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SDCC 2013: Trailer For ‘Arrow’ Season 2 Teases Summer Glau, “City of Heroes”… & Black Canary

This city’s gonna get crowded with heroes.

‘Arrow’ – S01E23 – “Sacrifice”

I need to stop eating carb– no, just in general. I need to stop eating.

‘Arrow’ – S01E22 – “The Darkness on the Edge of Town”

Ferris air!

‘Arrow’ – S01E21 – “The Undertaking”

My eyes are up here, buddy.

‘Arrow’ – S01E20 – “Home Invasion”

You can’t keep Deadshot down.

‘Arrow’ – S01E19 – “Unfinished Business”

The Count, Slade Wilson, and Shado!

‘Arrow’ – S01E18 – “Salvation”

Roy Harper’s been kidnapped! Roy Harper’s been kidnapped!

‘Arrow’ – S01E17 – “The Huntress Returns”

And maybe Black Canary too?

‘Arrow’ – S01E16 – “Dead To Rights”

Deadshot returns in an episode written by Geoff Johns!

‘Arrow’ – S01E15 – “Dodger”

Roy Harper makes his first appearance!