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The All-Time Comic Book Movie Box Office Ranking List

How does your favorite comic book movie fare against all the others?

Ben Affleck is Batman in ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel

So many mixed feelings…

VIDEO: Firefly Brings the Heat in Latest ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Trailer

Too hot to handle

Hey Comics–Lighten Up, Already!

Thanks to Jason Aaron, Mike realizes that most of the books he’s reading are just kind of depressing.

Top 5: Songs Featured on Batman Soundtracks

Here are some songs to bump in your batmobile.

DC Histories: Superman vs. Vampires

In the battle between supernatural and superhuman, who comes out on top?


Holy Bat-finales! Mike finishes up the Batman, Incorporated run and thinks about what a long, strange…and LONG trip it’s been.

iFlashback! August 4th, 2004

Get ready to see books with long and ridiculous titles. There were like four of them that came out this week, nine years ago.

DC Histories: Grant Morrison’s Batman

As Grant Morrison’s years long Batman story wraps up, remember where it’s been.

Great Pages: BATMAN #47

Batman’s biggest secret is revealed to his worst enemy.