‘Young Justice’ – S02E08 – “Satisfaction”

After three months off, we’re back with new episodes!

Here’s how “Satisfaction” is described:

Roy Harper seeks vengeance against the man who ruined his life.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Roy can’t get no satisfaction.

  2. Thank you, Young Justice, for coming back and being awesome as always. The whole battle with Speedy and Mercy was fantastic.

  3. This show never ceases to impress.

    I liked the Captain Cold bit a lot, too.

    Makes the New 52 seem so pale in comparison for me.

  4. Oh, and I liked the Grundy short, but the Teen Titans …. Not so much.

  5. Great show…DC nation is what I look forward to all week!

  6. This made me happy. Glad to see new eps.

  7. IMO, they could scrap the entire new 52 and just give me an entire comic book like set solely in the Young Justice DCU and I would be as happy as a clam.

  8. Haven’t seen it yet. Does he hug a cat? 😉

  9. Was expecting much more, maybe too much. I wanted all my questions answered at once. It was kinda discerting that Speedy and Red Arrow have the same voice. I understand why but it just threw me off. It seems like the people in the biggest trouble are Aqualad. Everyone is gunning for him. And why even bother with the Superboy thing at school. That seemed like total filler. And where did Nightwing disappear to? My biggest question is in the monument room, where they had the image of Artemis is an image of Robin. Jason Todd, I assume?

  10. This was a good episode, but I noticed a few weird things. First, there were a lot of women with very similar short hair cuts I got Bumblebee and Rocket confused, character designer probably could’ve made them more distinctive. Not a big issue. Second, did anyone else think that walking scene with Megan and Zatanna looked funny? I just say this because Zatanna had her head turned to the side to look at Megan but her body was walking straight towards the camera, while Megan was walking with the street background at like a 3/4 angle. I dunno I just thought it was weird, to me it seemed like they should’ve been walking away from one another like a V. Again not a big deal. Finally, I just want to say more Blue Beetle is a good thing, I’m not really a fan of his but I really like him in this show. I really want to know whats happening to his friend that got abducted a few episodes back, is he supposed to be Scalphunter? Or someone else?

    Great show though, I’m really enjoying it, I very much agree with kyleo71.

  11. I like this so much more than I enjoy The New 52. Can “Earth 16” be the main DC Earth?

  12. Glad to have Young Justice back! New episode did no disappoint. Loved seeing the memorial area and seeing Jason was Robin as well as a YJ member. Also, some great (if not predictable) stuff with non-clone Roy. There has to be a better name for him.
    Luthor was awesome as he just stood there while Roy took on Mercy. He just mocked him and stood there like he was in control the whole time.
    Also loved the bridal shower. “I’m doomed, aren’t I?”
    Looks like everyone is out for vengeance this season. Sportsmaster. Cheshire. Original Roy.
    Can’t wait for next week!

  13. Young Justice Lex Luthor has an Otis!

  14. One thing that I can’t envisions is Sports Master being any kind of a challenge to Black Manta

    • I think we’ll all be surprised. This TV-DCU is a much more dangerous place than we realize. I think this Sports Master is more capable (and more of a ‘made man’) than than we’re used to. I wouldn’t put it past him putting a real hurtin’ on Ocean Master and fouling The Light’s delicate plans. Just remember, the bad guys have been plotting since [before] Season One/Episode One; a certain amount of serendipity can be factored into a plan, but human emotions are messy, I don’t think this left field action would have been factored in. Pardon the sports pun. I just don’t think The Light’s plans factored in messing with (read: killing) an ally’s family. YJ’s secret mission has created a misunderstanding among the villains the heroes could never have achieved. The result, IMHO, will eventually result in all of Earth’s meta-humans at the end of this story banding against The Light (Darkseid & Co) when the time is right. The Earth will be saved.

      The end of Season Two is going to be explosive!

      Man, I love this show!

      … Er… you KNOW Darkseid is behind all of this. Don’t you? Even Vandal Savage is being played!

  15. SO glad this show returned. Great episode! Personal moments, great action, plot moves forward, more questions for every answer we get…fantastic show.

    Does anyone know if it got re-upped for Season 3?

  16. Very nice to have this back, I really liked this episode, this is the best Arsenal has ever been done. Great episode.

  17. This is some of the best stuff Dc is putting out including the comic!!!

  18. I enjoy this series in the exact same way I enjoyed Weisman’s Gargoyles show from the mid-90s. It’s got well defined characters, it builds on top of past continuity, it has engaging twists and turns, and it has some top notch action. Man, I like Greg Weisman.