‘Arrow’ – S01E13 – “Betrayal”


This dude has some serious trust issues. But then, lots of people have betrayed him, so…

Here is how “Betrayal” is described:

Cyrus Vanch (Guest star David Anders), a nefarious criminal, is recently released from prison and intends to re-secure his position as leader of the underworld. His first step is to take down his biggest opponent in the city – Arrow. Meanwhile, Oliver shows Moira his father’s notebook and questions her about the names on the list. Thea is miserable as she starts her internship with Laurel at the legal aid office and Detective Lance makes a deadly mistake that puts Laurel in the crosshairs of Vanch.

I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.



  1. holy mother of mary slade Wilson got introduced in ths episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where is everyone?

  2. Is it just me, but when Ollie is on the Island (and the actor is obviously wearing a wig) doesn’t he look an awful lot like the zombie who gets the top of his head cut off by the helicopter blades in “Dawn of the Dead”?
    Other than that I freaking LOVE this show!

  3. What a great show. But I feel like a broken record in expressing how Ollie’s killing/not killing decisions make no sense other than the plot wants the main villains to last.

    Great nevertheless. And nice way of introducing Slade!

    • I like to think that similar to Batman with his batarangs, he is just incapacitating them.

    • They do need to show an ‘aftermath’ scene showing the alive henchmen, maybe even something funny like in the hospital where the surgeons have become arrow wound experts or something. THere’s just row after row of police-guarded hoods recovering in bed.

  4. Did I hear correctly, but didn’t Laurel say that the D.A. was Kate Spencer who, in the pre-52 continuity, was Manhunter? Also, I freaking LOVE when Laurel kicks some butt that foreshadows becoming Black Canary at some point in the future.

  5. What a great episode!

    Slade Wilson!

    Laurel kicking ass!

    Diggle continuing to be awesome!

    did I mention Slade Wilson?!

  6. Deathstroke is Australian!!! That made me LOL. As if we have an intelligence hit squad that awesome. “What about a sword? I like swords.” Slade for the win 🙂

    It also makes me want to know who his partner was…

    As much as this isn’t a perfect tv series episodes like this give me the same feeling of awesome I get when I watch the JSA and JLA episodes of Smallville – that moment where I actually geek-squee in a high pitched giggle the rest of the household can hear. I only did that several times in Smallville. Arrow is off to a good start.

  7. I really want to enjoy this series, but can’t get past the woeful acting and lack of character development, although they are probably linked. The references to the DCU are great and certainly bring a smile to my face, although I still feel that it is nothing more than a rip-off of Batman Begins.

    Maybe my expectations are too high…

    • Weren’t they originally going to do a young Bruce Wayne show? Arrow seems very close to that concept, except Bruce wouldn’t have such a huge family.

    • I’d have to echo your lamentations, henryj2112. I do watch the show, however, I have a lot of criticisms about it. Like when Arrow is talking to his sister’s boyfriend, and he says, she’s meeting up with Arrow, and Arrrow says, “You are letting her do that?” Rather than saying something along the line of, “Well, he may not be such a bad guy–you know the media hype…” or something along that line. I realize he’s trying to say something to cover himself, but sometimes the writing just smacks of soap opera unbelievability. Otherwise, I keep watching hoping it will change a bit more for the better…

    • @Arrrggghhh: Yeah, the original young Bruce Wayne show was changed to young Clark Kent and thus was born SMALLVILLE.

    • This show is like a Batman show. Arrow = Batman, Diggle = Alfred / Robin, he lives in a mansion, The Count = The Joker.

      There are a few parallels.

  8. Why did my closed captioning call him David Wilson? Surely it must be Slade. Oh, and Wolfman and Perez Law Firm was a nice shout-out.

  9. Like the show, it’s great when the action part of story is being told. Diggle is an excellent character. I wish they’d just wrap up the origin story already, but I understand the marketing angle of showing a segment each week.
    But it’s the soap opera-like segments with the family/friends’ relationship angst, the “that was in the past” dialogue and over emotional baggage really bores me. The supporting cast, other than Diggle, are extremely weak.

  10. Great episode. So let me get this straight: The same week that Slade Wilson debuts on Arrow is the same week that DC decides to cancel his current book? Why would the develops of Arrow feel he is worth investing in their show but DC publishing cannot see any value in keeping his current title on the shelf. I see some inconsistency here. Anybody else agree?