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‘Arrow’ – S01E15 – “Dodger”

Roy Harper makes his first appearance!

‘Arrow’ – S01E14 – “The Odyssey”

The clubhouse is now coed.

‘Arrow’ – S01E13 – “Betrayal”

Sad Oliver.

‘Arrow’ – S01E12 – “Vertigo”

Count Vertigo! Or, just The Count who sells Vertigo.

Invisible Jet Delayed: CW Postpones ‘Amazon’ Wonder Woman Series

Should’ve sprung for Amazon Prime, amirite?

‘Arrow’ – S01E11 – “Trust But Verify”

Oliver is paranoid.

‘Arrow’ – S01E10 – “Burned”

Here comes Firefly!

‘Arrow’ – S01E09 – “Year’s End”

Christmastime in Starling City brings the gift of a new archer…

‘Arrow’ – S01E08 – “Vendetta”

More of The Huntress!

‘Arrow’ – S01E07 – “Muse of Fire”

An episode co-written by Geoff Johns and featuring The Huntress!