‘Young Justice’ – S02E05 – “Beneath”

I hope we get more Batgirl. I want to see her character fleshed out a bit.

Here’s how “Beneath” is described:

Blue Beetle searches for a missing friend, while Miss Martian, Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Bumblebee travel to Bialya to investigate.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Hahaha anti piracy! Yes!!!

  2. This episode was great! just finished watching it 🙂 it really gave personality to the new characters. Especially wondergirl and blue beetle.
    I can only recommend this episode, tho I didnt understand one thing….whay did they turn off their psychic communication ? i thought they were only not allowed to talk

  3. Was that the future Apache Chief? I sure hope so.
    So this is the Fearsome Five? OK. Kind of miss Gizmo.
    Aside from Jaime speaking spanglish, I love Blue Beetle.
    Gene bombs?! Could the Dominaters be the “competition” ? [ thanks @soggyhydrox on twitter for that point]

    • My guess is the remaining abductees are the Earth-16 Ultimen from the Timmverse, although they seem to be 1 short.

    • that would go well with Black Beetle theory if Jaime’s friend was the future Apache Chief. Since Black Beetle was from future and all. But then again, it could be human samples for the Reach.

    • I think the Reach are collecting humans to make into an army of Scarab wearing warriors. Another hint from “the answers will come to you” from the grandfather makes me think the Reach are going to come to Jaime or something. (I just figured out this week that the Scarab’s voice and Jaime’s are the same, except the Scarab is deeper)

    • Dude I’m so stoked that someone else thought that might be the future Apache Chief!

  4. This show is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites! I have loved these characters for a few years now, the ones that I missed not having in season one, all show up in season 2. I also loved that there was no gap in “air-time” between seasons. With any luck this show will continue for some time and the cast of characters will grow as well.

  5. With all the talk of Apokolipse and the abduction of these children, it sounds like they’re gearing up for a Final Crisis like brainwashing of the children, Club Dark Side I believe it was. I could see this season’s story arc ending with an anti-life style showdown. With the League trapped on Rimboor.

  6. I love this show!

  7. Really cool show.
    *I don’t really like Wonder Girl. She’s too overzealous for my taste. I like her in the last run on Teen Titans, but right now I’m not a fan. Maybe later she’ll grow on me.
    *I still love seeing Nightwing being the head of the team (they really need to come up with a name. I hope they aren’t calling themselves Young Justice) and giving out orders.
    *Batgirl was awesome this week and it was pretty funny seeing her sneaking through the vents.
    *Miss Martian’s also really grown as a leader, compared to when she first fought Mister Twister back in episode 3.
    *Bumblebee’s pretty cool as well. She seems very cool under pressure and it was pretty smart to give Batgirl a wake up shock with her stingers. Did she give a jump start to her heart though since her blasts are electro magnetic? Or are her blasts sonic blasts as it states on Wikipedia?
    *Jaime’s really growing on me now. He’s slowly becoming one of the new main cast of the show outside of the other team members so there are probably big things coming for his character so I’m still standing by my “the Reach are the “Competitor” and there are going to be an army of Scarab warriors fighting the team” theory.
    *Nice seeing Apache Chief also 🙂

  8. APACHE CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!! EH-NEEK-CHOK!!!!!

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love this show any more than I did – they go and add Apache Chief. Rock ON! Can Samurai and El Dorado be far behind? lol

    And I agree with the above posts about Jaime/Blue Beetle growing on us, this was the first time I ever really liked him. The relationship between Jaime and his Scarab was pretty funny at times, I hope they keep that up.

  9. It looks like they’re really pushing Blue Beetle as the second seasons breakout character. Every other new character is completely underdeveloped, and now Jaime’s got two episodes to himself (if you count last week’s subplot). For someone who was written off as a knock-off character, he’s ruling it with this, his big part on Brave and the Bold, and his potential live-action series. Go BB.

  10. I thought they developed Lagoon Lad pretty well so far also.

  11. Commander Chakotay has really gone down hill.

  12. I enjoyed this episode and thought it did a lot to develop Wonder Girl in particular. Still, I haven’t bonded with these new characters like I had the first gen ones. I guess that will change with more episodes though.

  13. Ever since I read the X-Men’s “Girl’s night out” I’ve had a soft spot for this type of story. That, and my longstanding crush on Batgirl.

  14. I like the show. I am a bit disconcerted about the time jump because there were still stories to tell about the original participants of Young Justice. Now, new characters are being introduced with not enough introduction. Sigh. I’m getting too old to spend so much time learning new stuff.

    • @Darsan54: That last sentence might be the saddest thing I’ve ever read. I don’t know how old you are, but I am certain you are not old enough to have good reason to let that be your ethos. The day I decide willful old to learn new things will be a very, very bad day.

    • **replace “willful” with “I’m too” and it makes a LOT more sense.

  15. Flash in next week episode hopefully it’s wally.

  16. I hope all of you that loved this episode are reading the great Blue Beetle book, or at least give it a try.

    • I read the first few issues but it felt as a retelling of the original and much better written Giffen/Rogers run. Is it really that good?