TEASER: ‘Beware the Batman’

Last month, it was announced that DC Entertainment and Cartoon Network have a new Batman cartoon in the pipeline: Beware the Batman.

Now we’ve got a (really) short teaser:

It’s done in the same CG animation style that you find in Green Lantern: The Animated Series which is, to put it mildly, quite polarizing. But I guess it’s what the kids (who have grown up on Pixar and the like) like. Or it’s what Cartoon Network likes. It’s a style that I wasn’t overly thrilled with when Green Lantern first started but it’s growing on me.



  1. I’m ctually excited for this. I don’t know why but CGI batman looks much more appealing to me than green lantern.

    • Agreed, this does look better than the Green Lantern Animated Series.Although my problem was GL wasn’t that it was CGI (I quite like computer animation), it was just that the CGI wasn’t very good.

    • I think the reason it looks better so far is that it only really showed the Batmobile and the environment, and those things look fine in CGI. It’s the people that look craptastic in that style, and we barely got a glimpse. Why can’t they make the people less plastic and shiny and smooth? It’s just creepy and unsettling to look at.

  2. Not my favoured style of animation, but will give it a go. Interested in seeing how they do Professor Pyg in particular – awesome character!

  3. Looks cool to me

  4. I’m ok with the animation and hopefully it’s done really well but my mind is so use to seeing Batman in cartoon animation from the 90’s show since it was so well done.

  5. Well I’m not sure how I feel about the CGI. I’m not a fan of the Green Lantern animation but maybe this will be suited better for Batman.

    Either way I want to give ANYTHING a shot when a show is considering using Anarky as a villain. That takes balls.

  6. Not much to go on, but I’ll give it a try. I don’t know if I’ll stick with it since I’m in a Bat-fatigue as of late.

  7. ARGGH! Not more CGI. And WTF? No Kevin Conroy? Damn it man! I REALLY f’n miss Batman: TAS!!!

  8. GL still suits CG better, the constructs and everything would look much cooler in CG.

  9. I really want to like this but the cgi makes it a deal breaker……look at the Avengers and Ultimate Spidey- not cgi and much cooler- not to mention Young Justice.

    I wonder what the ratings are for the CGI GL vs Young Justice- guess that would be pretty telling.

  10. I think this one will work in CG’s favor, Star Wars Clone Wars looks and sounds great in HD but this is that GL CG style, I have reason to believe the shadowy elements here will benefit the animation. We’ll get some great glow, reflections and blurs in night from red tail light trails to Batmans eyes and smoke bombs. I’m looking forward to this one, only seen the GL one twice at a friends and found it to be eye candy but don’t care if I miss it, where as the Avengers(netflix) and Young Justice (xbox)are the 1st cartoons I’ve watched every episode of since 90’s X-Men and Bruce Timm’s Batman. However I am a huge fan and collect the direct to DVD/Bluray DC,Marvel and Hellboy animated movies, just wish Marvel and Dark Horse would do more of em.

  11. No Kevin Conroy, just lost a few points with me.

  12. I love Kevin Conroy as much as the next guy who grew up on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, but it’s time to move on.

  13. Bader is badass.