pretty spectacular.
    *Besides the non-aging thing, we finally learn that Megan’s been abusing her powers for quite some time. She even tries to do it to Connor! Crazy!
    *Seeing Connor in the Superman suit was funny.
    *Glad Artemis was back in action and DIDN’T die! I would have super pissed.
    *Wally’s line to Dick after he said he and Zatanna had a history. “You dog!”

    Also, am I the only one happy that Lagoon Boy got “captured”? Dude was getting on my nerves.

    It’s also kind of funny that back in episode 3 of season 1, Robin originally told Megan not to read the others minds, but then tells her it’s okay on bad guys when against Mister Twister. Guess that bit him in the butt later.

  16. What the hell happened to Miss Martian in the five years to make her so awful. It’s bad enough with the constant mind-crushing, but then she decided to go all Identity Crisis and make Superboy forget that she did it? I think the finale of this season might go something along the lines of “The White Martian Saga.”

  17. although funny that ms martian was air lifting superboy in a superman outfit, i for one would like to see him fly on his own.

  18. ms martian air lifting superboy telekineticly in a superman outfit, that is classic funny,

  19. This is also the first time we see Megan shape change into a Male. She couldn’t do that before. I love how her expanded powers have been slowly and subtley introduced.