‘Young Justice’ – S01E24 – “Performance”

After not showing up at all last week, it looks like we’ve got a Dick Grayson heavy episode this week.

Here’s how “Performance” is described:

The team goes undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to locate a thief stealing weapons technology across Europe — but a thief isn’t all they find.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Whelp, Superboy’s gonna be our drug lesson for the series.

  2. Pretty solid episode, but I really liked the Animal Man short’s that preceded it. Thought the animation/design of it was great.

    • It’s really weird that DC actually approved such a different take on a character that’s so prominent in the comics now. I imagine the timing of everything might have made that a bit of an unknown but it is cool either way.

    • It made me think anyone who enjoys it will be in for a shock if they want to check the series out.

      But it was great to see Animal getting some exposure

    • Doesn’t seem particularly weird to me, since the TV show and the comic are targetting different audiences.

    • True, but if one of the things the new format of the shows is supposed to do is to help get kids interested in comics (whether it does or not, whatever) they can’t really go get the Animal Man one can they?

  3. I though this Robin was suppose to be Tim Drake. Time Drake does not have any connection the Haileys circus.

  4. Never mind my last comment, finshed watching the episode. So this Robin is Dick Grayson

  5. Although part of me knew that the girl in the pic next to Robin was Megan, part of me also wanted it to be Barbara. Either way, the villain reveal was pretty cool. Was totally expecting someone different. Connor has got a problem. I predict him going to Luthor for more patches in the future. Maybe they are injecting something into him that will activate another trigger word that will make him be controlled by Luthor as well?

    Also, nice to see Roy lighten up in this episode. Also nice to seeing Dick stepping up as leader more and more. I know that Aqualad said he’d step down as leader once Dick’s time came, but I wonder if that time will be soon?

  6. The mole is Roy.

  7. Ugh, two steps forward, one step back…
    I thought this episode was a pretty weak one, after so many good ones. Among other faults, one big thing which is bugging me again is that the show has 15 or 16 year olds saying/doing things 30 year olds would. Whether it’s awkward dialogue which sounds way too mature for teens (like that ridiculous talk between Robin/Kid Flash) or having Dick think his Haley Circus boss wouldn’t recognize him after, what – 5 years?? – it just seems like this show forgets the difference between “Teen Titans” and “Titans.” The worst is when characters say junk like “from you old days in the circus” or “we go way back.” Arg, just grates on me. lol

  8. 🙂 That made me LOL.

  9. Looks like next week (and by the promos) that Rocket is going to be joining the team. That’s cool. I know nothing about her character so that excites me that I’ll learn something about someone I’m unfamiliar with powers-wise and personality-wise. Always cool to see or read a character you’re not familiar with.

  10. I agree, that HG Wells line was funny. And yeah, roustabout is a weird word, but I guess it is a circus term.

    But another strange line was when Parasite flew away from the train, saying “I’m sated” when he could’ve/should’ve just said “I am full.”

  11. Maybe I’m Jumping the gun but I don’t get how Robin gets away (morally and professionally) with defrauding the League, lying to his teamates and putting them in potential jeopardy for his own personal reasons. Especially considering the ongoing subthemes about honesty, integrity and maturity that have called into question the rest of the team.

    • Yeah, I imagine some of the team would have a problem with that. I know I do. Wally isn’t going to say anything and Bruce would probably back him up on it so I don’t know if it would come out though.

  12. this serious has really hit its stride! It is fantastic that its able to engage adults and children alike, DC Animation is the best!

    • this series has really hit its stride! It is fantastic that its able to engage adults and children alike, DC Animation is the best!

  13. Was Clancy Brown the voice of the Bad guy in both this and Green Lantern this week? It sounded like he did.

    • I too noticed Clancy Brown in both shows. Clancy Brown was the voice of the Interpol agent in this, but doesn’t he also still voice Luther? Was this just Brown doing an additional voice, or was the agent Luther in disguise?