VIDEO: Cartoon Network’s ‘DC Nation’ Teaser Teases Plastic Man, Teen Titans, Live Action Blue Beetle, More

2012 brings a new slate of DC Comics programing to Cartoon Network, with continuing series like Young Justice and Green Lantern as well as a host of shorts voiced by the likes of Kevin Conroy and toddlers.

Highlights include the return of the Teen Titans Go! team in a series of shorts as well as the introduction of Lego Batman and a Genndy Tartakovsky style Plastic Man. The live action Blue Beetle last seen in test footage ages ago also turns up, suggesting a mixed media approach to the whole project.

Here’s a teaser for the programming block, collectively titled ‘DC Nation.’




  1. Hopefully it leads to more awesome cartoons.

  2. neat

  3. I was going to say this looked awesome, and that my kids will jump for joy at the return of the anime Titans.

    Then I saw Negative Man and my geek heart exploded with ecstacy.

  4. They should just do a Blue Beetle cartoon. Every live-action rendition just brings back horrid memories of Beetleborgs.

  5. Looks like there’s some fun stuff in store. Including PLASTIC MAN! Sweet!

  6. I actually enjoyed the two shorts that were mixed in with the Green Lantern Animated series. The Wallace and Gromit style claymation toon was a hoot. I’m really looking forward to this block of stuff.

  7. damn i was hoping they were done with that teen titans cartoon…. young justice is way better

  8. Did, did, did i just hear Kevin Conroy voice Lego batman?

  9. Those shorts looks awesome!

  10. Looks like ive been missing out on some awesome animated DC stuff… need to set the DVR

  11. I’m glad DC is trying bit to hook kids on their stuff. If they’re not really making their comics aimed at kids, why not do cartoons?

  12. I’m not sure if deranged, fetishistic individuals like that are the best role models for children…. the cosplayers, that is

  13. Oh dear god…that Teen Titans theme song has now returned from hell and has once again lodged itself in my head. It’s a great theme in its catchiness.

  14. Holy. Crap.