VIDEO: Firefly Brings the Heat in Latest ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Trailer

If there were any stops to begin with, Warner Bros. Studio Montreal has gutted all of them with each new trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins, the third in the beloved video game series. Eight assassins all have it in for the caped crusader during one of his first Christmas holidays on the job, a concept that ensures an onslaught of big boss battles throughout the open world campaign. In the latest dispatch, young Bruce faces a number of baddies, including the newly introduced Firefly. Jim Gordon’s wary truce with the Batman also plays a crucial role here, as do the performances of new voice talents for younger iterations of Bruce, Gordon, the Joker and more.

Look for the game on basically every current gaming machine this October.


  1. I’m excited to play this. I enjoyed the other two a great deal.

    Who’s the chick in the vest? I dig the look of these designs, but I can barely tell some of the characters apart.

  2. Caught this on IGN yesterday, pretty much sold me on this game. It’s getting at least a rental out of me unless theres a tempting preorder offer from Wal-Mart or Best Buy. I can’t believe we’re gonna see Firefly in a game! Hopefully some new people too, I don’t really need to see Penguin,Bane, or Joker again. Ohh, Calendar Man? Him please, before he broke his leg. Maybe he could take Mr.Zasz’s place on the obligatory “find the crazy killer in the city” mission.

  3. Still wary with this one, but I guess I’ll check it out…

    Who the hell am I kidding? I pre-ordered it a MONTH ago!

  4. I hope it ends with batman taking joker to arkham asylum for the first time.

  5. Not sure if I’m down on the v/o actor for Joker. It’s so hard to replace Mark Hamill but, so far, the clips we’ve heard him aren’t gelling with me.

    The rest of the game though still looks pretty sweet. Loving the amount of (somewhat) obscure characters the developers are pushing for the game. Video games are great ways to put these forgotten characters back into the limelight. Not saying Firefly will get a huge push but he’s a good villain and I would love to see him used a bit more if the game does him justice.